On the Semantics of Anonymous Identity and Reification

Guizhen Yang     Michael Kifer


Reification and anonymous resources are two of the more interesting features of RDF --- an emerging standard for representing semantic information on the Web. Ironically, when RDF was standardized by W3C over three years ago, it came without a semantics. There is now growing understanding that a Semantic Web language without a semantics is an oxymoron, and a number of efforts are directed towards giving RDF a precise semantics.

In this paper we propose a simple semantics for reification and anonymous resources in F-logic --- a frame-based logic language, which is a popular formalism for representing and reasoning about semantic information on the Web.

The choice of F-logic (over RDF) as a basis for our semantics is motivated by the fact that F-logic provides a comprehensive solution for the problem of integrating frames, rules, and deduction, and it has been shown to provide an effective inference service for RDF.