Hewitt D. Crane

On line e-mail: crane@sri.com

Specialized Professional Competence:

Digital techniques
Magnetic devices
Auditory mechanics
Eye mechanisms
Nerve propagation
Brain models
Handwriting systems
Oriental/English data-entry systems
Digital color image compression

Representative Research at SRI (since 1956)

Development of magnetic devices and magnetic logic systems
Study of signal processing in neural-like "neuristor" elements
Study of tactile perception
Development of automatic focus optical systems
Study of the automatic focus mechanisms of the eye
Development of highly accurate devices to track the motions of the eye
Development of a special pen for data entry and signature verification
Development of a novel model of inner-ear micromechanics
Development of a novel color-image compression technology

Other Professional Experience

Digital computer maintenance, IBM (1949-1952)
Digital computer design, Institute for Advanced Study at Princeton (1952-1955)
Magnetic device development, Radio Corporation of America (1955-1956)

Academic Background

B.S. (1947), electrical engineering, Columbia University
Ph.D. (1960), electrical engineering, Stanford University

Publications and Patents

More than seventy published papers in a number of technical fields
More than seventy issued patents in a number of technical fields
Coauthor of Digital Magnetic Logic (McGraw-Hill, 1969)
Author of The New Social Marketplace: Notes on Effecting Social Change in America's Third Century (Ablex, 1980)

Professional Associations and Honors

Fellow of Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (previously IRE) "For pioneering research in the field of computer techniques, particularly in the areas of all-magnetic digital logic and neuristor logic" (1962)
Fellow of Optical Society of America "For contributions to optical and vision instrumentation" (1987)
Outstanding paper awards: Nonlinear Magnetics Conference (1958) and International Solid State Circuits Conference (1961)
NASA Award for scientific achievement (1970)
Industrial Research IR-100 Awards: for data-entry pen (1974), and binocular eyetracker (1976)
R&D 100 Award for handwriting data entry system (1990)
A founder of Communication Intelligence Corporation
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