Spark 0.9.0 is now available !!


SPARK Applications

To date, the driving application for SPARK has been the development of an intelligent personal assistant for a high-level knowledge worker. This assistant, called CALO, will be able to perform routine tasks on behalf of its user (e.g., arrange meetings, complete online forms, file email), as well as undertake open-ended processes (e.g., purchasing a computer online), and anticipate future needs of its user. At the heart of CALO is a SPARK-based task manager that initiates, tracks, and executes activities and commitments on behalf of its user, while remaining responsive to external events. The task manager is capable of fully autonomous operation (i.e., for tasks that are delegated completely by the user), but can also operate in a mixed-initiative fashion when the user prefers to be more involved in task execution. The desired level of autonomy can be specified by the user through SPARK's guidance mechanisms.

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