Spark 0.9.0 is now available !!


Technical Documentation Overview

This documentation is separated into three sections. The Getting Started documentation provides instructions for installing, configuring, and running SPARK. The For Developers section provides advanced documentation for writing your own SPARK-L. The Papers section links to research papers on SPARK.


SPARK refers to the 'SRI Procedural Agent Realization Kit' agent framework. For more about this framework, please refer to the SPARK Detailed Technical Manual.

SPARK-L is the language that the SPARK interpreter processes. SPARK-L files are usually denoted by a .spark extension.

SPARK is distributed under a BSD-style open source license.

Getting Started

For Developers

SPARK Plugin for Eclipse: SPARK modules/extensions: Useful stuff: Historical, do not use:


  • Morley, D. and Myers, K. The SPARK Agent Framework. In Proc. of the Third Int. Joint Conf. on Autonomous Agents and Multi Agent Systems (AAMAS-04), New York, NY, pp. 712-719, July 2004.