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Tachyon will take standard X-Windows command-line arguments. Format can be specified by -format [type] on the command line, or as a resource.

These resources can be specified in an XTach file in the user's resource directory, as defined by the XAPPLRESDIR environment variable. A sample XTach file is usually supplied with distribution.

Resources available include:


Resource Default Description

*foreground: grey Default foreground color
*background: DeepSkyBlue4 Default background color
*NodeFGColor: yellow Node foreground color
*NodeBGColor: DeepSkyBlue4 Node background color
*NodeHLColor: cyan Node highlight (foreground) color
*NodeBorderColor: limegreen Node border color
*NodeHLBorderColor: peach Node highlight border & text color
*EdgeFGColor: yellow Edge foreground color
*EdgeBGColor: DeepSkyBlue4 Edge background color
*EdgeHLColor: cyan Edge highlight color
*NodeChangeColor: red3 Highlight color showing changes in last network solve.
*UseIntensityToHighlight: 0.4 highlight using intensity (0.0 - 1.0)

The resource UseIntensityToHighlight takes a floating point value between 0.0 and 1.0. If the value is 0.0, Tachyon will use the highlight colors specified in the resource file for highlighting. If the value is greater than 0.0, this will be used as a percentage of intensity increase that should be applied to the colors for highlighting.


Resource Default Description

*font: *helvetica-medium-r-normal--12* Font for labels
*formatfont#: (as *font) Font for format # (replace # with number)
*StringEditor*font: *helvetica-bold-r-normal--10* Font for inputs
*StringBrowser*font: *7x14* Browser font
*TimeLineFont*font: *7x14* TimeLine Tool font

Other Configuration Resources

Resource Default Description

*format: 0 Seconds (or n-units)
*expert: false Expert mode (confirmations disabled)
*DataDirectory: . Directory with data (*.net) files
*NodeWidth: 75 Distance (pixels) from center to side edges
*NodeHeight: 20 Distance (pixels) from center to top/bottom edges
*Cursor*foreground: white Cursor color
*defaultConstraint: unconstrained Constraint placed on created edges
*showEdgeLabels: false Display labels on edges by default?
*layoutOrientation: horizontal Orientation of graph layout

Note that Expert Mode assumes the user is completely confident in decisions they make. For example, under Expert Mode, you can exit Tachyon without saving changes to a modified graph and Tachyon will not warn you.

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