AIC System Management

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AIC System Management

A number of other functions and commands are supported for all AIC systems. The full list of these are documented in the files $AIC/doc/aic-sys-spec.* ("AIC Software Specifications"). The file $AIC/sipe/released/Makefile provides several useful commands, but first you must edit it and make a small number of changes as directed at the beginning of the file (to point to your local paths for $AIC and your allegro image).

In particular, the command to save executable files may be useful. To create an executable file containing SIPE-2, the Act-Editor and Grasper-CL, do the following on Solaris:

        % cd $AIC/sipe/released
        % /usr/ccs/bin/make save

On SunOS:

        % cd $AIC/sipe/released
        % /bin/make save

Note that the make commands shown above must be used; /gnu/bin/make does not work. For Lucid Common Lisp, use the command "save-lucid" instead of "save". Note that the executable file will use 20 to 25 MB of disk space. To run the resulting executable file from the shell, type the following command (for an Allegro Solaris image):

     % $AIC/sipe/released/sipe-2-allegro-solaris

The images are named differently but obviously for other Lisps (e.g., sipe-2-allegro for Sun-OS). This allows you to invoke SIPE-2 without having to wait for the SIPE-2, the Act-Editor and Grasper-CL systems to be loaded.

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