Obtaining and Unpacking the Distribution

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Obtaining and Unpacking the Distribution

Locating the Distribution

Decide where in your filesystem you wish to place the SIPE-2 directory tree. Our examples assume that you are placing the directory in /usr/local/. You may wish to substitute a different location for the value of SRI below.

        setenv SRI /usr/local/
        cd $SRI
The above cd command is important, as the following ftp and tar commands will create an aic-export directory in your current directory, which will hold all SIPE-related directories.

Obtaining the Distribution

You will obtain the distribution by FTPing it via Internet. After a license has been signed, SRI will provide you with instructions that specify the site and directory from which to FTP. Use the FTP program to connect appropriately, then:

Unpacking the Distribution

Unpack the distribution file on a Unix system by entering the following command as shown (substituting the name of your tar file):
        uncompress -c -v sipe.tar.Z | tar xf - 
The distribution tar file can be deleted after successful installation.

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