<b>Installation Instructions<BR>for Unix Version of SIPE-2<IMG ALIGN=BOTTOM SRC="_9255_tex2html_wrap145.gif"></b><BR>Copyright SRI International, 1989-1995

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Installation Instructions
for Unix Version of SIPE-2

Copyright SRI International, 1989-1995

David E. Wilkins
SRI International Artificial Intelligence Center

SIPE-2 is a COMMON LISP system for generating and executing plans, and is available after signing a license agreement with SRI International. This document describes the installation procedure for the Unix-based version of SIPE-2.

Instructions for obtaining the tar file or the tape will be given after a license is signed. Contact wilkins@ai.sri.com for information about licenses and prices.

Unpacking instructions are slightly different for Allegro runtime images, although most of the sections below apply to all Lisps. Only people without Lucid or Allegro Lisp should consider using a runtime image. Specific instructions for compilerless Allegro Runtime images, summarize most of this document and include some special instructions for runtime images.

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