Starting an Allegro 4.3 Image

To run an image on Solaris in Allegro 4.3, the LD_LIBRARY_PATH environment variable must be set differently (from its setting in SunOS), and the ALLEGRO_CL_HOME variable must be set. If this is not done by your init files, it can be done for SIPE-2 images by either of these two scripts after editing them to point to your local paths for $AIC.

Either, (1) invoke the sipe image with the following script: aic-export/sipe/released/run-sipe-allegro (which invokes either a SunOS or Solaris image as appropriate after setting the variables),
or (2) execute the script aic-export/sipe/released/library-path (which sets the variables).

You will need to similarly set these variables to run an Allegro 4.3 image that does not contain SIPE-2.

David E. Wilkins
Last modified: Thu Mar 30 17:30:34 2000