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Publication Information Viewer/Editor

TIP: Click on the buttons and symbols in the images to view the corresponding glossary entries.

Here the Publication Information Viewer/Editor depicts the publication information for an unpublished, multi-dimensional argument (i.e., IRAQ-99) and for an unpublished uni-dimensional argument (i.e., ECONOMIC.IRAQ-99). The Unpublished Template symbol (top right) indicates that neither this argument nor its underlying template are published; the absence of a "READ ONLY" symbol indicates that you can modify this argument. See the Publishing section for an in-depth review of its meaning in SEAS.


For a the uni-dimensional argument, the publish button on the toolbar causes the argument, its underlying template, and all evidence that is attached to the argument to be published, if they are not already. For the multi-dimensional argument, the publish button causes the argument, its underlying template, the argument's component arguments, their underlying templates, and all evidence that is attached to any of these arguments to be published, if they are not already. Should you not have permission to publish any of these unpublished objects, then the attempt to publish will fail and have no effect. Once published, these objects can no longer be modified or deleted. Other buttons on the toolbar are used to ok and save any modifications or to cancel any modifications and close this Viewer/Editor. The first button at the right end of the toolbar invokes the Publication Information Viewer/Editor on the publication information for the template that underlies this argument; the second button invokes this Help system.

Author, Audience, and Propagate Option

Unless you are limited to "READ ONLY" access (see Publishing), then the Authors and members of the Audience are found with the aid of a browser, invoked by pushing the adjacent Discovery buttons. Both of these fields can have multiple entries that correspond to individuals or groups of users. The adjacent Trash buttons remove all entries from the corresponding field. The Propagate? option for multi-dimensional arguments and collection, when invoked, will set the Authors and Audience of this argument's component arguments or this collection's items to be the same as those for this multi-dimensional argument or collection. No modifications are made until the ok button is pushed. If the cancel button is pushed without first pushing the ok button, the modifications are lost.

Component Publication Information

When viewing a multi-dimensional argument, the lower portion of the display lists the multi-dimensional argument's Component arguments along with their Authors and Audience. If any of these Components are unpublished, an Unpublished symbol is displayed at their right.

Here the Publication Information Viewer/Editor depicts the publication information for a published, multi-dimensional template (i.e., CSA-NS) and for a published, uni-dimensional template (i.e., SOCIAL.CSA-NS).

Templates and Collections

The Publication Information Viewer/Editor works analogously on templates and collections as it does on arguments.

Published Objects

When the Publication Information Viewer/Editor is invoked on a published argument, template, or collection, a "READ ONLY" symbol appears at the top right, the ok, publish, and Discovery buttons do not appear, the Author and Audience fields are not editable, the Propagate? option does not appear, and the Publisher and Date Published of the argument or template are listed. For multi-dimensional arguments and templates, the Components are listed along with their Authors, Audience, and a navigation button to invoke the Publication Information Viewer/Editor on the adjacent component.

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