SEAS Help System
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Introduction: About Getting Started How To
Topics: Concepts Template Style Guide Frequently Asked Questions
Viewers: Manager Publication Information Situation Information
Multi. Arg. Uni. Arg. Derivative Question Uni. Arg. Primitive Question
Multi. Tmp. Uni. Tmp. Derivative Question Uni. Tmp. Primitive Question
Table Viewer Summary Viewer Memos
Collection Manager Collection Viewers Merging Tool
Glossary: Buttons Symbols Terms

The SEAS Help System

The SEAS Help System includes introductory material, background material, and reference material, in addition to a specific help section for every type of SEAS window. The table above is a hyperlinked Table of Contents for the SEAS Help System. It is organized into four main chapters: Introduction, Topics, Viewers, and Glossary. Each of these chapters is divided into multiple sections; clicking on a section title moves the SEAS Help System to that section. This Table of Contents is repeated at the top of every page in the SEAS Help System, providing quick and easy access to other sections at all times.

The buttons immediately below the SEAS logo move one back and forward through the history of help pages that the user has recently visited. Clicking on the envelope at the top right opens a new e-mail message addressed to the SEAS development team (you must have Internet access to send messages to the SEAS team); this team welcomes questions and suggestions from SEAS users. The text entry space and Search button, immediately below the envelope, search the SEAS Help system for the text entered before pushing the Search button (Internet access is required for this feature). The print button prints the help page being viewed; the close button dismisses the SEAS Help System.

The SEAS Homepage

For up-to-date information regarding SEAS and High SEAS, visit the SEAS homepage at

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