Structured Evidential Argumentation System


"SEAS, unlike many point-solution analysis tools, supports an extended analysis process with functions for problem formulation, information gathering, evidence handling, evidence assessment, and forming final conclusions. Overall, the analysts found the process clear and had no difficulty adapting to it."

"The logic of the SEAS argument scheme and its implementation were found to be clear and well laid out from a workflow standpoint."

- Eastwing Structured Argumentation Pilot, 2003

Contact Information

If you are interested in SEAS please contact the SEAS team at


Dr. John D. Lowrance
SRI International
333 Ravenswood Avenue
Menlo Park, CA 94025
(650) 859-5288

Access to the SEAS Server Hosted at SRI International

SRI maintains a SEAS server, accessible over the internet, at its facility in Menlo Park, California. Accounts on this server are sometimes made available to others, usually for fee.

SEAS Server Software Availability

The version of the SEAS server software, largely developed under U.S. Government sponsorship, known simply as SEAS, is available for use by the U.S. Government free of fees or licenses. High SEAS, an enhanced version of the SEAS server software, developed through additional investment by SRI International, is available for fee and under license to the U.S. Government and others.

High SEAS differs from SEAS in the following ways:

  • The High SEAS server runs on Solaris, Windows, Linux, and OS X, while the SEAS server runs only on Solaris
  • High SEAS has security features not found in SEAS, including encrypted communications
  • High SEAS is capable of supporting larger user communities than SEAS
  • High SEAS includes a web page archiving facility not found in SEAS to support the stable use of web pages as supporting evidence (comming soon)
  • High SEAS includes a number of advanced capabilities and features that make it both easier to use and a more effective tool (see the version section of this site for details)

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