Research and Development for Image Understanding Systems

RADIUS is a joint ARPA/ORD program to improve the effectiveness of the image analyst by providing semi-automated and automated exploitation tools. It is based on the concept of a two- or three-dimensional "site model" that is used by image understanding algorithms for change detection, counting, and visualization. The goal of the project is to develop a system that can be transitioned to the image analyst within 5 years. The project focuses on two aspects of Model-Supported Exploitation (MSE), (1) semi-automated and automated site model construction, and (2) exploitation based on site models. A Phase I study (Hughes, 1993-1994) developed the concept of operations and other requirements. Using the results of Phase I, a three-year Phase II implementation project was initiated in late 1994. The baseline implementation was delivered to the NEL in mid-1996.

The prime contractor for Phase II of RADIUS is the Management and Data Systems Division of Lockheed Martin Corporation. The subcontractors are the Astronautics Division of Lockheed Martin Corporation; General Electric's, Corporate Research and Development Center; BDM International; and SRI International's Artificial Intelligence Center;

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