What is KIF?

KIF stands for the Knowledge Interchange Format. It provides a declarative language for describing knowledge and for the interchange of knowledge among disparate programs.

It has declarative semantics (i.e. the meaning of expressions in the representation can be understood without appeal to an interpreter for manipulating those expressions); it is logically comprehensive (i.e. it provides for the expression of arbitrary sentences in the first-order predicate calculus); it provides for the representation of knowledge about knowledge

KIF is not intended as a primary language for interaction with human users (though it can be used for this purpose). Different programs can interact with their users in whatever forms are most appropriate to their applications (for example frames, graphs, charts, tables, diagrams, natural language, and so forth). As a pure specification language, KIF does not include commands for knowledge base query or manipulation. OKBC is complementary to such language specifications.

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