What is OKBC ?

OKBC (Open Knowledge Base Connectivity) is a protocol for accessing knowledges bases (KBs) stored in Knowledge Representation Systems (KRSs). The goal of OKBC is to serve as an interface to many different KRSs. By a KRS we mean both systems that would traditionally be considered KRSs, as well as can be viewed as a KRS, for example, an object-oriented database.

OKBC provides a set of operations for a generic interface to underlying KRSs. The interface layer allows an application some independence from the idiosyncrasies of specific KRS software and enables the development of generic tools (e.g., graphical browsers and editors) that operate on many KRSs.

OKBC implementations exist for several programming languages, including Java, C (client implementation only), and Common Lisp, and provide access to KBs both locally and over a network.

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