Alarm Agent (alarm)


(Note: starting with release 2.1.1, these binaries and source file will be included in the distribution.) Note: The binary for Linux, which will be generated using Sicstus Prolog, is not yet available, but is expected to be available by the time of release 2.1.1.


Implements time triggers, one of the four trigger types offered by OAA.


The Alarm Agent, when connected to a facilitator, implements time triggers for all the other agents connected to that facilitator. It must be present for time triggers to work.

User Manual

See the User Manual and Help for additional information about this agent.

ICL Solvables

The Alarm agent provides three solvables, specialized for use by Natural Language agents, in particular DCG_NL. These are used primarily to add new sentence types to DCG_NL. These are not described here, since they require specialized knowledge of DCG_NL.


Time triggers are also described in the OAA Developer's Guide, and elsewhere.

Authors:Adam Cheyer, Gowang-lo Lee

Implementation Language: Prolog

Date added to OAA distribution: November 5, 2001


Free download with source code, under restrictions of OAA Community License.

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