Building and Using Practical Agent Applications


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Table of contents

Building and Using Practical Agent Applications


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What Is an Agent?

Approaches to Building Applications

Approaches to Distributed Computing

Mobile Objects (Agents)

Blackboard Architectures

Publish & Subscribe Brokers

Agent Communication Languages

Comparison of Distributed Approaches

Overview of the OAA

OAA Architecture

Automated Office Application

OAA Characteristics

OAA-based Applications

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Coordination & Control

Alternative Agent Control Strategies

Applicability of Strategies

Information Management and Sharing

Intelligent User Interfaces

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OAA Architecture

Interagent Communication Language

Providing Services

Requesting Services

Compound Queries


OAA Data Management

OAA Triggers

System-Building Infrastructure

A Sample Text-to-Speech Agent in C

A Sample Text-to-Speech Agent in Prolog

OAA and Scalability

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Agent & Interagent Programming Tips

Tips: Choosing an Agent Interface

Tips: 3 Information Sharing Strategies

Tips: Information Sharing Strategies - Post

Tips: Information Sharing Strategies - Inform

Tips: Domain-Specific vs. Domain Independent Agents

Tips: Adding Speech & NL

Unified Messaging: Problem

Unified Messaging: Components

Unified Messaging: Implementation 1/2

Unified Messaging: Implementation 2/2

Multimodal Maps Application

Multimodal Interfaces using Parallel Distributed Agents

Multimodal Reference Resolution

Information Broker: Requirements

Information Broker: Functionality


Retrieval Strategies

User and Task Modeling

Sample Queries

Information Broker: Architecture

The Broker


Persistent Queries

Useful Features of the Framework

Collaboration-ready Data Management

Incremental System Development & Evaluation

Subject Screen vs. Wizard Screen

Subject Video

Hybrid Wizard Of Oz Experiment

Hybrid WOZ: Implementation

Looking for Killer Apps

OAA-based Applications

MVIEWS Application

MVIEWS Architecture

InfoWiz Kiosk

InfoWiz Kiosk Architecture

Multi-Robot Control

Agent Development Tools

Concluding Remarks

Auteur:Adam Cheyer, David Martin



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