OAA 1.0 Downloads

Status: Version 1.0 is unsupported (current work focuses on V 2.0)

OAA 1.0 Distribution

About the Download Distribution

This distribution provides everything you will need to run an OAA system under either Windows or UNIX. The distribution also provides agent libraries for various languages to create your own OAA agents.

The current version of the download distribution is 1.0.2. Please see release notes on the main "Distribution Information" page.


The Facilitator agent (OAA v1.0) is available for Unix (Sun) and PC platforms. The Facilitator may be downloaded separately here, and is also included in the OAA Runtime Distribution below.

Runtime Distribution

The Runtime Distribution includes the OAA Facilitator, a number of runtime and debugging tools for managing the agent community, and a sample application featuring simple natural language access to a dynamic collection of web sources (weather for national and international cities, a sample employee database). This distribution should enable you to run and understand an OAA system. Then you can create your own agents and applications by downloading the appropriate Agent Libraries.



Agent Libraries

Agent libraries are provided for a number of languages, each with a very simple sample agent which uses the library. The sample agent in each case simply illustrates how to include the OAA library, declare a simple capability, and define the callback for the capability. To create more complex agents, please see OAA 1.0 documenation, paying particular attention to the OAA 1.0 Developer's Guide and the OAA Tutorial.

Quintus Prolog 3.2

The agent library for Quintus Prolog is delivered as a Quintus QOF file and is portable across any platform Quintus supports (Sun, SGI, PC Windows). We have not yet tried this library under QP 3.3, but it may work -- please let us know!

The sample agent can be run from the Prolog interpreter (load the agent and run the main procedure: start_agent(a)), or compiled to an executable with the following commands:

   qpc -c a.pl

   (for PC):  qld -do a.exe a.qof agent.qof
   (for Unix): qld -S -d -o a a.qof agent.qof


The agent library for Java is delivered as a JAR file containing an OAA Javabean. The JAR file is portable across any platform Java supports. A tiny agent which registers a "fax" capability with the facilitator is included below as an example.

The Java OAA library also comes with a second JAR file containing several useful dialog boxes (one for requesting host/port information, one for displaying help in a Web browser, one for creating a simple about box). OAA agents usually use all of these functions, but note that they rely on Java's SWING classes and on a freeware webbrowser component. As an example of a more complete OAA agent in Java, we have provided complete source code to the OAA Debug Interface tool shipped with the OAA Runtime Distribution.


The agent library for Lisp is contained in a single Lisp file, which imports the C library, in compiled form, using the foreign function interface of the Lisp system. At present, it may be used with Allegro (v. 4.x and higher) and Lucid/Liquid Lisp products under Unix. It has also been used successfully with Allegro under Windows, in conjunction with the Windows Console DLL (see below).

The required C library source code, for use under Unix, is included. (It's the same, or very nearly the same, as is included in the C Unix distribution elsewhere on this page.) The Solaris binaries compiled from this C code are also included. If you are not working under Solaris, this distribution includes a simple make file for building the appropriate object files from the source code.

Also included are sample source files for 2 trivial Lisp agents, one of which sends a request to the other.

C (Windows)

The C agent library for Windows is a DLL that can be loaded by agent programs. The distribution contains the DLL and an example of a simple agent. In addition, the distribution contains MS Visual C++ (V5) project files and source code to the OAA 1.0 agent library.

C (Windows Console)

This distribution contains a DLL specifically for use with "console" applications; that is, applications that do not create any Windows, or that do not want to receive agent events in the Windows event queue. At present, this is the only DLL that can be used with our Lisp library.

As with the C Windows distribution above, this distribution includes an example of a simple agent, MS Visual C++ (V5) project files and source code to the OAA 1.0 agent library.

C (Unix)

This distribution includes the C agent library for UNIX and makefiles to generate libraries for console (liboaa.a) and Motif (liboaax.a) based applications. It also includes two examples of simple agents, one console and one based on Motif.

(Note: at some future point, we expect to combine the three C libraries listed above into a single distribution.)


This perl library was tested under Unix, and may also work under PC.

Delphi 3.0

Soon to be added to the website...

Visual Basic 5.0

Soon to be added to the website...

Copyright 1999, SRI International.