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OAA developers, users and technology have benefited enormously from an active exchange of ideas and mutual support within the OAA users' community. To help maximize these benefits, SRI maintains an archived mailing list, and (since February 2001) a repository of users' code contributions.

Code Contributions

OAA Mailing List and Archives

The oaa-users mailing list is used to disseminate information, questions, and comments of general interest regarding OAA. We hope the list helps to foster an environment where community contributions of agents can be collaborated on and shared.

To subscribe to the mailing list, please send mail to oaa-users-request@ai.sri.com, with "subscribe" in the Subject. You will receive an acknowledgement of your request.

Similarly, to unsubscribe from the mailing list, send mail to oaa-users-request@ai.sri.com, with "unsubscribe" in the Subject.

To send mail to the user list, mail to oaa-users@ai.sri.com.

Problems or suggestions about the list may be sent to oaa-users-admins@ai.sri.com.

List Archives

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