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John Niekrasz

Computer Scientist
Artificial Intelligence Center (San Diego office)
SRI International


I have been working in language and speech technology for about 15 years now. My main research areas are speech summarization, linguistic pragmatics, conversational communication, discourse segmentation, information extraction, dialogue systems, and human-computer interfaces. My dissertation involved the development of algorithms for automatically summarizing communicative activities in multi-party face-to-face conversations.


Ph.D., Linguistics, 2012, University of Edinburgh
B.S., Symbolic Systems, 1999, Stanford University


I'm currently working on commercial, non-profit, and government research in the following areas:


I try to keep my publications up to date on ResearchGate here.


Email john.niekrasz@sri.com
Office 9988 Hibert Street, Suite 203
San Diego, CA 92131
Office phone (858) 527-1408