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Fort Irwin Dataset

As part of its MAGIC contract, the U.S. Geological Survey's EROS Data Center (EDC) provided 49 NAPP photographs and 30 meter Digital Elevation Models (DEMS) of a 40km by 30 area of Fort Irwin.

Each NAPP photograph covers approximately 9km X 9km. The Western Mapping Center of the USGS in Menlo Park scanned the photographs at a resolution of 25 microns, or approximately 1 meter ground resolution. They also determined the altitude and orientation of the camera for each photograph using a space resection and block-adjustment algorithm.

An SRI system called TerraForm was used to rectifiy each of the images. 30 of the images were converted to black/white and were then mosaicked together to form a 35K x 24K image (about 1 GByte in size). You can view a low-resolution version of the image by clicking on the icon at the beginning of this section or by viewing parts of the data set using the Tile Set Manager Web Interface by browsing the SRI database and selecting the "ntc-1-lvcs-30scene" GeoPyramid.

The processing was done on the CM-200 Connection Machine at the Minnesota Supercomputer Center, Inc. (MSCI) using SRI's TerraForm system. Unfortunately, the StarLisp language that TerraForm was written in is no longer supported, so further processing of the images will not be possible until the port of TerraForm to a distributed processing environment is complete.

The TerraVision home page shows views from a smaller (2 image) dataset. They're in the original CIR pseudo-color format. A couple of black/white views of the larger dataset are available below.

Fort Irwin Town A 2D view of part of Fort Irwin at 1 meter resolution.

Fort Irwin Mountains A view of the mountains near Fort Irwin using TerraVision's "Out the Window" viewer.

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