Didier René Guzzoni


Technical Skills
Areas of competence : Distributed Architectures, Automatic Web data extraction, User Interfaces, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Robotics, Networking
Languages : Java, C, C++, WebL, Delphi, PROLOG and Ada
Operating Systems :  Windows (9X/NT) , UNIX (IRIX, LINUX), DOS

Work Experience
March 1998 Present time SRI International / AIC
Software Enginner

Working on the OAA project (Distributed software architecture), used in more than thirty research and industrial projects. The task consists in maintaining and improving the existing core OAA components (mostly Java, C and C++ libraries), supporting users, writing papers and preseting the OAA philosophy at international conferences. Also developing new OAA based applications to enhance and extend the fields in which OAA can be utilised.

Took part in the CHIC! (Computer Human Interface Center) group first set of prototypes, whose research focus is placed on tomorrow's user interfaces. In this framework, where OAA is utilised as backbone for multimodal user interfaces, agents dynamically compete to provide the human user with a quick and natural response. In addition to the already existing set of components, agents able to automatically retreive live information from the WEB (based on the WebL language) were designed and implemented.

Also actively working on mobile robotics projects, where robots are seen as physical agents. This configuration allows us to have teams of robots, working together to perform cooperative tasks such as collaborative map building or dynamic navigation.

August 1996 March 1998 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Research assistant (VRAI Group)

Involved in the VIRGY project (Virtual Surgery) aimed at developing a training system, based on virtual reality and force feedback, for endoscopic surgery. Conducted the design and implementation of a virtual reality application able to represent human organs and surgery tools. In this framework, created real time effects (deformations, cuttings, bleedings) and managed high bandwidth network connections for imagery and force feedback actions among distant surgeons. Represented the project and the Institute by writing papers for international conferences, performing several demonstrations and talks.

April 1996 - August 1996 SRI International / AIC
International fellow

Designed and implemented the integration of two SRI technologies, Saphira™ and OAA™, in order to create teams of heterogeneous mobile robots able to perform cooperative tasks. Using this innovative approach, represented SRI at the AAAI-96 mobile robots competition, winning the first place award for the office navigation event.


1996 Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
    M.S. in Computer Science with highest marks

1991 Engineering School of Geneva
    B.S. with highest honors in Electronic Engineering
    Specialisation in Computer Science and Telecommunications

Selected publications

    Didier Guzzoni , Kurt Konolige, Adam Cheyer and Luc Julia
        Many Robots Make Short Work
     AAAI Journal, 1997

    Didier Guzzoni
        Robots as Physical Agents
     Swiss Workshop on Collaborative and Distributed systems, 1997

    Charles Baur, Didier Guzzoni and Olivier Georg
        A Virtual Reality and Force Feedback Based Endoscopic Surgery Simulator,
     MMVR 98 (Medicine Meets Virtual Reality)
        IOS Press, San Diego, January 1998, pp. 110--116

Special Skills

    Fluent in English and French


    Available on request