The Web Server

The Web server allows you to run a server from your machine. Some functions of the GKB Editor will thus be accessible to remote users through a regular HTML browser such as Netscape or Internet Explorer. For them this will look like this example.

How to run the server

To start up the Web server, type (user::gws) to thelisp listener a message like the following should appear:
CL-HTTP serving at (8000) - NO log.
[1999-08-05 10:28:09]  HTTP service enabled for:
Should have cl-http running now

This indicates to potential what URL to type to access to the server.

Commands accessible via the Web

Te remote user will first be displayed a welcome screen and asked to give a username. Once done, he will access to the main screen which is composed of two frames. In the upper frame, he can select a KB, browse either the taxononmic aor the relationship view of the KB and choose between three actions linked to the nodes of the browse graph: expand, contract and inspect. The lower frame shows the current view of the tree. Each node of the tree is mouse sensitive. A click on one of the nodes will trigger the action selected in the upper frame. Expand and Contract will change the aspect of the tree accordingly. Inspect will display a table with the values of the slots of the selected node. Objects within this table are hyperlinked to recursively access to the objects in the KB.