The Spreadsheet Viewer

The spreadsheet viewer allows you to edit slot values in the current KB within the context of a spreadsheet. The columns are the slot names. The rows are the frame names. The cells in the sheet are filled with the corresponding slot values from the current KB.

There are three steps to launching the Spreadsheet viewer. The spreadsheet viewer is lauched by selecting frames you want to examine from the Taxonomy Viewer. When you choose the "Spreadsheet Viewr" command from under the Applications Menu, you are then presented with a dialog that allows you to select which slots to display in the spreadsheet and the order. Frames can be listed in the spreadsheet in class order or alphabetically. They can also be displayed as pretty names or frame names. The frames, selected slots and corresponding slot values are then ported into the spreadsheet. The Spreadsheet Viewer does not have the full editing capabilities that you would expect. Being that this is the first release of the Spreadsheet Viewer, there are a number of limitations that you should be aware of.

NExS Spreadsheet

NExS spreadsheet is the product used to feature the spreadsheet viewer. You will have to have this software to use the spreadsheet viewer. For now, all the original NExS Spreadsheet commands are available to the user, but we are working to remove those NExS commands that are not relevant in the context of the GKB Editor. The NExS spreadhseet commands allow you to edit the cells in the spreadsheet, searches, sorts, graphing, formatting...

GKB Menu

The GKB Menu within NExS is also available to you by the NExS spreadsheet. The existence of this menu is for the specific purpose of the Spreadsheet Viewer. The commands under this menu provide the interaction between NExS and the GKB Editor.