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A Reference Model of Frame Representation Primitives


A comprehensive survey of frame representation systems (FRSs) reveals a large variety of system designs [[4]]. Some of the differences among these systems are significant, and others are superficial. Recognizing that each implemented system has special properties useful to particular applications, we here attempt to find common generalizations that are potentially useful to a broad range of applications. In this chapter we will define some of these general concepts that are used in the remainder of this document.

This reference model is based on the Frame Ontology, a formal axiomatization of vocabulary used to define classes, relations, and functions in Ontolingua [[3]]. Ontologies written using the concepts from the frame ontology can be translated by Ontolingua into FRSs like those that support the Generic Frame Protocol. The conceptualization given in this chapter is a specialization of the Frame Ontology, with additional distinctions relevant to operational applications (e.g., kinds of inheritance, facets).

  • Peter Karp