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On Terminology

The goal of the proposed protocol is to serve as an interface to many different FRSs. In a recent review of FRSs, Karp identifies over 50 of these systems [[4]]. He also observes that terminology in the field of KR is in a state of chaos because different researchers often use different terms to mean the same thing. For example, there are 10 different terms for the notion of a class (concept); 4 terms for an instance (individual); 4 terms for the relationship between a concept and an instance (slot); 3 terms for the notion of slot values; and 2 terms for the slot and for the slot unit.

The operations within the Generic Frame Protocol require names. Given the chaotic state of KR terminology, it is clearly impossible to choose a set of names for the protocol operations that will be acceptable to the developers of every FRS. We ask the readers of the document who are considering adapting the GFP to their FRS to be cognizant of these facts, and to be tolerant of foreign terminology.

  • Peter Karp