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Operations on Behaviors

The following four functions support manipulation of behaviors. Function create-kb , described in Section  3.4, allows the application to declare what behaviors will be required to manipulate a given knowledge base.


This function returns a list of all behavior names currently known by GFP.

get-supported-behaviors  behavior &key kb

This function returns a list of all variants of behavior that are supported for kb. An FRS might support multiple variants of a behavior because the FRS is itself tunable, or because the GFP interface to the FRS is tunable.

get-behavior-values  behavior &key kb

Returns the variants of behavior under which the FRS is currently operating. For example, the FRS might support both the :immediate and the :never variants of the behavior :constraint-checking-time, but only one of those modes can be enabled at a given time.

member-behavior-values-p  behavior value &key kb

Returns true when value is one of the variants of behavior that is currently set for kb.

behavior-enabled-p  behavior &key kb

Returns true when behavior is currently set for kb, i.e., when the value of behavior for kb is t.

put-behavior-values  behavior values &key kb

This operation sets the current values of behavior for kb to be the list values. This operation can be used to reconfigure an FRS at runtime.

  • Peter Karp