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This document proposes a protocol for accessing knowledge bases stored in frame representation representation systems (FRSs). The preliminary proposal is being circulated to seek comments and suggestions for improvements. Please send comments on the protocol, keeping in mind that it does not attempt to address all computational needs of all KB applications, and will evolve in response to input from reviewers and implementors.

The specification that follows is a preliminary draft of the proposed protocol. This draft is now being circulated to FRS developers to detect potential incompatibilities between the specification and existing FRSs, to detect ambiguity in the specification, and to solicit general comments and ideas.

The current specification was derived from earlier work by Barnett et al at MCC [[1]] and specifications used at the Stanford Knowledge Systems Laboratory for accessing Cyc, KEE, and Epikit. This version of the library expands and improves upon the earlier versions in a number of respects.

  • Peter Karp