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This listing is far from complete. It is intended to provide recognition to currently active research projects. The fruits of successfully completed activities might be listed as available tools or commercial systems.

If you would like to be listed, or to update your listing, please mail us.

Academy of Scienes, Bucharest, Rumania
The Center for Research in Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.
Brandeis University
Interaction Lab
Brigham Young University
Brown University
Carnegie Mellon Institute
Advanced Computer Tutoring Project: studies how people acquire and organize knowledge and produce intelligent behavior.
Colby College
CPU Sim: courseware package for computer CPU simulation.
Composers Toolbox: precomposition environment for musical exploration of MIDI and sampled sounds.
Conservatoire National Superieur De Musique De Lyon, France
Cornell University
MacHermes: framework for creating and executing continuous simulations.
Ecolee des Mines de Saint Etienne, France
AIDE: expert systems shell.
Fraunhofer-Institute for Material Flow and Logistics, Germany
Extra, Wareplan: system for the selection of transportation media and storage systems.
Assist: expert system for Layout Planning.
Fuzzy-Bplan: scheduling component using fuzzy logic rules.
GETA (Study Group for Machine Translation), IMAG (Informatique & Mathematiques Appliquées de Grenoble), UJF (Université Joseph Fourier), France
SAMBRE: Software Engineering for Natural Language Processing.
Gonzaga University (Spokane, WA)
Leonard Hermens is working on self-customizing applications which become more useful as they adapt to the user.
Hampshire College
Distributed Lisp
Harvard Graduate School of Design
EMAPS: extendable, object-oriented environment for manipulating and displaying geographic information (GIS).
CLOOGE: simple graphics environment, as introduction to programming in environmental design, and emulator of AutoCAD's AutoLISP.
Hirosaki University, Japan
So-Ketsu: system for representing Kanji-characters.
Idaho National Energy Laboratories
Istituto Dalle Molle di Studi sull'Intelligenza Artifciale (IDSIA), Switzerland
Pail: Portable Artificial Intelligence Lab, a tool for studying and expanding on AI.
IS Robotics, Inc.
Manufacture of autonomous mobile robots, robotic systems, and software for control of embedded systems, including those for space explaration.
Istituto Tecnologie Didattiche, Italy
ESM-BASE: multimedia database of learning material.
DIScourse: integrated courseware development system.
H-GRAPH: self-configurable graph editor.
Johannes Kepler University, Austria
Johns Hopkins University, Applied Physics Laboratory
Rule-Based Supervisory Control Experiments: Experimental platform for investigating human interaction with rule-based supervisory control systems; provides real-time air-defense-like scenarios, supports user control actions, records scenario events and user responses, provides tools for data analysis
The Kawagoe Lab, Japan.
Investigates informational and computational theory of human-behaviors and emergent properties of social behaviors using Game Thoery, Artificial Intelligence, Artificial Life, Genetic Algorithm and Genetic Programming.
Kent State
Symbolic and Algebraic Compuation
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MIT Artificial Intelligence Laboratory
AI Lab mobile robots
Cog project: a prototype humanoid robot.
CL-HTTP: A World Wide Web server written in Common Lisp.
START: Natural Language System
MIT Media Laboratory
Henry Lieberman and Programming by Example
StarLogo: massively-parallel version of Logo, designed to help students experiment with decentralized systems and self-organizing phenomena.
Cima: machine-learning system for programming by example.
ECM: extensible linear context model.
Parquet: hierarchical decomposition model inducer.
MIT Lab for Advanced Technology in the Humanities
ALLP NLP system: complete Natural Language Processing system (text recognition to language independent structure, construction of language independently represented response and generation to text, with error detection, recovery, and response), intended for foreign language instruction.
MIT Lab for Computer Science
A Lisp dialect called Rosette for distributed agents using a prototype-based object system.
Montreal Neurological Intstitute
JANUS: knowledge-engineering tool to allow non-computer-literate experts to develop hierarchic expert system rules.
PAL (Psycholinguistic Assessment Of Language) Analysis System: hybrid expert system/application for scoring and analyzing results from psycholinguistic tests.
National Center for Supercomputer Applications
National Central University, Taiwan
Ohio State University, Mershon International Studies Review
Oregon State University
Oxford University
Politecnico di Milano
Aritificial Intelligence and Robotics Project
Princeton University
Stanford University
Knowledge Systems Laboratory (KSL)
CAREL: a distributed Lisp.
PACT: Palo Alto Collaboration Testbed- concurrent engineering project. Designworld: semi-automated design system from conceptual design to robotic assembly, diagnosis, and repair.
Section on Medical Informatics
Medical Computer aided learning: knowledge based simulation and decision analysis software.
Netview: Bayesian belief network knowledge engineering and visualization tool.
Tokyo Engineering University, Japan
MEG: visualization system for Electoencepahrograph and Magnetoencepharograph.
GTool: simulation game construction tool.
TCL: object-oriented langauge.
Trinity University
Universitaet Wuerzburg, Institut fuer Informatik VI, Germany
Universite Joseph Fourier, France
NOOS: Neural Network Object Oriented System (biological).
University of California, Berkeley
Boxer: fully integrated work and materials development environment (for students, teachers and developers) comprising: always-available text and hypertext editing, dynamic and interactive graphical resources, complex data management capability, and full programmability.
University of California, Los Angeles
Commotion Lab
University of California, Santa Cruz
Animated Plot: application to create a custom animation of data from spacecraft attitude sensing system.
Revenge of Tetris: game.
Stock project: financial analysis.
University of Cincinnati
University of Colorado
Agentsheets: Agentsheets is an authoring environment that features a versatile construction paradigm to build dynamic, visual environments for a wide range of problem domains such as art, artificial life, distributed artificial intelligence, education, environmental design, object-oriented programming, simulation and visual programming.
A graphic evaluator of Design Criteria: Agents represented as meters and guages score how well plans of urban areas meet design criteria. Electronic Cocktail Napkin: sketch based index to visual databases, and sketch environment for designers.
University of Fribourg, Switzerland
University of Hamburg, Germany
University of Kiel, Germany
Apply: Lisp to C translation.
University of Massachusetts, The Experimental Knowledge Systems Laboratory
CLASP (Common Lisp Analytical Statistics Package): tool for visualizing and statistically analyzing data.
University of Maryland
Autonomous Mobile Robotics Lab
University of Miami
LOGOS: Declarative Logic Programming offers the possibility of simply telling the computer what to do, instead of how to do it.
University of Michigan
MovePlan: project management package to help create facility layouts or layouts of construction sites where facility presence varies based on a CPM schedule. AUTOSIM: commercial code-generator for simulation of mechanical systems.
University of Minnesota
University of Nijmegen, Netherlands
University of Nottingham, England
University of Pennsylvania
TraumAID: decision-support tool to assist physicians with the diagnosis and treatment of victims of penetrating trauma.
University of Puget Sound
University of Rochester
TCP text-to-speech server.
University of Souther California
LOOM: A Knowledge Representation System
University of Texas at MB, Dept. of Anesthesiology
AXON: knowledge-based radiologic image retrieval using "axes" of clinical relevance.
University of Toronto, Dynamic Graphics Project, Canada
Print utility: general purpose document printing utility.
Picture-array: views displaying arrays of pictures.
Shape grammar system: system for perfoming shape computations.
University of Trier, Germany
Episodic Learner Model: The Adaptive Remote Tour (ELM-ART) -- An introductory Lisp Course based on the text materials and some intelligent features (e.g. diagnosis of problem solutions) using a learning environment called ELM-PE.
University of Tsukuba, Japan
University of Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom
University of Waterloo, Canada
Quail: An object-oriented quantitative statistical programming environment.
Untangle: An interface to WWW navigational knowledge based on description logics
Yale Medical School
Xerox PARC
XPOST: processes a sentence to return a sentence with each word tagged with the most likely part-of-speech tag.