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What Is Lisp?

History, Language Comparisons, Using Lisp with other Languages

Learning Lisp

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Lisp Applications

What is Lisp good for?, Commercial Applications

Tools for Using Lisp

Programming: Editors, Debuggers, Profiling, Testing, CASE
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The Lisp Community

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Reference Material

ANSI Specification [on-line]
Common Lisp: the Language, 2nd Edition (CLtL2) [on-line]
Common Lisp Interface Manager (CLIM) [on-line]
Meta Object Protocol (MOP) [on-line]
Common Lisp Hypermedia Server (CL-HTTP) [home page]
Books by author and Related references

Common Lisp Implementations

Related Languages

Scheme, ISLisp, Emacs, Xlisp, Autocad, Dylan, Prolog, Java, more!
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