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This site is devoted to the needs of the existing and potential Lisp community:
  • Lisp users can use this site as a starting point to locate:
    • Information about Lisp.
    • Applications and code that uses Lisp, or is in support of Lisp.
    • Contacts with other members of the Lisp community.
  • Programmers, other computer professionals, and their managers can use this site to help them determine whether Lisp is appropriate for them.
  • Vendors, educators and others can use this site to publicize their work.
The emphasis of this site is on real-world, industrial applications, and so most of the site refers to Common Lisp, though references are also made to other languages. In particular, in the interest of clarity, much relevent work in Scheme has been deliberately omitted. The "Related Languages" page gives starting points for information about Scheme and ISLisp.

The Association of Lisp Users

The Association of Lisp Users (ALU) is a user group which aims to promote Lisp, help inform and educate Lisp users in general, and help represent Lisp users as a group to the vendors. The ALU holds an annual conference and supports the formation of inter-vendor standards. ALU has international membership and is incorporated in the US.

Click here for the By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation.

To reach the governing board of the ALU, send email to

If you have general questions about Lisp, please see the newsgroups and mailing list pages of this site.

For comments about this web site, see below.

What's New at This Site

This entire site is new. It's development began in the summer of 1996. Small changes are logged.

In July, 1998, a page on "Computational Resources and Efficiency in Lisp" was added to the What is Lisp? area.

The previous home page of the ALU was


The hierarchy is divided into nine groups: Each of these groups is listed on the contents page, and navigation bar displayed at the side or top of each page. In color-capable browsers, each group has its own color. The other pages available within a group are listed at the bottom of the navigation bar.

The navigation bar also has the ALU logo, contents. Clicking on this logo brings you back to the contents page.

The Site Map lists each file that is maintained as part of this website. The files are listed by group.

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Comments and Copies

This site is copyright 1997 by the Association of Lisp Users. Trademarks are the property of their owners. Don't use the information on this site to trash Lisp or Lispers (including vendors, publishers, etc.).

The official home of the Association of Lisp Users is http:/, which may or may not be installed yet. If you are examining this material from a different host, than you are looking at a mirror (i.e. a copy of the material). Any appearance within a different host hierarchy does not imply any connection with, or endorsement by, the Association of Lisp Users.

A gnu compressed tar file containing a snapshot of the current contents of the entire site is available for download from the file ../admin/alu.tgz. There is a log of changes for different versions of the .tgz file. If you make a mirror of this site (perhaps in a language other than English,) please let us know so that we can put a pointer to it on the initial welcome page. Also, any publicly available or commerically used mirrors should be complete and unedited copies, except that faithful translations to languages other than English are acceptable and encouraged.

We are interested in your comments about this site. Contact us at:

We are particularly interested in volunteers to help with our long list of planned improvements.


This site was constructed from information in a variety of other sites, including those by Brad Miller, Rainer Joswig, John Mallery, Mark Kantrowitz and Carnegie-Mellon Unversity, Franz, Inc., Harlequin, Inc., and Digitool, Inc..

We are grateful to:

  • John Mallery and the the MIT AI Laboratory for creating CL-HTTP and making it publicly available, and for providing space, electrical power, and an internet connection for our server.
  • Franz, Inc., for making Allegro Common Lisp available on Linux, and for reserving and donating the and domain names.
  • Linus Torvalds and his colleagues, and The Free Software Foundation for making Linux available.
  • Mabry Tyson and SRI, Inc., for providing and maintaing the alu mailing list.

This particular site was compiled by Howard R. Stearns. Other current editors are listed above.