<b>CYPRESS: Reacting and Planning under Uncertainty</b>

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CYPRESS: Reacting and Planning under Uncertainty

David E. Wilkins Karen L. Myers Leonard P. Wesley
Artificial Intelligence Center
SRI International
333 Ravenswood Ave.
Menlo Park, CA 94025 415-859-5708
{myers, wilkins, wesley}@ai.sri.com

27 January 1994


Agents situated in dynamic and unpredictable environments require several capabilities for successful operation. Such agents must monitor the world and respond appropriately to important events. The agents should be able to accept goals, synthesize plans for achieving those goals, and execute the plans while continuing to be responsive to changes in the world. In addition, the agents should be able to replan as changes in the world render their plans obsolete and reason about uncertain information. This document describes the CYPRESS system, a domain-independent framework for defining persistent agents with this full range of behavior. CYPRESS has been used for several demanding applications, including military operations, real-time tracking and fault-diagnosis. An implemented military operations scenario is described that includes replanning and automated force selection using uncertain information.

Aaron Heller
Wed Mar 29 19:31:38 PST 1995