Transcription for American Express tape 9ab: A 6-9-89

[transcriber notes]
Agent speech
Caller speech

Tape 9, Call 1:

yes I'd like to make a travel arrangement please

[recording notification]
ok one second and what's the name of the last the last name of the

B [spells name]

and a first name

C. you know I have to get a travel advance can I give you a call right

sure, no problem
[ending call and returning]
and which day would Mr. B like to travel?

umm he's departing on June fourteenth going from San Jose to Burbank
leaving at six forty p.m.

ok and returning on which day?

uhh June sixteenth

and at what time?

umm, leaving four fifteen pm from Burbank

ok we have him on US Air flight twenty six fifty on the fourteenth of June
out of San Jose at six forty p. m. and into Burbank at seven forty two p.m.


He's returning on the sixteen of June, on US Air flight twenty six sixty
five leaving Burbank at four fifteen p.m. and getting back into San Jose
at five twenty p.m.


and the fare on this is a hundred and ninety eight dollars

ok um I think we'd like to pay just with the full fare umm because he could
change his mind

yeah this is full fare there is no penalties or anything


[car rental, ticketing]
you'll have it on Monday

thank you so much A

thank you D

Bye Bye

Mm bye now

Tape 9, Call 2:

American Express A speaking

Hi uh this is B C I want to go to New York Monday morning

[recording notification, profile]

ok I went there last Wednesday could you just uh d- do the same thing you did
for me then?

[charge number]
ok let me check to see if um we still have that old record
one second. ok shhs see you flying on Pa- uh on Pan Am

why don't we do that (yeah

on that special) fare


ok and same class of service

same class

[project number]
kay let me check on that flight one second

leaving Monday morning coming back Friday night Friday aftern-

I don't have the complete history in front of me, what time did you come
back was that the six o'clock flight?

It's ah five forty five Pan Am

[limousine reservation]
and this will be at the fare of lets see ?? it'll be one thousand sixty


ok, and was there anything else

no I guess that's it

[more on limo, ticketing]

fine thank you

you're welcome


bye now

Tape 9, Call 3:

A speaking

Hi this is B C at WWW

Hi Mr. C

I was wanting to make some arrangements for a trip that I'm going to be
taking uhh to LA uh beginning of the week after next see (eighteenth
nineteenth twentieth

[recording notification]
ok ah let me pull up your profile and I'll be right with you here
[profile, charge number]
and you said you wanted to travel next week?

uh yes uh it I I- have to be in LA a couple of different places actually on
the nineteenth and twentieth, now I'm going to be down in San Diego on
personal business uh the previous weekend the sixteenth seventeenth and

uh huh

and basically I have to get into ah ah or near the Ontario airport for the
Sunday night and I leave out of the Irvine which I guess is John Wayne
Airport on the Tuesday.


I guess the first question I had was uh are there
flights from San Diego to the Ontario airport in uh in LA or outside LA I
guess if (I

let me see)

if there's a real problem there I might keep a car which I'll have and simply
drive up

ok there's only two direct or nonstop flights from San Diego to Ontario and
they're both in the morning on Sunday

Are they?

uh huh

I think I'm going to forget that

Otherwise I'd be I'd be routing you through um through Los Angeles

Seems a little ridiculous I think

uh huh now do you have to be there on uh Sunday mo- Sunday night or Monday

uh uh i- i- it would be Monday uh uh Sunday night yeah

Well there's a like I say a seven a.m. flight in the morning (out of San

??) no,no,no,no


no, no, no obviously then uh I ha- as far as getting there I'll do it under my
own steam


I'll just keep the rent a car that I'll have for personal reasons uh for that



so on the twentieth you want me to ( look at the return
[hotel reservation]

that's wonderful so what it boils down to is just one flight getting
out of there

ok (on the twenty

uh now it wi- will be near the John Wayne Airport I guess it i- it is John
Wayne in Irvine (isn't it?

yes,) yes it is

and um and um as far as I can see we're going to have a pretty full day
meeting on the on Tuesday the twentieth uh I think I ought to be looking at
a flight out of there perhaps no earlier than round about seven o'clock

ok is this going (back to

back to back to San Francisco)

to San Francisco


excuse me there's an American flight at seven thirty

oh no I was going to say that if I had my choice I'd pick American simply
because I've got the uh advantage

mm hmm

I I'm sorry I (my enthusiasm ??

Yeah) yeah the um let me see here we've got you on American flight nine
thirty eight


leaving on the twentieth of June out of Orange County John Wayne Airport
at seven thirty p.m.

seven thirty

and into uh San Francisco at eight fifty seven

that sounds great

and that is ninety nine dollars one way

and uh I think that's going to do it, those two ho- hotel reservations and and
the one flight

you're all set then

ok) fine thank you very much for your help

you're quite welcome

have a good weekend

you too


bye now

Tape 9, Call 4:

eight thirty five p.m.

uh huh

he's returning on the thirteenth of June on United flight one one one
eight leaving Los Angeles at four p.m. and arriving into San Francisco
at five thirteen p.m.

mmm hmm

and the fare is two hundred and thirty four dollars and sixty four cents
[seating, car]
ok. almost finished here. ok you said you had a second reservation?

yes, please umm ar- are we done with um B?

yes we are

yes um the second reservation is for D E, last name is E as
in the month E.

[charge number]
and FFFF, what day would he like to travel?

uh he wants to go San Francisco to Phoenix on Monday June nineteenth uh
Southwest six seven eight out of San Francisco at four ten p.m. into
Phoenix at eh five fifty five

and returning or continuing on what date?

returning on Tuesday June twentieth on United one four three six out of
Phoenix at six thirty five p.m. and into San Francisco at eight thirty three

ok we've requested Southwestern flight six seventy eight that uh leaves
on the nineteenth of June out of San Francisco at four ten p.m.
arriving into Phoenix at five fifty five p.m.


and as I say request because they're not in our system we will actually
phone and have to confirm this reservation with (Southwestern


ok and then returning on the twentieth w- he's on United flight fourteen
thirty six leaving Phoenix at six thirty five p.m. and arriving back into
San Francisco at eight thirty three p.m.


and the fare on this is one hundred and sixty two dollars

one sixty two

that's correct
[car rental]

ok great


thank you A

you're quite welcome FFFF

hmm mhh (bye bye

bye now)