Transcription for American Express tape 7: A. 6-1-89

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Agent speech
Caller speech

Tape 7, Call 1:


Hi this is A with American Express Travel

Yes I spoke to you 'bout twenty minutes ago about uh Japan around the world

Oh right

Can you tell me what it costs for Business Class fo- for uhh round trip
Japan verses Business Class uh ?? around the world's flight

Ok I don't know if they offer I don't think they offer a Business uh Class
around the world. It has to be economy
[checking rules]
Ok I found out umm restrictions also as far as you're inquiring about
penalties and stuff


Umm ok San Francisco Tokyo uhh fare quote for business round trip would be
twenty one fourteen. and again the coach was seventeen fourteen. and then
for the twenty ninety nine that was economy but there it is also offered
for business. and first class the business around the world fare would be
twenty nine ninety nine and first class thirty nine ninety nine. and that's,
again the same of of applications of four stop overs uh for minimum maximum
of fifteen. and the purchase restrictions were twenty one days in advance
cancellation within ah or longer then twenty one days prior to the departure
you get a
full refund, within twenty one days of the flight it's twenty five percent
penalty, umm attached to all all of those fares, economy, business and first
and if umm bu- in case of illness or death or anything like that it is uh
waivable, the twenty five percent
[sick clause on requirements]

But that even) applies to these apex and stuff

Oh yeah


yeah it applies to any type of fare
[more on being ill]

Ok well thanks for that information I (don't think


I'd be interested in the business class. it costs more than I thought, but
the guy I'm going with will be flying business and I'll be sitting in the
(back of the plane


with the cheaper cheap fare

[joking about economy]
Yeah there you go. Ok

Th- thanks for your help

Sure bye bye

Bye bye

Tape 7, Call 2:

Good afternoon American Express this is A

A uh this is B again and I talked to C. D. again


About going from Hong Kong to Moscow. umm he made me feel like their had to
be some other options besides going through Heathrow

Ok (uh

There) had to be several different cities you can go through like Beijing,
to Helsinki, there has to be some other options (??

[recording notification]
umm ok well on, what I do is I ask for connections er flights from Hong Kong
to Moscow and that's what it's giving me as available connections


It's) giving me all the legal connections available and that's what I'm
getting is through Heathrow (??

Okay, so i-) if somebody was in some other city and wanted to go to Moscow
there has to be other options doesn't (there

Oh) I see what you mean departing from a different city rather than (Hong


oh sure

Sa- i- t- Helsinki and also there has to be some other airlines too ah
that are flying into Moscow besides, you only gave me (British Airways

Well) Well, because of the connections, see from Hong Kong to Moscow there
are other, what I, ok (this is ?? the entire day

you you what you did was you gave me) you gave me the best (situation

Right) and for the entire day for I picked on th- on the twenty fourth of
June umm th- the entire day we've got the first thing that that comes up is
that nine thirty pm flight (otherwise

Are we) saying that maybe uh that something was filled, I mean there is another
option that we wouldn't ( be aware of

No) no

Oh ok

If it was sold out it would show it to me

Ok that's what I was wondering

Ok yeah, so umm the only other option I have would be a Cathay Pacific
flight departing at Hong Kong at ten fifty five p.m. it arrives into
London to Gatwick airport at four at five fifty five forty excuse me am and
then he'd connect to a British Air flight out of London Heathrow airport
and into th- Moscow, so he'd be going into Gatwick and leaving out of
Heathrow, meaning he'd (have to get between the two

Yes, I know I I indicated I said the only) thing that was given to me was
a flight that goes into He- you know was flights going into Heathrow


He says, well try Helsinki, try Beijing, you know there has to be some
other options to getting into Moscow, (so


I I don't know and al also he said there has to be other airlines and I
he mentioned a couple I I remebered a couple Aer- is it Aeroflight

nkay lets see

And Singapore, do- does, Singapore has a airline

See See this is what, when I ask for for Hong Kong, thi- that's what I'm
trying to explain, we could try building our own connection (but


when I ask Hong Kong Soviet Union that's what it's giving me

Yeah that's right (now


uhh perhaps we can build our own like you say

Yeah that's maybe that's what he's talking about or depart from a different
city. if he wants to go for like a three point connection I mean there are
three point connections available

Ok (he

such as)

just wants me to get all the options down for him


so he can make a desicion

Ok again asking for Hong Kok to uh


Moscow there's a (flight

Let's let's) go to another city first maybe that's what he's trying to say
un- unless you can find a three point by going to Moscow

Yeah, I can


from Hong Kong which is eh what I'm saying is that uh the next possibility
would be Hong Kong to Bangkok
to Heathrow to Moscow. that's the next availability that's coming up and
that would be a flight that leaves at six p.m. from Hong Kong and goes on
to Bangkok and then he would take another flight to Heathrow and then
another ho- flight from Heathrow to Moscow (??

Ok I've got that down as an option ok

Ok. Otherwise there's umm
more through Bangkok, there's different carriers Bangkok to Heathrow to
Moscow. as to other carriers aside from that there's one Hong Kong to
Tokyo to London to Moscow. everything's going to end up London Moscow (it's
just a matter of

Ok let's) try the suggestion about going to Helsinki

you mean departing from Helsinki to? ah or Hong Kong (Helsinki?

?? Can he go) to Hong Kong, oh I see you always have to go you can't go
straight through Hong Kong to

to then go through Helsinki then that would we'd have to build our own


that would be where we'd have to ask for, we would force, that's called
forcing a connection I can ask for umm flights through Helsinki. now see
it's not going to come out let me see twenty four

Ok let me call you back

Ok cause that's (it's


doesn't look like its (going ??

Ok that's) what I need to find out. Thank you

Uh huh

Tape 7, Call 3:

Hi A it's B, but now I'm going to talk about C.D.'s ??


He's leaving on six five

Ok hold on a second, how do you spell his last name?

[spells name]

[pulling profile]
Oh ok on the fifth of June flying to Miami, right? Er (actually


to Orlando and then on to Miami and then (umm

Oh) oh we need to oh yes ok that's a on- no on six six ok on six six
from Orlando to Miami he needs

um hm

he needs to arrive in Miami sooner than what shows (so

six fifty)

uh huh, so we need to take an earlier flight

Ok let's see. well what time does he want to arrive, how much earlier

about like at least by six, I'm going to put you on hold for just
a second while (you check that out

Ok, sure)

thanks I'm back

Ok uhh let's see from Orlando to Miami we do have a Delta flight that
lands at five twenty, it leaves Orlando at four thirty,
There's also a Braniff flight at four fifteen departing that gets in at
five fourteen and those are the only ones I have right up you know before
six. There's also earlier flights getting in a little after four four
fifteen or four thirty.

Ok so if we go from Orlando to Miami on the Delta that would probably
be all right

Yeah, that I mean we can, we can go with that one if you want umm let's see
his I guess you've already got his tickets?

Have em?

You should they were run on the thirty first let me see when G. was yeah
they were run yesterday maybe she just hasn't gotten around to calling
you with them but I mean that's no big deal we could always ah always change
them now let's see what what the new price would be and if we would just
reissue the whole ticket or just that one portion or have him revalidate.
It was ticketed at a fare of one thousand ninety one and if we go we could
get it for um one thousand seventy nine because the Delta flight would price
lower than the uh Continental he had been booked on


if we just go ahead and reticket the whole thing, you want to go ahead
and and go with the Delta flight?


Ok it's flight eight six five on Tuesday the sixth out at four thirty
from Orlando and into Miami at five twenty and let me just make sure
that I can get him his umm nonsmoke aisle seat on that one.


Same deal and its a non penalty fare of one thousand seventy nine

thank you

uh huh


Tape 7, Call 4:

I would like to get uhh some fare information

[recording notification]
Oh, ok so what what type of fare do you want to go or (know about

ok this is umm a round trip from San Francisco to Stockholm


and basically what I want to know is the what the business class and the
first class fares are

ok, all right let's take a look here uh will there be any particular date
that you're be looking into?

Ah it would probably be uh leaving on June seventeenth and flying back
uh the following Saturday

ok, and what about any particular carrier that you're looking into

Ah no, I have I have ah no preference


We're, basically the issue is that uh the client's asking us to travel on
our own time on weekends


um you know to fly to Sweden and back


and we're thinking about whether we should ask them to pay for first
class travel

Ah I see ok yeah yeah make 'em pay, no let's see we've got well it depends
on what ah if you want to look at like j- a coach fare on a round trip basis

Well it's not, well we're not even considering coach

(Oh you just want first class

Business class is a minimum)

Ok ok let's take a look umm, we're going ok Business round trip would be
thirty two oh eight

uh hum

and then first class round trip is gonna be forty eight ninety two

forty eight ninety two

right and then I don't know if you even want to hear the coach round trip
is thirty two oh eight as well so its (the same for business or coach.

Coach and business) class are the same?

um hum


yeah, unrestricted coach that is.

uh huh that's interesting


ok that's all I needed to know (thanks

ok,) uh huh bye