Transcription for American Express tape 6: A 05-26-89

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Agent speech
Caller speech

Tape 6, Call 1:

this is A at American Express can I help you?

oh yes A this is B

[recording notification]
ok) thanks what can I help you with?

well C is going to go to Ottawa

is this for a new reservation?

yes and I, what I need right now are um choices

just flight information then?


ok and what date is he gonna go?

the twenty second and he needs to be there in time for an evening meeting
if he can be, say around six o'clock

let me see here

twenty second of June did I make that clear?

yeah a- I assumed that yeah. ah there's nothing really that gets in that
early. uh Air Canda has a connection through Toronto that leaves San
Francisco at seven fifty a.m. arrives Toronto at three thirty five but
the connection to Ottawa doesn't leave until five fifteen getting into
Ottawa at six ten (and


that's about the earliest one

um ok

other than leaving the evening before. I mean the, you know like just
after midnight

so we have one tha- on Air Canada that goes to Toronto huh?

right and then it's a change of planes there but it doesn't arrive into
Ottawa until six ten

let me take all that down anyway ok I guess it's too, at what time does it
get to Toronto?

ah three thirty five p.m.

mm hmm

and departs there at five fifteen. do you want the flight numbers on these?

right uh huh

uh the first one is Air Canada flight seven fifty eight

mm hmm

the connection is flight four sixty

uh huh. and it arrives Ottawa

at six ten p.m.

all right do you have any that get in- into ah Ottawa later in the evening?

ah yes one second

ge- are there any direct flights at all?

ah only if there's an overnight direct flight on Piedmont but it leaves
leaves the night before at eleven forty p.m.

let me see I'm writing this down. that's Piedmont what

ah flight twelve fifty it really isn't worth considering I just noticed
it makes three (stops

no) no

I mean it's direct in that it's the same plane all the way through but
( it's ??

??) going to take him all night

there are no non stop flights (um

that's) what I was wondering ok

there's a CP Air f- uh connection through Vancouver it get's in later it
leaves at nine ten a.m. and arrives Vancouver (at

what) is CP Air?

it's a Canadian Airline like Air Canada it's

and it flies out of San Francisco?

uh huh

huh what's that number then?

uh it's CP Air flight one forty

one forty

it's out of San Francisco at nine ten a.m.

uh huh

arrives Vancouver at eleven thirteen a.m. it connects to CP Air flight
seven twenty two

mm hmm

that leaves Vancouver at one p.m. and arrives Ottawa at nine forty eight
p.m. that does make one stop between Vancouver and Ottawa

where does it stop?

let's see. looks like Calgary

like Calgary ok

yeah, Calgary

all right then coming back if if you ha- do you have a late flight out on the
twenty third. probably not huh?

well let me see. we might cause the time zone's in our v- our favor
coming (this direction

uh huh) he said either l- late on the twenty third or or any time on the
twenty fourth

ok. by late he means something like nine ten like that?
cause there's an eight p.m. departure

tha- ah I think that's (that's

would) that be good?

uh huh

ok there's an eight p.m. departure on Air Canada it's flight four sixty
seven it arrives into Toronto at eight fifty five connects to Air Canada
flight seven fifty five that's out of Toronto at ten thirty p.m. and
arrives San Francisco at twelve forty five a.m. on the twenty fourth

no I'm it leaves Ottawa four sixty seven leaves Ottawa at what time?

eight p.m.

eight p.m. and arrives at Toronto

eight fifty five

eight fifty five. and leaves Toronto at ten thirty?


(and arrives

seven fifty) five does

mm huh

and arrives San Francisco at twelve forty five a.m.

ok and then what about Saturday a flight next Saturday?

yeah one second. uh there's an early Air Canada connection through Toronto

uh huh

it's uh flight one eighty nine out of Ottawa at six fifty a.m. arrives
Toronto at seven forty seven a.m.

mmm hmm

connects to Air Canada flight seven fifty seven

mm hmm

out of Toronto at nine thirty a.m.

mm hmm

and arrives San Francisco at eleven forty five a.m.

all right I think tha- this is enough for him to consider


for the time being and I'll get back with you

ok great

all right thank you ( very much

thanks a lot)

bye bye

bye bye

Tape 6, Call 2:

this is A at American Express may I help you?

A this is B

[recording notification]
ok what can I help you with B?

ok my the traveller is C [spells name]

mm hmm

first name is CC

[for new reservation, charge number]
ok what does he need to do?

ok it's for ah the outbound would be on June seventeenth

uh huh

and it's on US Air flight two seven eight two and I believe it's departing
at twelve twenty five p.m.

going where?

Orange County

two twenty five p.m.?

yes, uh twelve twenty five sorry

ok US Air flight twenty seven eighty two?

mm yeah

ok (got that

that right? ok) now this traveller is making uh, this is something out of the
ordinary now it says reservations for CC and his wife and

[discussion of frequent flyer number and flight for wife]
yeah, let me make C's reservation
and then I'll have to call US Air to find out if if we're allowed to make
her reservations sometimes you have to make it directly with the airline


and if we can make it I'll go ahead and do it

oh ok

ok otherwise you'll have to call US Air

oh I see all right now coming back on June twentieth

leaving at what time?

uh let's see five ten p.m. out of Burbank and this is on US Air two five
one one and again this return flight will be for CC and his wife

right n- yeah, I know

you'll have to check that one too

no I'll check the whole thing yeah


what's his wife's name?
[trying to figure out pronunciation, hotel, car]

ah huh

yeah we have enough advance purchase time that i can get a nonrefundable
fare on the return would bring that portion down to twenty nine dollars
one way but I'd have to t- issue the tickets today

no give them the non restricted air fare (I think it's one ninety eight

non restrictive air fare) one ninety eight right
[requesting special hotel rate]
ok sure


bye bye B

Tape 6, Call 3:

Hi this is A at American Express may I help you?

hi A this is B Physical Sciences Business Office at uh WWW

[recording notification]
yeah and uh what can I help you with?

uh I need to know uh business class round trip uh fare for ah San Francisco
to ah Baron, Switzerland

sure one second. is this for a proposal?


I'm checking a couple different carriers just to compare them before I give
you the fare on this


I seem to have a very slow computer here

ok that's all right

well I have one fare let me give you that and I'm just trying to see if I
can verify it on another carrier


uh one way fare would be fifteen sixty seven

w- round trip?

the round trip would be that times two plus thirteen for taxes


[reiteration of fare]
ah it looks like approximately right uh using TWA instead of American I get
fifteen eighty nine a little bit higher


so it's it's in that ballpark (??

ok fifteen) fifty seven times two plus thirteen

there isn't any one carrier that flies all the way in there you need
to connect somewhere like from TWA to Air France or Pan Am to Air France
or something to get in to Baron

uh huh

and also you can't get business class all the way through but they fare
it business class all the way


you you you would get business class from the US to your European gateway
city and then for the little hop to Baron you would probably be in Coach

yeah ok


that helps

ok great

thanks a lot

you're welcome (bye bye

bye bye

Tape 6, Call 4:

[continuing after discussing another frequent flyer number]

This is for B

[checking profile, charge number, etc.]
ok, what is she doing?

ok, on the uh thirty first of may

uh huh

out of SFO to DFW on American thirteen hundred leaving at eleven am

ok I've got that it arrives at four twenty three into Dallas?


ok and then a return?

returning on the first of june

uh huh

departing DFW at six forty pm on American three eight nine

okay, let me see what sort of fare I can get on that


the only thing that's going to apply is full coach


and that's nine forty six one way


I mean round trip, (round trip, sorry
[exclamation, hotel, car, seating, ticketing]

thanks a lot

ok, thanks, D

bye bye

bye bye

Tape 6, Call 5:

A at American Express may I help you?

yeah this is B B I need to make some travel arrangements

[recording notification, charge number, travel advance, phone]
ok and what do you need to do?

ok on June sixth from San Jose to Denver, United

leaving at what time?

I believe there's one leaving at eleven o'clock in the morning

yeah that's United flight four seventy


leaves at eleven a.m. and arrives Denver at two twenty p.m. out of San Jose

that's the one

and a return?

return June seventh

leaving at what time?

uh I believe there's one at five sixteen

yeah that's United flight six fifty nine it arrives back into San Jose at
six forty two


let me just see what sort of fare I can get you on this

all righty

ok the best fare I can get you on this would be five sixty eight round
trip. that does have a twenty five percent change cancellation penalty on it


and we'd have to ticket it by Tuesday

right that's fine

[hotel, car, seating, mileage plus number]

ok thank you very much

thanks a lot


mm bye

bye bye

Tape 6, Call 6:

American Express may I help you?

oh A this is B

[recording notification]
ok wh- how can I help you?

we have an emergency traveller who is going t- uh
Copenhagen from San Francisco to Los Angeles and he is going on a two
o'clock flight.

he's going to Copenhagen today?

that's correct yes

[warning her of slow system]
it's just a flat one way?

ah yes that's correct

in business class?
[sentence fragments]

ok (??

yeah we should be able to do it)
[discussion of international booking]
um) one sec let me just

all right

start a new reservation for him. what's his last name?

um C [spells name]

first name

D [spells name]

[discussing non-employee status, charge number, etc.]
ok what flights do you want to have him on?

ok he would like to be on United flight one one one seven

first of all he's going all the way through to Copenhagen?

oh, that's right uh huh

and this is a connection in what city?

ah Los Angeles


oh and yeah

and what time does that United flight leave?

it's ah going out at uh two o'clock today, SFO to Los Angeles

and then connecting to SAS flight nine thirty two?

nine thirty two that's right

and you said well actually the eleven seventeen I'm showing sold out let
me just look (in their system

oh no)

well we can put him there are other flights oh there I can get a seat on it

oh ok

?? it's one of the last ones but I can get it.
now is he going business class on the SAS flight?

um if he can go business class sure

they're allowed it for flights over (thirteen hours

certainly oh) ok great that's fine

and this is just going to be one way only right?

that's correct

[on hold, hotel, passport, seating, check in]
ok B so I have him on United flight eleven seventeen on today Friday
the twenty sixth out of San Francisco at two p.m.


arriving LAX at three fifteen p.m.

uh huh

connecting to SAS flight nine thirty two


out of LAX at five thirty p.m. it arrives Copenhagen at one oh five p.m. on
the twenty seventh of May

yes (that's wonderf-

that's) on request and that's already confirmed so that's (great

that's) just absolutely marvelous and I am wondering now if we can we add
another leg to that uh

what do you want to do?
[on hold]

um we would like on Monday which would be uh let's see the twenty ninth the

mm hmm

May twenty ninth from Copenhagen to uh Sandestrom


and that would be uh SAS flight two nine one and that is a ten thirty a.m.

ok no- this adds a fare that isn't in my system


so if we do that I'm going to have to send it off to the airlines for
faring and I can't guarantee how fast they'll come back with a fare
[ticketing problem]

y- exactly yes I understand. ok that's great and you did make the
reservation for the uh Monday five twenty nine flight was that possible
to go on flight two nine one from Copenhagen?

yeah I haven't confirmed it yet but I've just (got it

oh ok)

requested. one second


yes B that's that's confirmed now

oh ok

so we'll just ticket as far as Copenhagen and he'll deal with the rest
in Denmark then


is that what you want to do?
[ticketing problem again]

all right

you know if it's not back within an hour we'll just ticket him as far as


how's that?

all right


good bye

sure, bye bye