Transcription for American Express tape 3: A 5-4-89

[transcriber notes]
Agent speech
Caller speech

Tape 3, Call 1:

American Express A speaking.

Yes um hello I'm B with WWW and I'd like to make
some travel arrangements?

[recording notification, name spelling, charge number]
Okay, and what day did you wish to travel?

This is um May 12th.

Out of San Francisco?

Out of San Francisco.

And going where?

Going to Los Angeles. Umm there's an eight o'clock I believe United flight.

That's eight a.m.?


Okay I've got that - and returning on what day?

Same day.

And about what time?

At six o'clock.

Again on United here?

Sure, why not.

Okay. We have you confirmed on United flight one one zero three.


That's on the 12th of May, out of San Francisco at 8 a.m. into Los Angeles
at nine nineteen a.m., returning on the same day on United flight one zero
four four, leaving Los Angeles at 6 p.m., and getting into San Francisco
at seven thirteen p.m.

Okay, (very good.

And the) fare on this is a hundred and ninety-eight dollars.

You're kidding, what happened to the seventy-eight dollar fares or those
sort of things?

Those you need to stay over a Saturday night for.

Uhn, well, can't do that.


Or, Okay, very good.


Thank you.

Thank you.


mm Bye now.

Tape 3, Call 2:

Hi, this is C??, I need to make some um, uh travel
arrangements please.

[recording notification]
Now what's the passenger's last name?

It's DDD, D D D

And first name?

Is ddd, d d d

[profile info]
Okay, what day would he like to travel?

He needs to go on Tuesday May 9th.


>From San Fran to Philadelphia, on United flight ninety-four, that's
the one-thirty to nine thirty-nine non-stop.

Okay, I've got that for him, and returning when?

Uh, let's leave the return open right now, he needs to figure that out.

And, oo-shall we wait on anything else until we know what ah, what day
he's returning?

Yeah, if we could, he's got um - as long as he's got a slot on that flight
we're okay.


We should know sometime this afternoon.

Okay, if you want to give me a call back.

Great, will do.


Okay, great. (Thanks.

Thank you,) C.

Mmm. Bye-bye.

Bye now

Tape 3, Call 3:

American Express, A speaking.

Ah, yes, I'd like to make a reserv- some reservations please.

[recording notification, agent verification]
And what's the passenger's last name?
[pulling profile, for consultant]

And we need to do the same thing we've done once or twice before.

[name spelling, charge number for new reservation]

And it's gonna be for May eleven. If you're at that point yet.

[more profile info]
Okay. May eleventh you said?


San Francisco to

Nope. Nope, not that easy, now- I- don't ask me why he wants to do
this, but this is his route. He wants to take a Piedmont flight that
leaves Phoenix aimed for Baltimore, at ten thirty in the morning,,,And
then he wants to connect with another Piedmont flight from Baltimore to
New York, and then a Saudia flight to Riyadh.

Okay I show a - a Piedmont flight f- at nine twenty-five a.m., I don't
show a ten thirty one.

Is that from Phoenix to Baltimore?


Okay let's do that.

[talking under breath]
And what day from um

All consecutive.


Or,,,back to back as best as possible.

Ah-hah. So Baltimore to Ji- to JFK.

Wherever Saudia flies out of to Riyadh.

One second.
[on hold]

He just thinks that Baltimore is the most efficient route to get to - JFK
from Phoenix.

[on hold, chatter]

And we're looking for economy, not business or first.

Right, you're looking for ah Saudi Arabian a- Airlines.

Yeah, using Saudi on the eleventh or - I guess it'd probably
at the night of the eleventh.

Right, I - that's what I'm looking at. It is sold out.

That's not a good new - that's not good news.

No it isn't - out of JFK. Um

Is Friday open?

Let me check here. I'm showing economy on Pan Am is open.

(on that Thursday?

On the eleventh), yes

Okay, well,,,we have to get him to Riyadh one way or another, so


let's sign him up with whatever we can.

Okay, one second here.
Okay, and then returning from there?

Open. We don't know when t- he's gonna come back yet.


But it'll be the same routing, if you have to,,,estimate a price.

Okay. Okay, we've got him on Piedmont flight f- eleven fifty-four,
on the eleventh of May.

Okay,,,ah Piedmont eleven fifty-four


on five eleven

Out of Phoenix at nine twenty-five a.m. ,,,into Baltimore at four
fifty-six p.m.


Same day, on the eleventh of May, it's Piedmont flight,,,forty-five

Forty-five thirty-five

Out of Baltimore at five fifty-five p.m.

Five fifty-five?



Into JFK at seven ten p.m.


Ahm,,,connecting there with PanAm flight ten sixty-six


Leaving JFK at nine fifteen p.m.

Nine fifteen?



And getting into Riyadh at seven fifteen p.m. the following day.


Okay) now if you want to look that up and I'll look at - ,,,
a couple of things on this and um give you a call back either today
or tomorrow morning as far as faring goes.

Okay, yeah

[ticketing, seating]


All righty.

Thank you very much.

Sure thing.


Bye now.