Transcription for American Express tape 21: A ?-??-89

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Agent speech
Caller speech

Tape 21, Call 1:

American Express this is A

A this is B.C. calling from WWW


and why don't you bring up my record

and it's for which trip

the trip that I'm suppose to take tomorrow night

ok I'll pull that one up all righty

ok now here's the problem I just learned today that I'm going to have to go to Richmond on Friday I have to be in Richmond on Friday Richmond, Virginia


so we keep the San Francisco to Newark tomorrow night that's fine


the the number the August first ten thirty the question is how can I get can I get to Ne- Newark to Richmond either Thursday afternoon or Friday morning early I don't have to be there until about ten o'clock

ok there's uh depends on what you'd rather do there is a Piedmont flight which is non stop from Newark to Richmond leaving at four oh five in the afternoon on a Thursday


and getting into Richmond at five sixteen


or if you wanted to go in the morning of the fourth um the only ?? the only non stop would have to be out of Laguardia

there's no

out of Newark it would be at nine thirty you would not get in until ten forty one

ok umm there is one at what time on Thursday afternoon

Thursday at four oh five

Thursday at four oh five how late is there any later connections of any sort

later connections there's a later nonstop at nine

( get's in at
a later nonstop at nine)

yeah get's in at ten eleven

what about ah and there are probably connections

between the time let me check

between those times right

yeah there's a let's see ok there's a United flight that leaves at six twenty um ooh however that's going to be sold out um ?? there's a seven fifty five Piedmont that goes through Baltimore as a connecting city and gets into Richmond at ten twenty nine

same time as the other one


all right why don't you book both E.F. and B.C. cause we're flying together on the four o'clock Newark



ok and then

and then if we have to stay later we'll juggle it at that end

ok now what about your

and then we need a hotel to stay in in Richmond

...[break in transcript]
ok w- what about your return how many

uh (well

?? nights)

I think he's going to you know I better let E. do his own


but that's what I think he's going to do because I think he's going to fly back up to New York and come back on his regularly scheduled return on Saturday

ok well right now I'm working within ah within your (reservation

within my reservation)


but but ah I'll have E. call because he may want to make some adjustments (but

at the moment it's B.C. down to Richmond on Thursday afternoon


on the four o'clock

all righty

a place to stay Thursday night
....[break in transcript]

let's assume a departure around one thirty or two o'clock no earlier than that


on Friday to return to either San Jose or San Francisco San Jose is preferable only because I live down in that direction

ok then everything would be a connecting flight either to San Francisco or to San Jose


the only problem is frequency of flights into San Jose


are limited the

I do like American and I know one could presumably maybe go Richmond to Raleigh Durham

or there's a Richmond to Dallas is are (the connections offered

or Richmond to Dallas)

um there's a flight offered but it's at twelve twenty three p.m.


um through Dallas into San Jose at five twenty seven the next flight after that is at five oh seven uh changing planes it's a United changing planes in Chicago and getting in at nine thirty into San Jose
other than that the next American's at five thirty and it's a change of planes in Dallas and into (San Jose a- at eleven

ok all right so) that's just American

that's just um other than United at five oh seven through Chicago that was United there is a Piedmont flight at one thirty five through Charlotte North Carolina it would have to go you would have to go into San Francisco though in order to take that

oh but that's about the right time I mean ah ???


?? to the airlines it's it's whatever is going to get me there


bu- but the time seems to be about right the one thirty Piedmont


what is it now

it's Piedmont it goes to Charlotte North Carolina as a connection city and then you go into San Francisco and arrival time at San Francisco's at six thirty seven

why don't we do that one


that seems about the right time (??

all right) then the round trip fare is eleven sixty two again no penalties attached to that

mm hmm


including whatever I've got going the United flight going (out



that's the total round trip price and what we'll do is reissue um for the brand new fare


let me give you the flight information

well that's ok

oh you don't ok

I don't need that but what I do need is I suddenly recall that I'm going to back you up and I apologize for this too Wednsday night there is no lodging and what I would like to do is to get a room at the Marriot in Newark Airport

ok thanks a lot for callling

right bye bye


Tape 21, Call 2:

A. this is B. I need some help trying to get from Seattle to uh San Francisco Monday night the


seventh or Tuesday morning the eighth


My problem is that my family and I are leaving San Francisco on TWA at eight o'clock in the morning (on the eighth

vright) ok you ah spoke with me earlier

oh ok is there can you check for any flights that um leave either Seattle or Portland and get into San Francisco by seven o'clock in the morning

ok if you leave from Portland the evening before meaning um Monday night (the

last flight of the day to San Francisco's at six thirty nine getting in at eight twenty so it wasn't any better it was worse (back

from Seattle let me take a look and see from Portland to San Francisco what the earliest flight would be and their earliest flight would have you arrive at eight oh seven a.m.


no it's not not great

looks like I'm going to miss that meeting ok so the only possiblity real romote one is seven fifty US Air flight huh

right or there was a seven forty five I think there's a United at seven forty five let me pull it back up again
ok um yeah the US Air's at seven fifty getting in at nine fifty or there's a United at seven forty five


that gets in at nine thirty four

are there seats on both of those

mm hmm yeah they were both available the US Air's got less seats available than the United the United's wide open but the US Air um is selling out in the lower classes of service so there's st- still seats available but they're not quite as many as the United flight

ok can you make me a reservation on the US Air one

...[break in transcript]


uh huh bye bye