Transcription for American Express tape 20: A ?-??-89

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Agent speech
Caller speech

Tape 20, Call 1:


Hi Mr. B this is C with American Express

yeah hi

[recording notification]

ah yes I called to make arrangements for a trip to Vancouver leaving on August nineth and returning on August tenth (from



ok this is a new reservation here

it's a new reservation
this is A B [spells name] not [alternative name]

not [repeats alternative name] ok yeah I was a little confused there
one second here
and do you have a charge number at this time
... [break in transcript]
ok going up to Vancouver you said on the eigth of August

on the nineth

the nineth

Wednsday the nineth back Thursday the tenth

ok and this is from San Francisco


and about what time did you want to leave

ah what's your first one or two morning flights on the nineth

ok there's a Delta nonstop at seven forty a.m.

mm hmm

that gets in at nine forty the next nonstop is going to be the next non stop is sold out

probably United

yes the one second Canadian Air

oh ok

United uh at eleven ten is would stop down

n-n- that's too late



that Delta flight looks the best

ok that's Delta flight what and when again

Delta flight fourteen oh nine on the nineth of August out of San Francisco at seven forty and into uh Vancouver at uh nine forty


and then continuing or returning on what date

ah returning the tenth

returning the tenth right

let's get ah two options in here one will be coming back uh direct say leaving around uh five p.m. or so

mm hmm

and the other option will be leaving a little earlier stopping over in Seattle for a few hours and then coming back down, so let's just go the direct return leaving around five p.m.

ok the two non stops are on Canadian Airlines they are at one forty p.m. and eight p.m. nothing in between there

that's it

uh huh
ok what about a a change of planes or a quick stop over or one stop maybe in either Portland or Seattle and continuing on down


connecting through Seattle there'd be a four forty departure uh on Alaskan Air um it connects up with a United flight at six thirty but let me see what you'd how long do you want would you prefer in ah un Seattle

um if I stop over Seattle I'll want a few hours so what I'll want to do is um probably not leave Seattle until about eight thirty or so

would you still you would still want to leave around the four o'clock five o'clock hour


?? yeah


yeah well that's one the other thing is I'll look at ah moving that up a bit

uh huh

to say four o'clock three thirty

uh huh

but for the moment let's just consider that four thirty Alaska

and that then you're saying connects with a six thirty United

right there's a four thirty eight on United let me look at that instead
and then expand your return
ok there's um
a like I could get you on a four thirty eight United out of Vancouver it's into Seattle at five twenty five

mm hmm

ah I see a seven fourty five p.m. departure on United let me see if there's something later here
uh looks like we might need to get you something earlier if you want that kind of time in Seattle ah seven fifty is the last flight out

seven fifty is the last anybody has out of

uh huh



oh I thought I'd been there later than that uh
not even a one stop or a non stop

ah let me get you on a on a one stop here
wait even a one stop that's that's showing to be the last flight out

that's it

uh huh

?? back to the airport by seven fifteen ok


um ok so you said at the moment you've got a a four thirty eight United out of Vancouver five twenty five into Seattle

uh huh

and I guess a couple of United connections but the latest is seven forty five


and that get get's back in the bay area at what time

at nine thirty four

nine thirty four
ok if I took what would be the normal direct connection from that four thirty eight

the normal connection would be a five fifty five departure getting you back in at seven forty eight

seven forty eight ok why don't you go ahead and ticket me on that ?? for the return so I'll take that four thirty eight United five twenty five and then departing again five fifty five

ok we've got you then on United flight one one five seven on the tenth of August out of woops one second one second hold on just a second I grabbed the wrong flight one second ok that's United sorry one zero four one

one zero four one out of Vancouver

at four thirty eight


into Seattle at five twenty five

uh huh

connecting to United one one three seven

one one three seven

leaving Seattle at five fifty five
and getting into San Francisco at seven forty eight

ok and informational purposes the last Untied flight and almost one of the last direct flights is seven forty five and what is that flight number

ah that flight number is United flight one zero eight nine

one zero eight nine
ok so I'm up on Delta as a non stop at seven forty and I'm back on United at ah four thirty eight the next day

that's correct


the fare on this is three hundred and seventy six seventy

ok uh three seventy six seventy is there any

no restrictions on it

no restrictions none ok

and I do need to advise you you do need to bring proof of U- United States citizenship



yeah ok

and what about a car or hotel up there

ok thank you then

thank you

ok bye


Tape 20, Call 2:

Hi A

um I just talked to C.D.

[recording notification]

yeah um let's see on the return

mm hmm

um let's see you you mentioned that there was the American flight and there was also a Un- United flight

that's correct

ok what time does the uh United flight return

ok one second
the United flight leaves at five forty and gets in at ten eleven
connects through Denver

that goes through Denver ok

mm hmm

um ok why didn't we go ahead and book him on the um American flight leaving at six twenty two


through Dallas

ok one second
that's American flight six twenty seven on the second of August out of Newark at six twenty two p.m.

mmm hmm

into Dallas at eight forty five p.m.
connecting to American flight three nine nine
leaving Dallas at nine forty four p.m. and getting into San Jose a at eleven fourteen p.m.


ok I'm looking one second here

so that's ah a DC ten from Newark to Dallas and then a DC nine from Dallas to to San Jose

uh let me check that again that is a DC ten correct

uh huh

and a DC nine you're right


coming back

now on the um on the outbound

mm hmm

uh why d- don't you just leave the reservation as is


because he's not going to be able to upgrade anyway

he's not

no, no he's not so um just leave um leave

it as it be ok
the fare does go up it jumps up to nine thirty four uh Continental's just a little cheaper market then American is


and we'll go ahead and set that up for reticket I don't show that he has an American frequest flyer number in his in his profile here does he have one do you know
... [break in transcript]

Hi A.


yeah I'm sorry I ne- I need to um change that to United on the return

on the return


ok hold on just a second

and I have his United um mileage plus number

ok we've got that number in the system her I believe oops no we do not
... [break in transcript]
that fare will be nine thirty four


and what we've got him on is United flight two eighty one oops on the second of August out of um Newark at um five forty p.m.

uh huh

into Denver at seven forty three p.m.


connecting to United flight eight sixty one

mm hmm

leaving Denver at eight thirty six p.m.
and getting into San Jose at ten eleven p.m.


let me check seating on this

...[break in transcript]
ok thank you

thank you

mm hmm bye

bye now

Tape 20, Call 3:

Express A. speaking

yes I need some round trip airfares

[recording notification]
and this is just for a quote

yeah full coach


and all departing from San Francisco

ok what's the first destination

ah West Palm Beach

one second
that would be four eighty eight each direction
oops w- wait a second hold on a second sorry about that that is five ninety six each direction

ok Pheonix

that would be two ninety five each direction


four ninety eight each direction


five fifteen each direction


and we are talking Columbus, Ohio correct


five hundred each direction


four twenty two each direction


you got a lot of projects going
ah four seventy eight each direction


four eighty eight each direction

and the last one is Oklahoma City

and that's four oh two each direction

ok thanks a lot

you're welcome

bye bye

bye now

Tape 20, Call 4:

This is B.

hi B. how you doing

[recording notification]

ok um I have two reservations to make

ok this is for Mr. C.

one of them is yeah

let's take him first cause I like him

oh well
good I'm glad

... [break in transcript]
ok and what date does he want to travel

the second of August

out of San Francisco let me guess he's going to Washington

No ha ha ha ha I should have bet you we'll be going to Denver Colorado this time

... [break in transcript]
ok and does he want to fly Continental or United


and when about what time does he want to leave

um after work on that day so hmm were talking eighteen thirty or nineteen

ok we can get him that six- eighteen forty rather

eighteen forty

and continuing or returning when

umm umm he'll come back on the third

and again late afternoon

uh no this time around fourteen hundred or fifteen hundred

... [break in transcript]
uh I can get her get him on a fourteen ten flight


on United other than that it's Continental at fifteen hundred

no United's fine

...[break in transcript]
ok we've got him on United flight three forty six on the second of August leaving San Francisco at what is that fourteen forty getting into Denver at


twenty two oh two
can you hold on one sec


they hung up they don't want to talk to me


um leaving at six-eighteen forty right(not
xx ???)leaving at yeah yah right it goes that way eighteen forty

arriving when

at twenty two oh two

twenty two oh two

and returning on the third of August United flight seven seven three

mm hmm

out of Denver at fourteen ten and into San Francisco at fifteen forty one

hokey dokey

and let's check the seats
...[break in transcript]

ah the other person is it going to be the same itinerary

...[break in transcript]
ok ah what's the next name
[spells name]
...[break in transcript]

ok I will call you back with the charge number

...[break in transcript]

bye bye

mmm bye