Transcription for American Express tape 18: A ?-??-89

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Agent speech
Caller speech

Tape 18, Call 1:

American Express may I help you

yes this is A. B. and I'd like to make some travel reservations

ok and what do you need to do

ok in August I need to go to Southbend, Indiana and I want to go on United via Chicago

ok one second ok and what time did you want to leave

ok there's uh I want to go from Chicago to Southbend on I believe it's United Express two six eight six

ok yeah that leaves at four fifty

four fifty arrives five twenty four

right there's a ten a.m. flight out of San Francisc that connects fairly well with that

ah h- h- how close is that

uh it's flight one twenty six leaves at ten a.m. gets into Chicago at three fifty eight so


it's a little less than an hour

yeah tha- tha- that sounds good


is is there one one that gets there just a little bit earlier


in case of any problems

the next one earlier leaves at six fifty and gets there at one oh five which is an awfully long wait

no no ok) so so b- book me on that then


can you give me that again

uh huh yeah it's United flight twent- uh one twenty six out of San Francisco at ten a.m. and arrives Chicago at three fifty eight and then connecting to a United flight six eighty six out of Chicago at four fifty arriving Southbend at five twenty four


and then a return for you

a return I'm leaving August nine

back to San Francisco

yeah but from Chicago

oh you're going to get your own way between (Southbend and Chicago

yeah yeah yeah)

ok and when did you want to leave Chicago

I want to leave uh Chicago some where around five p.m.

ah United also
ok there's a four (fifty p.m.

that sounds) good

ok and a five fifty nine

uh four fifty sounds good

ok that's United flight one seventy five it leaves four fifty p.m. and arrives San Francisco at seven oh eight p.m.


did you need any hotels for this

no I don't need any hotels I'm I'm all set (on everything

Do you need) a car

ah no I'll I'll I need a car in uh well I'll I'll worry about the car in Southbend myself

ok that's fine
and uh do you have my frequent flyer number
... [break in transcript]

and what about United Express twenty six eighty six I'm I'm all set on that one

ah yeah you're confirmed on that one

ok now just one more thing eh if I happen to miss a flight is there a later one going into Southbend or am I screwed

let me see
the next later flight's American at five twenty but (then

ok so)

there's a United at six twenty six

ok so there are options



very good

ok great
so I'm all set then

uh huh thank you I'll have the ticket's over to you today

well no no I don't need the tickets today

oh ok well


I'll go ahead and run them generally she'll call you if you don't want to pick them up right away that's fine
... [break in transcript]


thank you very much

thank you much



Tape 18, Call 2:

American Express may I help you

yes A. this is B. I'm calling about a trip for C.D.

[recording notification]

all right now this is his Montreal trip and that's on Monday

ok I see it here uh huh

ok and he needs to go to Montreal

mm hmm

and I understand another group has made the reservations so I need to get the information on that

just the information about what we have

yes uh huh

ok he's on American flight two sixty two

two six two

out of San Francisco at eleven fifty five p.m.


arriving Chicago at five fifty six a.m. on the twenty fifth

on the tw- I'm sorry the time again

five fifty six a.m.

five fifty six

on the twenty fifth of July


connecting to American flight six ninety six
that's out of Chicago at seven ten a.m. and arrives Montreal at ten oh eight a.m.


on his return it's Tuesday the twenty fifth

uh huh

American flight one fifty three


out of Montreal at eight oh three p.m.

Wait a minute that's an American flight out of

mm hmm

I missed
these are all (American

these are all American


out of Montreal at eight oh three p.m.

three uh huh

arrives Chicago at nine thirteen p.m.


and connects to flight four fifty seven

mm hmm
that's out of Chicago at nine fifty p.m.

mm hmm
and arrives San Francisco at twelve twenty three a.m. on the twenty sixth so just after midnight

ok good

and are we going to be doing the ticketing on these then or is someone else going to be ticketing it
... [break in transcript]
thanks very much A.

ok thank ( you

ok) bye bye

mm bye bye

Tape 18, Call 3:

I have a travel for uh scheduled leaving leaving on Monday

uh huh

to Dallas and I need to make a change

ok sure let me pull it up here
ok I've got it

ah ok turns out I will be coming back to San Francisco as opposed to going to Chicago



on Wednsday then
correct the twenty sixth and there's a United flight nine twenty seven Dallas to Denver and then connecting to San Francisco flight two ninety seven

when does that leave

uh it leaves six forty to Dallas eight forty two from Denver
yeah flight nine twenty seven Dallas to Denver leaving at six forty arriving nine


and then United flight two ninety seven Denver to San Francisco leaving at eight forty two or arriving el- ten eleven

correct uh now that we've got all that and just trying to think it would be wh- what happens to the cost if I change and leave from Oakland

[recording notification]
.... [break in transcript]
it would have to be on Am- on United

ah I prefer that
ok let me I'll do it that way

ah looks like Oakland doesn't fly that way
it looks like it would be slightly cheaper out of Oakland but you would have to connect going to Dallas there's no non stops


ah there's a two twenty five connection through Denver that gets into Dallas at like nine thirty around nine thirty in the evening coming back you could take the same six forty flight it just connects to another flight to Oakland rather then to San Francisco it's at nine fifty nine

yeah what I really need to do is check with my wife to see if she can pick me up

ah (lets


uh huh

l- l- let's book it through ah San Francisco and if if I need to change I'll get back to you as soon as I can

ok otherwise do you want me to set up for a new ticket to be run for you because you sh- should have a new ticket
...[break in transcript]
and will you cancel the then both the flight to Chicago and the flight from Chicago

I already have and everything in Chicago

...[break in transcript]

ok I I had what's what's the total cost on that then

nine forty six out of Sa- San Francisco nine twenty four out of Oakland

ok and is it less be- on on the way back because of the stop

ah I don't believe so I think it's just different fares you know Oakland has slightly different fares to Dallas than

m ok
than you know San Francisco does

y- yeah it turns out there's an earlier United flight a three forty- it leaves at three forty three flight four four nine

coming back you mean


although that stops someplace too doesn't it

let me check
two forty three that is a one stop flight yes


see where it stops it stops in Denver


or arrives at four forty five and departs again at five forty one
so a little over an hour

I don't think I can make it to that one so let's let's leave it the way we have it
and and and I will call back to confirm

ok right I won't ticket without your approval on it



thank you very much A.

thank you

bye bye


Tape 18, Call 4:

??agency services this is A. speaking

yeah hi A. this is B. at American Express

hi B.

could you pull up a reservation for me please

it's flight nine twenty seven on the twenty sixth of July Dallas to
Denver and the last name is C. [spells name]

a which is this D.

right D.

ah I want to see if I can get seats for him on those flights nonsmoking aisles if possible

...[break in transcript]

great thank you very much for your help

thank you

bye bye


Tape 18, Call 5:

I wanted to uh um get a flight um to Los Angeles and back uh leaving on Friday uh

ok who am I speaking with

ah this is A.B.

[recording notification]

...[break in transcript]

ok all right I'm sorry your last name is

ah B. [spells name]

ok and is this a business trip we're doing

this is personal

mm hmm
ok and the date you wanted to go to Los Angeles is

uh Friday July twenty eighth

from San Francisco or San Jose

um whichever's cheaper
and I wanted to return on Monday July thirty first

a- a- when afternoon er

ah actually
ah yeah um evening would be fine

ok I think I'm going to check the fare should be the same out of either airport let me just check here
ok it's it's going to be the same airfare out out of ei- either airport


it's ninety eight round trip

it's going to be ninety eight for round trip

ninety eight round trip on a non refundable non changable ticket

ah would it have been cheaper if I had called a couple weeks in advance

ah twenty one days in advance there lower fares into Los Angeles

and how much is that

uh let me check here
those are seventy eight round trip

hmm ok um well um I guess ninety eight's ok then
ah would the price have gone up if I had called just a couple days in advance



airfare you have to have at least a seven day advance purchase


for the ninety eight and that's today's the last day to buy it for the twenty eigth and it would have gone up to one eighteen and then it would have gone up to ah one forty eight one way well they have a ninety eight one way and then a one forty eight one way


so it jumps up pretty high

yeah ok um well that would be fine then um see the time on Friday that I'd like to depart would be evening um preferably around seven o'clock

if you could leave at like on ein the morning I could get you a low airfare they only have one flight a day

oh really

now let me just let me check their times and I'll tell you what now going out isn't bad it's coming back that's bad
ok they have fare of sixty eight round trip


going out it's a nine p.m. arrinvind ten fifteen p.m. coming back it's one oh five in the morning getting in at two twenty in the morning

that's fine

you want to do that

for sixty eight dollars

sixty eight dollars nonrefundable non changable today's the deadline for for buying that ticket

ok now you were saying that it leaves on Friday when

ok Friday it's a nine p.m. arriving ten fifteen

ok that

and coming back it's a one oh five in the morning

one oh five on Tuesday morning

yeah ah let me see the table on Tuesday hold on for the first of August
ok it is available on Tuesday morning at one oh five in the morning getting into San Francisco at two twenty in the morning


you want to book that

yeah that sounds just perfect actually um so the departure time is nine o'clock on Friday


is that is that the only departure time

they only have one flight a day that's it that's all they have


ok that's why their fare is lower then everyone else's they only have they don't have any competition they have one flight um it's Continental eight two four on the twenty eighth of July departing San Francisco nine p.m. arriving Los Angeles ten fifteen p.m. Continental one three three on the first of August Tuesday departing Los Angeles one oh five a.m. arrivng San Franciscso two twenty a.m.

two twenty (ok
uh huh)

is this going to be put on a credit card
...[break in transcript]
ok so this ticket is non refundable non changable and today is the deadline for ticketing
...[break in transcript]

that sounds good

all right


thansk for calling

bye bye