Transcription for American Express tape 17: A ?-??-89

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Agent speech
Caller speech

Tape 17, Call 1:

American Express can you hold please


ok thanks for holding this is A

Hi A this is B

Hi B


[recording notification]

uh ok um
I need to change um C. D.'s coming back trip from Washington D.C. on
the nineteenth of July

ok let me get his reservation


uh what are we changing this to

um instead of five ten he wants to take the one forty from Dellas to
on United

ok that's United one nine five on the nineteenth departing Dellas at one forty p.m. arriving San Francisco four eleven p.m.

and let me just see looks like that's going to be airport check in on the seating

now this ticket was issued

uh huh

ok I'm going to request twenty seven b

ok (is it an aisle

but I'm not sure) whether we're going to get it, it looks like it's airport check in (on the flight

I see ok)

um we're going to have to reissue the ticket because there was a twenty five percent penalty on that we're going to have to void that

mm hmm
it'll still be the same amount or

uh I'm checking that the fare eight ninety eight yeah it's still the same fare


but that ticket must you have the ticket

no I don't I it's supposedly coming today I ( haven't u-

had a call or anything
ok I'll have to call F. cause it has to be in today or it will or he will be charged a penalty

it's by tomorrow I I mean by Monday

by Monday we can't void it has it'll??(?

that's fine)

ok great
so the new ticket shall be sent
should I wait till Monday do you think it's going to change

I think Monday's fine

is that let me see what the last day for ticketing is

yeah Monday's fine

it changes so much we issue so many tickets, have to wait to the very last day on some of these people
ok why don't I just wait, I'm going to set these up to be issued on Monday
that way if he changes again we don't have to keep reissuing tickets



thank you

ok thanks B

bye bye


Tape 17, Call 2:

American Express this is A

Hi A this is C.D. I'd like to make some reservations please

[recording notification]

no problem

what's the last name of the pass(enger

Speech Lab)do they care how we how we talk

I don't know um what what's the last name of the passenger

um I've two passengers F [spells name] and G [spells name]

what's the first name on F, H.F. and J.G.
ok I don't have a profile for F.

I have that information here

let me get a generic profile one moment

?? he's what I guess you'd call a seldom flyer

that's [spells name]

that's correct

first name H.


ok his id number is


[repeats digits]
and the charge number

charge number is [digits]

and the travel advance number

well I have two of them one for J which is [digits] ([digits]

ok wait) I need H.first

H. first



[repeats digits]
[repeats same digits again]

and J.G.'s is

ok I don't need his yet


I can only do one th- one profile at a time

I see

we do a generic profile and I have to implement all this first then I can go into another area and do the other person ok

will you be using this information to start a a profile for H.F.

no the only way we'll start a permanent profile a form has to be filled out and completed by him and signed

ok well

and that'll come back to us and then it's put in the computer
would you like to send it to me at E

um they have em at the travel office


the forms

because everything on this once he departs will completely leave our computer

all right

and your ex- extension at WWW


[digits repeated] ok
ok let me we have a profile for G., yes we do ok let me get his profile

for J.G.

all right and the same charge number for him


ok now his travel advance is


ok and they're travelling to what city

I'm sorry

what city are they travelling to

to LA

on what date

on Tuesday I'm sorry on Monday the tenth

is that from San Francisco or San Jose

well I don't know that there is anything available the ideal would be from uh San Jose to uh Long Beach, but I have a feeling that fli- a flight won't be available direct ??

a- a and this is for the morning


well there's a United at eight fifty five arriving Long Beach at ten twenty

to to late uh it'd have to be at seven o'clock

ok that would be San Francisco

or seven thirty at the latest yeah, if it can't be San J- can it be San Francisco Long Beach

no it can't either ok they the service out of San Francisco is eight forty five is the first flight out

SFO to LAX then

ok I can get them San Jose LAX at seven is is San Jose closer to them er


or should we just do San Francisco

that's hard to say maybe SFO's fine I have a feeling we're in Menlo Park so

oh ok

and I think they each live fairly close to here so probably SFO is better actually

ok there is a United US Air or American at seven

ok I think we had better price rates on the US Air didn't we or was it

pardon me

are the rates better on the US Air

um they're gong to be exactly the same I'm going to offer you what the lowest fare is it's not going to be on either of those carriers


the lowest airfare would be on Pan Am at six a.m. arriving seven twenty nine their airfare is fifty nine dollars everyone else is ninety nine dollars

departing at six a.m. huh

yeah six (a.m.

that's) that's a little cruel

pardon me

that's a little cruel they they have to be in LA at nine thirty and so um I think we'll stick with US Air number I think two nine oh eight it goes down

do you want to do does it matter to them do you know


uh carrier


can we put them on American


only because we're having a lot of seat problems I if I'm going to try and get them seats together

uh huh

we're having a lot of problems on the US Air seat maps so I I'm prbably not going to be able to I don't know if I can get them together because we we request through our computer specific seats but we're not always getting them but either United or American you know whatever we request pretty much we get
I mean it's up to you I I'll just you know book the US Air but the- I don't think I'll get to seat them together on that

I don't know if they care if they sit together


oh I feel like flipping a coin now
it's real frustrating ( he was ??
I was ?? )he the US Air flight was recommended by the manager I don't know if that makes


any difference he travels a lot he may of said it because of some preference
I think they give really good service it's just that

pardon me

they give really good service

US Air

well let's go ahead and stick with it

?? I hate their seat maps their just I mean they have seats that we you know we can't book the the way you look when you look at your map you have no idea what they are


so when you request them you don't get responses at all on them for (days

so)like we won't know if it's how about non smoking and window aisle and all that stuff

yeahI'm I'm going to do that but I just what I have to do is like a generic request instead of asking for specific seats

I see

yeah I can see what seats are available but then they don't tell us which ones we can't some of them are blo- blacked out for restrictions or like ?? or whatever and we can't really tell on those on their seats maps are really I know that they said it's a real problem for themselves even their own agents trying to do their own seat assignments
ok let me just see here that's US Air two nine zero eight

departing at

seven a.m. on the tenth arriving eight twelve
and the return would be I believe US Air two seven seven seven departing at nine o'clock p.m.

ok what d- is that on the same day

same day

ok you said seven p.m.

mm hmm
ok that'd be US Air two five one four on the on the tenth

they've changed their flight number

oh wait hold on a second, th- that's wrong hold on a moment ?? my computer here it's acting very strange
ok so that's US Air two seven seven seven on the tenth departing Los Angeles seven p.m. arriving San Francisco eight twenty p.m.
are we booking, can I put you on hold for a moment


ok did we are we booking a car B


under which name


and do you know what size he uh what his profile if his profile says ?? midsized car, it's what's in his profile should we do that

yeah uh mi- uh midsized mm hmm that's on the profile



well from what these travellers are telling me there's only like a dollar difference between compact and midsized

oh ok

so I guess that's why they they?? of them have changed their profiles
all right so the airfare again like I said is umm one ninety eight total


that's ninety nine a person

pardon me

ninety nine a person
it's one- ninety nine each way on the airline

oh I see one ninety eight per person

one ninety eight per person

all right

and I guess

I'm sorry

I gotta offer what the lowest fares are so I have to see what the lowest fares returning are to
ok so the lowest airfare being declined is fifty nine each way on Pan Am
but leaving at six in the morning and

and coming back when

coming back they have a six p.m. arriving seven thirty

which again is too early, too bad they didn't just schedule it an hour different maybe that's why it's so cheap

mm right so we just have we do we just have to offer it and notate that it was declined
ok so one eighteen will be what's declined one ninety nine is what's being paid and the other passenger wants what kind of seating

oh H.F.

yeah?? a profile

he would like a nonsmoking window

ok and these tickets will be sent over today is there anything else

yes um I need u- wh- let's see we've gotten the car in uh in at LAX from wh- wh- what rental agency

that's Hertz, Hertz midsized

Hertz midsized in J.'s name and um I need one more thing um H.F. does
not drive and needs uh some kind of arrangement from his home to the
airport so I believe there's a limo that goes directly by WWW and
he's only about a block from there from here

ok there's there's the WWW the um Airport Connection has a thirteen dollar it's thirteen dollars and they have a pickup right at WWW


if he takes a limosine it's twenty nine each way

uh huh

to take a limosine
so does he want the Airport Connection that just picks up right at WWW

y- yeah I think I'll go ahead and commit him to that


I don't think he wanted to to
spend twenty nine each way
to be committed to it but do you know this area

uh huh

or are you not in on this site

no I'm not there but (um

yeah) ok
I just wasn't sure how far away this is or how he gets to work in the morning if he walks or what

well how far ?? where's he at

I'm just wondering how far he really is from c- from our site

I know where you're at but w- do you know where he's at

he's at the [numbers] block of [street name]

ok I know where [street name]'s at

is it

I'm trying to think [street name] runs right up to [street name] he's in Palo Alto

no Menlo Park

oh I didn't know that went down to Menlo Park

yeah I think he really is pretty close but uh I am committing him to
making it into WWW by like six in the morning or something
what time is the pickup

um they are ten minutes to the hour so it would have to be six fifty
no it can't be six fifty it'd have to be like five fifty they might
have a six let me see six fifteen I think they have like a six fifteen
that would get him there like a quarter to seven but I don't know if
that's like going to be enough time to check in

well he won't have any luggage

a quarter to seven is a little close
ok let me let me call and I'll put him on the best one we can

yeah that

and see exactly what their times are

yeah that may not be appropriate I don't want him to both have to walk
all walk over to WWW and


um you know be here
if the timing works for that then I think that'd be appropriate otherwise I think we should get the limo

ok you mean at six fifteen

if they have one at six fifteen he'll take that one

see the- they're not going to be at six thirty, cause it takes them about a half hour to get to the airport he wouldn't make his flight

uh huh six let's see

it's probably I think it's like ten to se- ten to six or then I think they then have another one at I'm not sure if they're just ten minutes to the hour it would be ten to six and that( would

??) it's kind of tough to decide what would work cause I'm not a traveller and I their


are so many things I don't know about this but um what time do you think he should arrive at the airport if he has no luggage and wants to get on the seven o'clock flight

well if he he he sould at least arrive twenty minutes before the flight if not they can sell his seat to someone else


so that's the problem

ok so he should he should be leaving here at six o'clock then it seems like

six he he would get there about six thirty right so (they leave

ten to six

yeah if he's disembarking from the van at at six thirty then he's


finding his way to the check out window excetera


probably twenty till (so
e- even) the limosine if he takes the limosine a shared ride limosine
for twenty nine dollars there going to pick him up an hour and a half
prior to departure cause he's not going to be the only person in that


their going to go around and make pick ups

uh huh

and then they're they're probably going to say five thirty they're
going to pick him up

ok if it if it if it comes if there is one you are you saying there
definitely is one at ten to six

there is one definitly ten to six, I'm not certain whether they have
them like after ten minutes after the hour I know they have them ten
minutes to the hour

ok well I think the ten to six would be the most appropriate one

ok and does he is that round trip or just the one way

that is round trip

ok I I'll go ahead and book that then that'll also be printed on his
itinery his pick up time

um ok and how about exact location of pickup where does he need to be

I think building A let me find out (ok


ok it's building A is where they pick up

at the front steps


and what's the name of the company

it's Airport Connection

Airport Connection

uh huh

all right


that's it thank you very much

thanks bye

bye bye

Tape 17, Call 3:

American Express Travel this is A.

Hi I'd like to make a personal reservation

ok and who's calling

beg your pardon

I'm sorry who's calling please

um my name's B [spells name]

[recording notification]

ok um

ok and this is uh how many people are going to be travelling on this

uh ju- I I'm going to make this reservation for some another individual
it'll be one person

and how's it going to be paid for

I'd like it on my American Express card

and what is the last name of the passenger


and that's spelled how

[spells name]

and the first name


all right and this is travel from what city to what city

um it's going to be uh well let's see I'd like to find out I'd like to
get the cheapest rates you can uh th-there's a flight an American
Airlines flight fourteen forty this is on the fifth of September that
goes from Orange County to Lake Tahoe via San Jose

ok I don't let's see here I'm not sure they're operating on the fifth

beg your pardon

I show that schedule for American flight fourteen forty on the fifth
of December of nineteen ninety nine operating just San San Jose to San
Diego or let me check this one more time hold on a second
fourteen forty ok they must of changed all their flight numbers what
time was that departing I show

well what I need to do is have someone go from Orange County to Lake
Tahoe they had a month ago fourteen forty started at six fifty four a.m.


and arrived in San Jose at eleven a.m.

ok they've changed um is he is he he's not going to stop in San J-,
he's not stopping in San Jose

No he's going th- the most direct route to Or- to Lake Tahoe

ok so what they have now the flight number for December is five five
eight departing uh John Wayne at six fifty a.m. arriving Tahoe at nine
thirty five a.m. with a stop in San Jose


that's the schedule for December, and that is available what with the
return date that would be on that

it'd be the same day uh that's that's in September right

the fifth of September

no tha- I I thought you said December

ok September that flight doesn't operate
ah let me see here,look at this morning's schedule here again
ok I can get that the fifth of September same flight number five five
eight and it's returning on the same day

yes um what flights do you have returning to uh Orange county uh late afternoon

ok there's a direct flight at three thirty p.m. arriving six oh three
p.m. on American

three thirty

that's a flight that st- uh goes through San Jose also three thirty
p.m. and arrives uh John Wayne at six oh three p.m. with a stop in San

what's the next one after that

well there going to be connections then

yeah ok I'm just thinking ??

um connection would be at four twenty five through San Francisco
arriving seven forty one p.m.

I'm I'm thinking this is a minister that's going to be doing a wedding

oh I see

so it's a little important to have enough time


to let me think about that uh let's say the wedding would be around
eleven, three thirty get the three thirty flight please

ok that would be American four seven nine on the fifth of September
departing Tahoe at three thirty p.m. and arriving John Wayne at six oh
three p.m.and let me check what the airfare is
the airfare is two hundred and sixty four round trip


on that they don't have any discounts without a Saturday night stay

that's that's ok now that's ah uh uh

that's a fully changable ticket also

fully changable ok


if he needs to change that or take a later flight he can do so

ok you do have a fl a flight through SF that's leaving at four twenty you said
right let me give you you want to write down what the schedule is on
that so if he needs to know that or

uh I'll remember this one

ok that's a four twenty five arriving John Wayne at seven forty one
connects through San Francisco and let me see I don't think there's
anything after that
well there is one later at six six seventeen

no th th these two it'll be one or the other of these


and l- let me schedule the three thirty one

ok so those are both confirmed do you know what his seating preference would be
for that aisle or window

oh make it a window he's not been to Tahoe before and


nor beautiful down town San Jose

that sure is
um I can confirm him nineteen f going out and nineteen A returning


and does he need a car or anything hotel
no we'll be picking him up everything'll be just fine on that now now
I want to make sure you get the pr- the right B. it's um credit
card there
a- all right let me get your profile one moment

there's two of us at least now

ok and you are


C.W. ok let me make sure I have that I have the profile let me look at
the bottem for the credit card ok I do have that credit card and I
will put it in right now so I have it

and if the expiration date says it's expired you can extend it two years

This this actually is really old we have eighty seven so I guess we
extend it four years on this

well i- it it just got when I got it reissued they asked me before
about that and they said


it was good until eighty nine but now it's good until( ninety one

ninety one)right ok
ok so I've put that in there and if and if you just want me to verify
I can very with you the number
do you have your card out if not I'll just I'm sure it's the same

no that's fine

did you want me to verify it or uh

what the credit card number


no not necessary

oh ok all right anything else


and when would you like me to send this ticket over to you

oh when ever it gets done (uh


next week before Thursday for sure

ok I can have it over there like the eleventh, that's fine , that would be Tuesday

that'd be Tuesday that would that'll be fine

ok all right anything else I can help you with

not right now thank you

thank you Mr. B.

bye (now


Tape 17, Call 4:

American Express Travel this is A.

Hi this is B. C. WWW

uh huh

Do you still provide the personal service of making reservations for
WWW employees
for air reservation

uh huh

yes uh huh

ok and this is for personal travel

right airline reservations

uh huh

right uh huh
ok uh I actually am going to I think be buying a ticket for someone
else and so I need to know some time periods can you help me with that

sure what um

this p- this will be from Traver City, Michigan to SFO

what date is it for

the twenty eighth of August
and I'd like an open return but it would probably be something like
the uh nineteenth of September

ok now if you have open return you're not going to get the lowest fare
the lowest require a confirmed return

oh I see

cause they're all subject to what days you're travelling and they have
to be confirmed with an open return uh you would be paying as high as
let me get that five hundred twenty four one way

so you have to have a confirmed return to get the lowest fares

ok that five hundred and twenty four dollars one way

one way

right uh huh

and if it's confirmed

I ne- I need to know the dates, days (of the week

uh say)the nineteenth of September

ok the lowest airfare would be three fifty three round trip that's a
non refundable non changable ticket, you have to make the reservation
er buy the ticket within twenty hours after reservations are made
the very latest you can make reservations and buy tickets would be
fourteen days uh before departure and that would be subject to the
fares being available

I see uh well gee that certaily a big difference in price (isn't it

right) right it's real restrictive too, so once you buy it they can't
change anything on it
you use it or lose it

ok and there's nothing in between th- even with uh confirmed date that
would allow for a cancellation at anytime before the

well not not on the only fare that allows you that is the five twenty four so if you have um there's a twenty five percent penalty ticket uh let me get that fare but you still have to use it round trip um you'd have to make your re- changes seven days before the new date or pay a five hundred dollar fare to come home


so all all of the fares are real restrictive now today so let me see what the twenty five percent penalty ticket would be

what airline is this

that's American or Northwest the two carriers service that

ok and and it's the same no matter if if we changed to United

same same re- they're all the same they all are competitive with one
another so the fares are the same

ok so it's Northwest or American and it goes Traver City to Chicago O'Hara

well it depends of who you're using Northwest will go through Detroit
and United will go through actually United doesn't service, United is
no you can't use United
they don't service Traver City so it would have to be American or Northwest

ok and American goes through Chicago

that's correct uh huh

ok well I guess I have some thinking to do and some questions to ask

ok thank you (very much for your help

your welcome) ok


good bye