Transcription for American Express tape 16: A 7-6-89

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Agent speech
Caller speech

Tape 16, Call 1:

taping our conversation if that's ok with you

ok uh what date of travel would that be for cause we've got um
this is like the eleventh July eleventh

July eleventh ok I've just got quite a few trips here
ok what was it you needed to have (changed?

ok) he wants to change um United to U US Air

ok and and he wanted to go similar times?

earlier time seven o'clock a.m.

ok on the eleventh we can put him on US Air twenty nine fifty four

uh huh

and then on the return still on the thirteenth

he wants) this changed also

what time um
to five oh five ??

five oh five ok

ok US Air flight twenty seven or excuse me twenty five seventy seven
now let me just confirm that and give you the round trip fare


ok ninety eight dollars would be the lowest confirm- confirmable fare and
that is a non penalty fare as well. looks like BBB had set these up to
be issued on the sixth of July that's today is that still ok with you to
have them

fine. I'm suppose to get an aisle seat for him for both flights

sure let's take a look
ok I'm requesting eight c on the outbound flight and then on his return
well let's try like only thing available would be fifteen c on the
return flight. those are both aisles


round trip
that's (nonsmoking
and) that's non smoking yeah and within California it's going to be non


what about does he have a US Air frequent flyer number because we do not
(have one in his profile


ok good all righty now then we're not missing that in the profile at least
and we'll get him his car is uh confirmed for intermediate car (in San Diego

that's fine)

and no hotel right

ok uh huh
ok thanks a lot

thank you

(uh huh, bye bye

bye bye)

Tape 16, Call 2:

hi this is A

Yeah hi this is BB CC at WWW

mm hmm

How are you today?

oh pretty good

good I need to go to from San Jose to Los Angeles on Friday the fourteenth
of July

ok let me pull up the profile for you how do you spell your last name?

[spells name]

[recording notification]
ok what's the um is it going to be for personal or or business travel?

is this is business travel

ok and you're charge number please


ok and the travel advance number?


ok and your extension?

[four digits]

ok and you said that was on the fourteenth of July that you had to travel


all righty and from San Jose to LA at what time

ah take the seven o'clock a.m. American flight

ok that would get you in at eight eleven and it's flight fourteen oh four
ok coming back same day on the six p.m. flight

and I would like to get uh aisle seats on those please

ok let me pull up the flight number three seventy two arrival San Jose at
seven fifteen and round trip fare is one hundred and ninety eight dollars
non penalty now aisle seating is confirmed for the outbound
I cannot get you a aisle on the return let me take a look and see if I
can get you a window

hmm (??

gee) that's a busy day Friday's always bad
yeah looks like it's a popular flight, the best I could do would be um
a middle seat right now (but that would be
well do what you can) and we'll st- you know try to switch it before then
if possible
yeah you can also um when you check in in San Jose before you leave you
can always make the switch then


cause it is the day of the departure so if you've got a little extra time
or something um and I will see if I can change it up until that point

ok and I'd like a Hertz car ah an intermediate there's three of us going
to be going and um on Hertz express

all righty let me pull that up
and I'm just waiting for a confirmation number on the car

ok while you're waiting they're going to be two other people in a
different uh org that are going to be taking the same flight and um their
last names are EE, first name F


and GG [spells name] , first name HH so if you want to put them on for
the same reservation I'll ah

ok well I have to make three separate (reservations I just want you to
understand that

well that's kind of what) I thought


ya I I uh they they'll want to get on the same uh flight that I do and
they'll have to call you directly with the travel advance numbers and so
forth they're in different buildings

oh ok all right well I can uh I can tentatively make their reservations if
you like and then uh what we'll have to do is get their


get them to call us

oh ok I'll I'll tell their secretary to give you a call

ok and when would you like the tickets um tickets issued

uh well you better not send them until at least uh say Wednesday because


I'll be subject to change

ok well then I'll go ahead and um set them up for Wednesday the twelfth and
other then that you're all set

ok great

all right thank you

thanks very much

uh huh, bye (bye


Tape 16, Call 3:

Hi A this is B over in Dr. C's office

uh huh

and we need to get an estimate on how much uh for a round trip ticket to
Little Rock Arkansas


leaving from San Jose

ok ah is there any particular date that you're looking for

uh he would like to leave um possibly the afternoon of the twenty eighth
of October

so let's take a look here. basic fare quote um prices can range anywhere
from a full coach fare of what one thousand seventy round trip

mm hmm

all the way down to a nonrefundable price of three hundred and fifty
eight dollars, it all depends on what's available at the time of his
booking and if he's going to be staying over a Saturday night and if
he's going to purchase the tickets at least fourteen days prior to his
departure and willing to take a penalty fare

ok he will be leaving uh returning actually on the the Thursday after

ok so let me take a look here oh so he would be staying over a Saturday
night. if he's leaving on the twenty eighth that is a Saturday

uh huh

that would qualify him as long as he purchased the tickets fourteen days
prior to that departure date so he would have to umm have reservations made
and ticketed by the thirteenth of uh October

uh huh

again this is provided that the flights are available


when he calls to make the reservation
um we can get him on a nonrefundable fare for you know a fairly good price
compared to one thousand seventy


one thousand seventy is completely non penalty and that is the lowest non
penalty available in that market
oh it's non penalty and the nonrefundable is uh fourteen days prior to
departure and provided that the flights are available
available right and it's um that can be as low as um three fifty eight
and also three eighteen there's one it depends on what you know day
of the week we're looking at if he's gonna travel on a Saturday three
fifty eight would apply, if he were travelling midweek still staying over
a Saturday night there's the three eighteen fare then the fare could range
anywhere even higher than that three seventy eight for a twenty five
percent penalty fare travelling mid week

uh huh

also staying over a Saturday night that's based on a seven day advanced
purchase or four eighteen round trip also twenty five percent penalty
also seven day advanced purchase with a Saturday night stay over but
travelling on weekend days and that would be pretty much the uh the
ok the four eighteen is the highest for the
for the discounted
the highest for the lowest

right right

and then it would jump from there to the full coach non penalty for one
thousand seventy



so) I could tell him a ra- p-pretty much a range between three twenty
five to four eighteen depending on the discount

and the time (of uh when he places
and time of booking) and yeah
the actual reservation

ok but if he wants to go with the lowest non penalty coach he's gotta pay ??

the full coach yeah they don't offer unfortunately any discounts without
penalties for that market



I'll let him know that

all righty sure

thanks A

uh huh Bye Bye

Bye bye

Tape 16, Call 4:

Express this is A



EE FF would like to book those tickets for th- coming in this Thursday

ok great
so go ahead with that

all righty
thank you
oh also oh we didn't need a tA I'm sorry that was somebody else he's going
on personal travel I thought we needed a travel advance from you

no no no (and I'm still

it's been a busy) morning
trying to find out on that other for GGG

ok great

ok thank you

sure thanks BB (Bye Bye

bye bye

Tape 16, Call 5:

American Express this is A

Hi good morning uh I'm BB CC from WWW

mm hmm

and uh let's see I'd like to make some travel arrangements I'd made
made some arrangements on Monday that have to be changed


and they're g- and they were to go to uh uh Research Triangle uh
Research Triangle Park North Carolina

ok it looks like we've got you going into Raleigh Durham

ok that's fine

[recording notification]
ok now what did you want to change on your reservation

yes I wanted to change the uh uh departure date from the tenth to the
ok and did you want to go on the same same flight into Raleigh at seven
fifty in the morning (nonstop?
uh since) it would be leaving on Sunday it would be nice to leave about

ok let's see San Francisco to Raleigh the only thing I have leaving at
noon would be a connection on Delta through Atlanta it would get in at
nine fifty p.m.


all righty then let me confirm that for you and what else needed to be
changed then looks like were going have to change your car and hotel

ah yes the uh ??

how long

we don't need to make reservations in the hotel


they'll take care of that um uh I'll need the Hertz car and I I I have
to make plans to stay through the week so I'd be leaving on Friday

ok so Friday's going to be the twenty first and (what time of day

about six)

about six ok all righty I've got a Piedmont flight that leaves at five
fifty five it's a change of planes in Charlotte North Carolina and gets
into San Francisco at nine fifty four there's also a US Air flight at
six twenty changing planes in Pittsburg arrival is at ten thirty

ok ahh the cheaper of the two would be fine

ok let me take a look and price them both
ok round trip Delta and Piedmont is the first one I'm going to price, and
that comes out to a fare of nine sixteen, let's take a look at ah
returning on US Air if that's going to make a difference
they're both going to come out to the same fare so you've got a choice of
going through Charlotte North Carolina at five fifty five arrival at nine
fifty four or through Pittsburg at six twenty arrival at ten thirty

I'll take the Piedmont flight

all righty then that would be a total of nine sixteen round trip for the
lowest fare and that would involve a twenty five percent penalty for
making any changes or refunds

well I think that's probably not a good idea

ok the non lowest non penalty fare in that case would be ten ten

ok we'll go with that

all righty and you still want to go with the compact car


in Raleigh, ok. and I'm just confirming that for you right now
and waiting on car confirmation
ok that's all confirmed and we're all set to go with that when do you
want uh to have your ticket issued

ahm oh sometime this week


er er let's see no sometime next week

next week

will be fine

all righty let me let me change it to lets see how about um if we do it
Thursday of next week or We- let's do it Wednesday and deliver them on
Thursday that way you'll have them before the weekend

good yes yes


since I'm leaving on Sunday

ok really ok then you're all set and non penalty fare let me make sure
I can get your seats non smoking windows on all flights

yes I'd prefer that

let's see and let me give you all the flight information too
well it looks like we're not having any luck with umm ou- the Delat flight
on the sixteen the July from San Francisco to Atlanta the only thing I
could confirm would be a middle seat however I could get you the only
thing I could get would be like an aisle in smoking nothing in non smoking
except for middles

I really prefer to go the middle seat non smoking



then let me go with twenty twenty one E at least that in a bulkhead seat
give you a little bit more leg room there and let me give you the flight
leaving on the sixteenth Delta fligth one one six

one one six

departing out of San Francisco at twelve noon


arrival in Atlanta is at seven thirty five p.m. and connecting there to
Delta flight six one eight leaving from Atlanta at eight thirty two p.m.


and arrival in Raleigh at nine fifty
and then returning on the twenty first of July on Friday Piedmont flight
one zero zero five

mm hmm

and that's going to depart at five fifty five and arrive Charlotte six
thirty eight where you would connect to Piedmont flight twelve sixty seven
and that's departing at seven thirty five from Charlotte arrival back in
San Francisco at nine fifty four and the flight from Atlanta to Raleigh
on Delta eight sixteen I was able to get you a window seat in non smoking


and Piedmont unfortunately we can't look at their seat maps so I can't
tell you exactly what seat numbers we are confirming but I will request
non smoking windows

ok good


uh huh thank you very much

all right thank you bye bye

bye bye

Tape 16, Call 6:

[recording notification]
ok umm between eight fifty there is not an American flight there's an
Alaska Air flight at ten fifteen

Alaska Air

it get's into Seattle at twelve fifteen

at twelve fifteen

mm hmm

and once again what time does that leave ten

ten fifteen a.m.

ten fifteen a.m. does that change uh the cost

uh let me take a look would they be returning on the same flight
th- they would be returning on American Airlines number two two five that was-
that was
a good time
at five twenty o.k.

mmh hmmm

let's see
ok the fare we were holding at was two fifty eight this would uh increase
it by forty dollars so it would be
oh my
four ninety eight

that's fine you said two ninety eight exactly
two ninety eight right

right round (trip
it would not) be um it would not be non refundable it would be a twenty
five percent penalty for changes or refunds
ok um could you give me the flight number on that then that's Alaska Airlines
Alaska Air flight one five nine

one five nine

on out of San Jose on the twenty nineth at ten fifteen a.m. arrival Seattle
at twelve fifteen

ok terrific

do you want me to book that

yes please do

ok the let me request seating on that one and
and then we will go ahead and book for the American Airlines the return
flight number two two five
ok so we'll keep that the same

mm hmm

all righty and so do we have final approval or or we're still waiting
and I do have the travel advance
ok so I'm in uh let's see whose record an I in right now


I'm just checking on whose reservation I was in right now


ok DDD I'm in


??his travel advance

his number then is [digits]

and for EEE

it's [digits]

all right ok

and I did give you a charge number on that didn't I

yes you did
ok that's stands the same


and I think that's it so the tickets would be ready for pickup (probably
um) these will be ready well we can run them today now the twenty five
percent penalty fare that will be valid throught the twentieth of July

mm hmm

if you wanted to wait
it was just the non refundable had to be issued within twenty four hours

umm ( and in order to

did you want to ??)
uh get that that price it would have to be issued within twenty four hours
is that correct
for for the nonrefundable that was the one we were holding ?? with the
American round trip

right right

but this but the two ninety eight is twenty five percent penalty uh we
do not have to issue it uh within twenty four hours

that's fine

through the you want to still go ahead and do it today

um just ticket it but I mean it's no rush when when we we get it



all righty thanks a lot CCC

thank you

all righty bye bye


Tape 16, Call 7:

Hi I'd like to make a couple of arrangements

ok is it for domestic or international

ah domestic

ok BBB
[recording notification]
ok who's the traveller then the first one

ah the traveller will be CCC DDD [spells name]

ok I think that uh I don't know if this is the same trip we're thiking of
on the fourteenth of July

it sure is

ok I've already made it with um EEE FFF he (called up

yeah great)

so all I needed was the travel advance for him

ok the travel advance is [digits]

ok?? and do you want me to read off the flights

yes would you please

that uh we've gone through
sure on the fourteenth of July it's American flight fourteen oh four
leaving San Jose at seven a.m.

mm hmm

arrival into LAX at eight eleven

mm hmm

and then returning that same day on American flight three seventy two

mm hmm

and that's departing at six p.m. from LA arrival San Jose at seven fifteen


and they were confirmed at a fare of one ninety eight there were no
penalties attached to that fare


and the only that uh was a stumbling block in the reservations was the
return seat on American flight three seventy two we could only get middle
seating for all three passengers


and I advised Mr. FFF of that and he said they would um look into it when
the check in in San Jose (?? change that one

yeah that's a good idea) to do that

ok so this will be exactly the duplicate for Mr. HHH except that his um
advance number is [digits]

[repeats digits]


thank you very much A

sure BBB no problem
ok dear bye bye


Tape 16, Call 8:

May I speak to MMM please

yeah hello
Hi it's A with American Express Travel

great um I need to make some reservations for two people

ok is it going to be for domestic travel

yes it is

[recording notification]
ok um who is the first traveller going to be

CCC DDD [spells last name]

all righty let me pull up the profile for him
ok we don't have a profile for him he must ah is he a new traveller or

no he's travelled before but he is not one of the regulars so that might be
he hasn't he hasn't filled out the form probably in any case they're available in the travel office if he does want to fill one out

and let's see I need his employee number please


ok and the charge number for the trip


woops ok and his travel advance number


all righty and let's see what is the date of travel going to be

July twelvth

from where to where

he's going to go San Francisco to Newark and he would like to arrive in Newark around six o'clock at night and he would request an United flight

ok the closest thing I have to arriving at that time would be a flight
leaving at eight twenty from San Francisco arrival time in Newark
would be four forty three other than that United would have a flight
arriving at eight fifty one

that sounds just fine the eight twenty flight

the eight twenty a.m. ok and that would be nonstop what about would
he be continuing on or returning home

ah were just going to leave it with an open return

ok so were not going to make a resevation or you want me to ticket
something with an open ticket

yes please give him the ticket and that way all he has to do when he
gets back to Newark is to have them plunk in a number

ok and does he have a specific um an approximate date I should put
in here
it could be anywhere from two to four weeks

oh ok then why don't I say um

well just give him a full fare coach and don't worry about it
ok we just have to put in um a um a fake fake date in there so it
reads it ok all righty then let me give you the round trip fare for
that it's one thousand seventy six is the lowest fare that we could
confirm it's a non penalty fare of course and let's uh

sounds pretty good I think the last time the guy told him it was
almost twelve hundred



that's ah that's fairly uh fairly low in fact the outbound flight is
pricing at a discounted fare without um without any penalty so that's
probably why it's so


so low and let me get him his seat assignments what type would he
prefer for United the flight out

uh I think can we hold off the seat assignments for about a half an
hour and I'll get hold of him

yes sure

cause, I ?? normally

ok sure that's no problem does he

and we have to do one more

did you get a hotel or information or anything like that

nope and they don't need a car either

ok so let me put in um that we don't need that
ok when do you want the tickets issued
um (that's not a

do it on Monday)

problem for us
ok I'm just confirming his fare right now and then we'll go to the next one
ok who's the other traveller going to be

he's one of our machinists so I know you don't have a profile on him
GGG HHH [spells last name]
and [repeats first name]


and his employee number

same charge number

yep [digits]

ok and his travel advance number



are you I'm sorry

ok and it's going to be the same uh the same itinerary

yes please

and also uh open return

ah he has asked if it wouldn't be any problem if he can have a Newark
to Los Angeles open return

sure that's no problem I'll go ahead and issue that and uh let's see
ok that round trip um so to speak round trip with open return is one
thousand fifty five so it's lower to go to LA I guess


and that's again non penalty and everything is confirmed for that do
you have his seating request by any chance

I will call him right now

ok and no hotel no car

can I put you on hold for just a sec

sure sure

thank you
well it's a good thing I checked with him he has changed his plans


open return should be San F- to San Francisco not LA

ok sure then let me um

yeah he thinks a smoking window would be great

smoking window
ok then I'll go ahead let me request that on ah United flight twelve


mm hmm

would like a smoking aisle is there any chance we can get the two of
them together

sure let me take a look and see what we've got


well looks like the best I could do would be um only two aisles
there's no window's in n- smoking available, so I could put them in
one seat in front of the other or I could put them in ah two aisles
with a middle seat between them, in the central section of the p- of
the flight cause the the two seats and there are three seats in the
center of the plane and then two seats again and within the three seat
section I could put them both on an aisle seat and there'd be a middle
seat that's empty between them right now
hang on just a sec

umm oh this is tough isn't it

yeah there's unfortunately there are no umm aisles across from each
other this way they would just have be in the middle section they're I
can't guarantee that no one will be sitting between them but middle
seats are usually the last last seats to be assigned

can can we go to the center section of three seats and get them two
side by side

sure one will (be in the middle ok
one on the aisle)
I'll do that then I'll put them in thirty c and thirty or er thirty d




all right bye everything's set and um NNN will give you a call on
Monday when they're both uh ready to be picked up



thank you very much

thank you bye bye

mm bye bye

there is no BBB here

oh boy what's that CCC BBB



ok um so the person you had not made a reservation for this person yet
right is this going to be for for business or for personal

that's personal (visit my sister


see c.o.d. ??

and ok ok and you're going to pay for cash


ok let me just pull up a profile
[recording notification]
ok ok and ok how do you spell the last name of the traveller again

[spells name]
[repeats spelling]

and the QQQ [first name] is that [spelling of QQQ]


ok and what was the date of travel

today tonight

oh tonight ok then let me pull up the flight

is that in San Jose
and it was from San Jose to L to LA you said

San Jose to LA

ok and what time did she tell you it left it was

nine o'clock p.m.

nine p.m.
that's the only uh flight I think
and it was into LAX on Continental

I don't show that Continental flies there from San Jose um maybe she
was looking out of San Francisco yes there's a flight out of San
Francisco at nine o'clock

oh is it San Francisco


that's ok

oh ok

if that's the only place

oh ok yeah it's forty nine dollars it's Continental flight eight twenty four

eight twenty four

and it was um was it just going to be for one way

yeah just one way

ok and that's um ge- leaving at nine p.m. from San Francisco
arrival at LAX at ten fifteen p.m.

uh huh

and the total

and that's confirmed right

that's confirmed right now


at forty nine dollars

mm hmm

and we'll get the tickets over to you as soon as possible


now let me

there is delivery over to WWW uh maybe

well we issue the tickets out of WWW so um we generate the tickets
from here but it it comes out at WWW so I'll have someone call you as
soon as they're ready to be picked up


all right and what type of seats would she want me to request

what what

what type of seats does she want

uh?? by the window if you have



all righty then


I'm sorry your name and extension

uh GGG [spells name GGG] [digits of extension]

[repeats digits] got it ok thank you

who's this


A ok thank you

ok thank you bye bye


Tape 16, Call 9:

Good Morning American Express this is A

good morning A I I'm with WWW

mm hmm

and um I've I've made a couple of bookings um with Holiday Inn on the
on the on the free phone line

uh huh

um I just wondered they said to me you know we're government
contractor and you made the reservation for me for for the last week

uh huh

at at the Palo Alto Holiday Inn what what signal do I have to give the
Holiday Inn people to what proof that I'm you know that I'm with WWW
and I'm I'm a gov government on this government thing they said bring
some sort of government number

I think as long as you've got your WWW id that's enough

I see you think that's that's all it takes

that is that should be all it takes because they are uh they honor it
for all WWW employees normally a lot of people ask us for governmetn
rates at specific hotels or airlines or

mm hmm

what have you and you have to have some type of government badge or
government id


but with Holiday Inns WWW's got a negotiated rate all you really need
to show


is your WWW badge

oh that's fine


that's fine, now tell me this I mean I you know I got a confirmation
number from them I I I live in London, England

mm hmm

in the in the in the WWW office there um I'd quite like to get
something in in writing how do we do that

ok let's see um if it's you made it directly with them


mmm um

I mean if I gave you the confirmation number could you could you just
uh get sort of a I mean type out a
yeah I could print up an order for them D and then send me a copy

I could what I could do is s- sell it as a book direct segment and I
could print out an itinerary for you


and that would have the the address and phone number and all that kind
of stuff about the hotel plus the confirmation number

I I'd appreciate that yeah

sure and what's um what's the confirmation number first of all

it's [digits]

[digits] ok and um that was the Holiday Inn in Palo Alto

No, it was the Holiday Inn in Boston

oh ok little bit far away there

that's the Boston government center it's called

ok let me pull up their um which one ok I've got that um got that
listing and


I'll send that address in that's the one on Blossom Street


five Blossom and what is your last name

CCC [spells name]

uh huh

[spells part of last name]


first name DDD

all righty

and do you want to know the the days of the booking or don't you need that

uh actually yes I would need to know the date you're checking in and
the date you're checking out

ah well I'm checking in on the thirty first of July late


and checking out first of August

first of August

and it's uh it's a room with three beds actually


one child

all right um

that's it they told me eighty six dollars plus tax

eighty six plus tax

ok and
and then there's some some more coming up


on the seventh and eighth of August nights of seventh and eighth of
August in New York and it's the North Burigan New Jersey Hotel

ok let me pull up their and is that a a Holiday Inn also


ok let me pull up the

they call it North Burigan

address on that one hmm North let's see ok that was um I think it's
called the Holiday Inn Lincoln Tunnel if I'm not mistaken in North
Burigan and that's on um Canal Avenue let's see let's put that one I'm
just jotting this down for further reference ok and that was for
checking in on the seventh but checking out on the tenth morning of
the tenth

no on the nineth

ok so just for the one night

no it's for two nights

for two nights

I'm (I'm

oh that's correct)uh eighth and nineth

checking in on the seventh and staying the night of the eighth and
checking out on the nineth


and that was seventy seven dollars plus tax and there I only need a
double room

and did you already make that reservation

yes I made that
and the confirmation number for that

it's the same number


as I gave you before


ok and

and what are you doing are you actually checking that again are you
just sending me

I was just going to send you an itinerary with the


the um the addresses and confirmation numbers all printed out on each


and then what about at WWW whose extension should I have them call to
um come pick up the itinerary

oh do is is that what they normally do

yeah normally we've got a an office over at WWW that we generate all
our tickets and itineraries through and then the person our employee
there will call call you and and just tell you that it's ready to come
down and and pick it up

oh I see ok um let me see cause I'm I'm only visiting here um

is there someone that we (you're visiting

I'll give you)?? call extension [digits]


Mrs. GG [spells name]

[repeats spelling] all righty we'll um have them call her when the
itinerary is all ready to be picked up

ok now I had an- one other question

mm hmm

um about Delta airline's flights

mm kay

um can you just tell me um there's a flight on on a Tuesday in
August?? first of August uh Boston to Nantucket um there's a nine
forty flight um can you tell me when that arrives in uh and what the
flight number is

sure let me pull it up here nine forty a.m.


Delta flight thirty six (sixty

Delta) thirty six
thirty six sixty eight
sixty eight

it leaves at nine forty out of Boston arrival in Nantucket is at ten
seventeen a.m.

ten seventeen a.m. ok and then there's the flight from Nantucket back
to Boston on Friday uuuh leaving at seventeen fifty eight if you could
give me the same details about that flight number and uh

ok and let's see that's Delta flight thirty eight seventeen

thirty eight seventeen

leaving at five fifty eight arrival Boston six forty four

eighteen forty four


thank you

uh huh