Transcription for American Express tape 15b: B 6-30-89

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Agent speech
Caller speech

Tape 15, Call 1:

this is B speaking

hello I'd like to make plans for a round trip from San Jose to Buffalo

[recording notification]
ok ah what's your last name?

BB b as in boy


[spells name]

[charge number, profile]
and what day did you want to travel

well I'm completely flexible

uh huh

uh almost completely flexible in regard to that uh either I want to
first of all economy is the first consideration. I want to go there for
two or three days preferably over a weekend

mm hmm

preferably in July

ok any preference as to weekend?

um not too much if I could go the weekend of the fifteenth. for example
le- leave Thursday or Friday and come back on the following

this was a round trip to Buffalo you said?

round trip to Buffalo

ok one second here
ok you said leaving on a Thursday and returning on a Sunday or a Monday?

yeah whatever whatever's cheaper (I know there's some

whatever's cheaper)

catch there you have to stay over Saturday (night

?? you stay over Saturday night) is correct
ok um the lowest fare I'm going to be able to find for you would be
three ninety eight if and that's totally non refundable if you leave
be- after twelve noon on Thursday and return prior to twelve noon on
Monday. the lowest fare travelling uh prior to twelve noon on Thursday
and returning after twelve noon on Monday would be three fifty eight,
difference of forty dollars

three fifty eight

mm hmm

wh- what was three ninety eight?

three ninety eight is if you travel after twelve noon on Thursday so if
you were going to leave Thursday night and come back say Monday uh Sunday
the fare would be three ninety eight

and when would it be three fifty eight?

three fifty eight if you were to leave Thursday morning and come back
Thu- on Monday afternoon

ok that that sounds good the three fifty eight

three fifty eight ok. one second here. can I put you on hold a second?

ok h-

be, be right back with you here


back with you here

I ha- I had one other question when

mm hmm

when you find that, would it be cheaper to go the following weekend than
it is the weekend of the twenty second


cause I know sometimes there's a a two week criteria there

that's what's happening right now. hold on a second today,
hmm it's not giving me the fare I want. we meet all the conditions
I'm just looking at the rules here to figure out why. oh I see ok.
ok there I got it yeah we do have to put it off to the following week
to get those four full fourteen days here (and


uh I can get it on American or United right off uh if you have a
preference to airlines


I found that the American lets you sleep in a little bit longer than
United did on the outbound flight uh I could get you on an eight
thirty seven flight out of San Francisco on the twentieth versus something
closer to about six fiftyish on United

ok um do any of those go out of San Jose

um let me check here what we can do there
ok I can get you a good ah fare out of on American the same three hundred
and fifty eight dollar fare. there's a direct flight out of San Jose on
American leaves at eight fifty a.m. out of San Jose gets into Buffalo at
six at six thirty three p.m. it does stop down in Chicago but you would
not get off the plane.


and then returning on the twenty fourth there's an American flight that
leaves at five p.m. connects in Chicago and uh would get into uh San Jose
at s- nine oh two p.m. I found the flights both on United and American ah
around the twelve o'clock hour the one o'clock flights we- these fares
were sold out so a lot of people are ahead of you in in grabbing that fare

yeah, that's pretty good

in the early afternoon right

I'd rather go in the morning anyway ??

well what I'm saying is returning back coming back from Buffalo


um I've got a five p.m. flight for you tentatively right now because the
the one and two o'clock flights are sold out

on the returning flight I'd rather go as late as possible (so that's good too

ok) ok


Now I can get you a se- an earlier morning flight if you'd like out of uh
San Jose

would it also be direct?

ah no this was the only direct one that I saw

?? ah that's a real attraction

that's a plus

I'll stick with that. the the day let me just get the exact days

ok this was out on the twentieth of July

the twentieth is a Thursday

it's a Thursday morning and coming back Monday evening

that's perfect and that's for three fifty eight?

three fifty eight


ok you want to think about that or should we go ahead and book that?

go go ahead and do it I I got to sort this out once and for all, I've been
putting it off

ok now this is a non refundable fare this is a hundred percent penalty no
returns no changes no cancellations


and the other stipulation with this particular fare is that they s- they
require that we ticket it twenty four hours after we make the reservation
or the reservation goes is basically disappears


um so we would have to ticket this in this in this case today tonight

go ahead and ticket it now

[form of payment, seating]

could you give me the flight numbers on these?

sure can on the twentieth of July we have you on American flight one one
six zero out of San Jose at eight fifty a.m. and into Buffalo at six
thirty three p.m. on the twentyfourth of July we have you on American
flight three ninety three leaving Buffalo at five p.m. and getting into
Chicago at five forty p.m. connecting there with American flight one
zero two nine leaving Chicago at six thirty p.m. and getting into San Jose
at nine oh two p.m.

what was the Buffalo to Chicago flight?

ah Buffalo to Chicago flight is three ninety three

three ninety three

uh huh (and


[car, hotel]
all righty you're all set and we'll have this out to you this afternoon

thank you very much

you're quite welcome


bye now

Tape 15, Call 2:

American Express B speaking

yes I'd just to make some reservations to go to New York City

[recording notification]
ok and your last name please?

the last name would be CC [spells name]

and first name?

DD [spells part of name]

ok one second here. is this a business trip or personal?

ah this is business trip

[profile info]
and the date you wanted to travel?

uh that'd be uh July the eighth Saturday

out of San Francisco?


and going into which airport?

uh that would be uh JFK

and what time of day did you want to tr- fly?

um let's see um early in the morning and probably possibly arrive
in New York ah let's say maybe mid to late afternoon


I don't know exactly what (the time is

ok we've got) a special fare with Pan Am it's a seven hundred dollar round
trip fare

uh huh

which is about two hundred and thirty six dollars cheaper than the other


they have a nonstop flight that leaves at eight a.m. and gets in at four
twenty five p.m.

ok and that's nonstop correct?


hm ok um h- ho- let's see how much lead time do you generally need to get
like the cheaper flights I'm just curious

ah let me check here one second


if you're looking for a penalty fare like a twenty five percent or a hundred
percent penalty we would need seven days advance purchase time which
does qualify

uh huh

for a twenty five percent penalty not for the uh hundred percent penalty

oh I see I see

uh we could get you hold on a second. I tend to forget when uh you guys are
going and staying over a Saturday night


let me look here. do you have a preference as to airlines?

um well American or United would be fine

ok wh- what date are you returning on?

that would be Sunday the sixteenth

and time of day?

um let's see when's the best time
um hopefully uh let's see if I left New York at let's say maybe around
two or three o'clock, what time would I get back to San Francisco

let me see here. it's a matter of finding flights that leave around that
time. most of them leave early in the morning or later in the afternoon

ok how much later in the afternoon would that be?

ah around the five o'clock hour

ok and if I left at five what time would I arrive?

you'd get in about nine o'clock

oh nine o'clock San Francisco time

mmm hmm yes

ok yeah that doesn't sound too bad

ok let me look for an American flight that does that


having a hard time finding a non stops uh that match up between airlines
I've got to keep you on the same airline for that fare

hmmm (I see

so) do a little bit of looking around here. right at the moment I'm
narrowing it down to TWA. ok I can get you a four hundred and fifty eight
dollar fare which has a twenty five percent penalty for changes or refunds

mm hmm

uh would have to be ticketed today


and it's TWA non stop both directions outbound on the eighth of July
at eight ten a.m.


into JFK at four thirty

ok arrives at four thirty ok

and returning on the sixteenth of July at
four twenty five p.m. getting into San Francisco at seven thirty p.m.

seven thirty p.m. ok so you're saying like American United there's no other
flight that had that same type of connection huh?

uh looking for not keeping you just on non stops uh I could not find one
where the return umm I couldn't find that fare

uh huh

available on both the going and the coming back on those particular dates
at those times that you're requesting

I see ok

I could put you on connection flights around those times

uh huh

but that really does a a it adds a couple hours to your trip

exactly now that's at the twenty five percent right uh


ref- wh- what's the one hundred o- or what's the hundred percent?

you would need fourteen days advance purchase time in order to get that

oh I see ok ok great um yeah ok that flight sounds fine then

you want to go with that TWA?


ok (that's

what's the)

TWA flight eight forty two

eight forty two

on the eighth of July out of San Francisco at eight ten a.m.


into JFK at four thirty p.m.


and returning on the sixteenth of July and that's TWA flight eight oh three


leaving JFK at four twenty five getting into San Francisco at seven thirty

seven thirty p.m.

the fare is four hundred and tw- fifty eight dollars


and it does have a twenty five percent penalty


you're all set

ok fantastic
thank you very much

thank you very much


bye now