Transcription for American Express tape 15a: A 6-26-89

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Agent speech
Caller speech

Tape 15, Call 1:

Hi this is A

[recording notification]
and what can I help you with

I'd like to make a reservation for B C

[charge number, etc]
ok and what does he need to do

he wants to go on July fourth uh TWA eight six two

that goes to Washington D.C.?


business class or or coach?

um he has an upgrade to business right?



they basically pay full coach although see with his TWA frequent flyer
number I sh- I can probably get a little better discount than full coach


that's basically what, how it works. and then uh return?

uh can you give me the time on that?

yes one second. that leaves seven forty five a.m. out of San Francisco
and arrives Washington Dulles at three twenty seven p.m. TWA flight eight
sixty two

ok and returning July fifth

leaving in the evening?

uh flight ( sixty three

uh huh. ok that's available that leaves Washington Dulles at four forty
five p.m.and arrives San Francisco at seven ten

seven ten

[hotel, car, seating]


just give you a fare on this one ??
the round trip fare on that would be nine thirty eight without restrictions


I could get a slightly lower fare if I used restrictive fares
for instance on United coming back rather than TWA I know he wants TWA but
I just have to advise you that I


can) get nine eighteen round trip if I used that that's not really much
difference anyway

ok um I- I'll let him know

ok then let me, the fare's going up after tomorrow how about if I go ahead
and ticket 'em tomorrow then


would that be all right?


ok ok you'll have them then

all right

thanks a lot




Tape 15, Call 2:

Can I help you?

yes A I'd like to make reservations for C

[recording notification, checking name spelling, charge number]
ok B what does he need to do?

he needs to go SFO to Seattle

mm hmm

and he would like to go at seven o'clock arriving there (at eight

uh what) date

oh beg your pardon twenty ninth of June

and that's seven a.m.?

seven a.m. he has A S uh I guess that's (Alaska

Alaska) flight one sixty one?

that's correct

and when's he returning

uhh he'd like to return on the same day at five on Alaska ninety six

ok that's available. the best fare I can get on that round trip is six ten

six hundred and ten (dollars?

mm hmm.) he's not qualified for any discounts cause he's not staying
over (Saturday night

oh I see) ok well uh would it be the same with United Airlines?

mm hmm yeah they have exactly the same fares

oh that's absolutely terrible if he stayed overnight

well if he stayed over a Saturday night

oh a Saturday

yeah I mean if you purchase at least seven days in advance

yeah yeah

and stays over a Saturday night that's pretty much the only way you can
get a discount going to Seattle

good grief (Charlie Brown

and then it) brings it down to you know like two fifty to three hundred
dollars round trip

w- w- but who's one to go on the weekend?

mm hmm

umm all right well he's not going on the weekend so it's six ten

ok right
[hotel, ticketing]
ok we're all set then

thank you

thanks a lot


bye bye

Tape 15, Call 3:

A uh need to make some air reservations

[recording notification]
ok great who's the reservation for?

B. C. D [spelling of D]

[pulling profile, charge number, etc]
ok fine. ok just one second here. ok and then what does he need to do?

ok on Monday the seventeenth of July SFO to Denver

leaving at what time?

late morning, early afternoon
I guess that would be in the ten to two window if possible

ok (there's

would) prefer United but he does not want something for which we'll be
charged a giant fee if there's a change you know a penalty

ok yeah and he and that can be on any airline I mean any any flight you
can request a non penalty fare


they're just generally higher, more expensive

how much more?

well let's see is he staying over Saturday night as it is?


then it probably won't be a ma- a major difference if there's any at all um
let me find the flights then I can tell you both ways

ok great

uh there's a flight out at eleven oh eight on United gets into Denver at
two twenty nine would that be good for him or would he like something
later ther- the next later flight on United isn't until two twenty nine
in the afternoon so that's a little outside that window

I think eleven oh eight he'd leave here what nine thirty to get to the airport?

oh yeah uh huh

yeah that's great

and then uh re- return?

returning on Wednesday the nineteenth

leaving at what time?

this is a tighter window, between ten and twelve noon

well there's a flight at twelve noon exactly


arriving one thirty six how would that be?

oh that's marvelous!

good. so let me just check the fare
well let's see ok if we used a penalty fare which I know he doesn't
want it would be five sixty eight round trip uh non penalty is six
forty four so it's less than a hundred dollers difference
so you want to go with the non penalty?

I guess we better, that's not a huge difference in these terms?

No not really
mm hmm ok usually I mean if he was staying over Saturday night for
instance and able to get an excursion that would cut the fare by, in
half probably, or you know less than half of what he's paying



I know. Do you have the flight numbers up or are they someplace else?

flight eight twenty between San Francisco and Denver


leaving eleven oh eight arriving two twenty nine

uh huh

and flight three forty three Denver to San Francisco leaving at twelve
noon and arriving at one thirty six

and those are both United

mm hmm
[limo, seating, hotel, car]
ok. how soon do you want the tickets on these?
the fares are not guaranteed until we ticket

is it better to wait or to do it now wha- whatever you recommend

it's it's really got advantages both ways like I said the fare's not
guaranteed so if they suddenly decided to change the fares they could
but they haven't indicated they have any plans to that effect although
they don't always let us know (ahead of time


uh you know if you do if you're sure and everything is, looks like it's
right that does guarantee it and this has no penalties on it, so in that
sense I might recommend that he go ahead and and ticket it


uh) but on the other hand I don't think you'd really risk a lot by waiting
if you prefer to do that

let's go on and do it

go ahead and ticket it ok


?? there's no penalties so even if he finds out oh I wanted to go out on
Sunday rather than Monday it shouldn't be any really difficulty in
changing it, so I'll set these up for ticketing tomorrow then



ok. also I am going to be personal tr- uh travel going back to Chicago around
the Christmas holiday. when do I need to make reservations and can I, I
will definitely be staying over the Saturday night is there

I wouldn't wait too much longer it's amazing


you know by the end of s- like August some markets start to, you could
probably at least still get it in September you know probably by October
though you'll find it really difficult to find the excursion space

But (I should definitely

the most the most) inexpensive ah

I should definitely do it in July?

uh well I mean you you really guarantee it now
[monologue on pros and cons of early ticket purchase]
so you see you sort of weigh the guaranteeing that you get the lowest
fare per right now I mean what they sell right now against possible changes
in your itinerary or possible changes in the fares by the airline.

what are we looking at round trip, cheapo

to to where?

to Chicago


from SFO), or San Jose I don't care

it's probably going to about the same. actually do do you have dates in
mind I could just have a look and see what they look like right now

ohh either Friday the twenty second or Saturday the twenty third and
returning uh the twenty seventh or twenty eighth Wednesday or Thursday

ok at this point both dates are wide open. uh as far as the dates you've
just given me the only thing that would affect your fare is Thursday the
twenty eighth. uh the breakoff point between weekday fares and weekend fares
is at twelve noon Thursdays, so if you came back leaving after noon on
Thursday you would pay a little bit h- higher than you would before that
or on Wednesday


but otherwise the Friday Saturday is the same fare it's considered weekend.
uh and there's a few flights that show a f- a few a little space sold but
hardly any for the most part those are wide open dates at this point. let
me just look at the fares.
the fare I'm getting coming back on Wednesday or before noon on Thursday
on United is three seventy three round trip it looks like that's based
on a a slightly higher fare on the outbound. they've blacked out the
lowest fare on that day on the twenty second. the return though is using
the lowest fare.
So it's still non refundable a little bit more than what you'd pay if it
was not Christmas but not by much
but for that fare uh well it has to be purchased at least fourteen days in
advance which I'm sure you'll do because if you waited until fourteen
days at Christmas time you wouldn't get the


?? anyway

no way

uh uh it's like I said non refundable and they don't allow you to hold
a reservation without ticketing, so


like I you know I said uh t-this is a guess and I can't guarantee
it but I would say you'd probably be safe waiting through e- into September.
you know and ?? but the longer you wait too there may still be space but
you may have to be more flexible in your times.
you know the more in advance you make the reservation the more chance you
have of having exactly the flight you want.
[chatter about Christmas]

will there be much difference between the Friday and the Saturday?

uh right now I'm showing them both wide open um I think they're both
going to be really bad days because they're the beginning of a weekend


[more chatter]

ok thanks again

you're welcome

(Bye Bye

Bye Bye)