Transcription for American Express tape 14b: A 6-23-89

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Agent speech
Caller speech

Tape 14, Call 1:

American Express Travel this is A, how can I help you
[greeting, recording notification]

ah A I made a reservation earlier uh with uh B to Rochester uh
Minnesota and I'm trying to see what the fare would be if it was uh
round trip to Minneapolis rather than Rochester to see if there might
be a big difference. he quoted me eleven forty four round trip

uh right uh do we have reservation right now we're holding?

uh yeah C [spelling]

and which departure date is this for?

this will be Sunday the uh twenty (fifth

twenty fifth) ok one moment.
ok so he's now San Francisco Rochester and you want me to check if he gets

well I'd like to see what would be uh to Minneapolis uh you know on an
unrestricted uh round trip ticket

round trip Minneapolis?

uh huh

ok let me check that one moment

cause if it's a lot of uh difference then we may have him drive that
sixty miles or whatever

ok unrestricted the airfare would be eight fifty to go to Minneapolis
so that is like a two hundred dollar savings

yeah right. as a matter of fact almost uh yeah

and he could, and he could, he could also take nonstops for that price
to Minneapolis

yeah rather than having stopovers

it's almost a three hundred dollar savings

and it's two people going

it's two hundred ninety four per person savings

how about that. I think we got to do that


let's uh change it no the dates were looking at is uh Sunday the twenty fifth

uh huh

and um he could fly either out of San Jose or out of uh San Francisco

um if they would like to take nonstop service it would have to be San

Oh I see can you take take a quick look what the cost would be out of San Jose
one stop? it goes through what Denver or someplace?

well it depends on the time we go. ah Delta goes through Salt Lake
Continental goes through Denver

mm hmm

ah there's an American West flight through Pheonix. they're probably going
to be the lowest let's see what their fare is

I sure hate to spend that much money, gosh. especially only for two days

ok the airfare from San Jose on connections would be eight ninety two

oh well no that wouldn't be smart then

ok so do we want to do out of uh San Francisco a non stop then?

yeah right and what we'd like to do is to leave at a decent hour uh looks
like they can save time not having a stop um to get in you know not too
late in the evening let's say they leave around noon time or you know
give or take


preferably a United if there is one

ok there's a United at one twenty five arrives seven oh four

uh huh well that sounds reasonable

ok and that would be United five seven four on the twenty fifth of June

and then the return is another story we need to get them back the very
latest Tuesday by noon but preferably they take an evening flight back,
so I guess the airline depends on what we can get back conveniently

um there's a nonstop on Northwest at seven twenty arrives nine ten p.m.
let me see what United's schedule is
ok they don't have any nonstops in the evening

uh huh what's their latest nonstop

they only have one at eight twenty in the morning

oh well. does it make a difference if they take a different airline
back on the on the um

no not at all

oh ok


what other choices have we Northwest is the one he likes the least. I know

well if you want nonstop that's the only their, that's their hub so

oh ok

Northwest is the only one that's going to fly aside from United's one flight

we'll take it


ok C

Now they now they have the if they wanted to go earlier in the day I don't
know if they can do it there's a two forty five on Northwest arriving
four thirty five

uh that doesn't sound realistic

ok so we'll do the seven twenty p.m.

uh huh
so that's the twenty sixth right?

well you said Tuesday that's the twenty seventh

oh I I'm sorry uh it would have to be Monday evening then

oh it was suppose to be on Monday?


ok let me do this for you here. ok now if now on the twenty seventh
there was a flight that was sold out that I didn't tell you about but
on the twenty sixth it's available at five fifty

oh there you go

do you want to do that one?

yes uh huh


five fifty p.m. and that's also N-

that's Northwest three five seven on the twenty sixth Monday (departing

right) uh huh

Minneapolis five fifty arriving seven forty three

seven forty three ok

you said there's another person travelling?

uh yeah the uh second person is D, [spelling] F

let me change his flight. ok so he's confirmed on the same flight



Ah A what's that United flight going out number?

ok that is United fou- five seven four on the twenty fifth


and that departs one twenty five p.m. arrives Minneapolis seven oh four p.m.


[seating, will call back]
ok if he's going to upgrade we need to know what kind of certificate he's


the premieres can only upgrade within twenty four hours of the flight and
executive premieres are the only ones that can upgrade within uh three days
of the flight

oh ok

so it depends on what kind of status he has with United

oh ok fine I-


I'll ask him that


thanks A very much I appreciate it

bye bye


Tape 14, Call 2:

Hi A this is B C I'd like to make a reservation

[greetings, recording notification]
and what is the passenger's last name?

D, [spelling]

first name?


[getting profile]
ok and he's travelling to what city, B?

Washington D.C.

on what date?

um June twenty eighth. uh TWA eight six two, from San Francisco

does he have a TWA frequent flyer number?

I don't know, you want me to find that out?

yeah because if he does we can put him in business class
but he has to have that to ha- to be able to be put in business


[trying to get frequent flyer number]
ok and what is the return date?

the return is July one TWA six three

ok that's uh let me just tell you what we're booking here that's TWA eight
six two on the twenty eighth departing San Francisco seven fifty a.m.
arriving Dulles three thirty two p.m. returning TWA sixty three on the
first of July departing Dulles four forty five p.m. arriving San Francisco
seven ten p.m.


[car, hotel]

yeah what is the cost goi-

without it see with the frequent flyer number it's four sixty nine it's
five thirty one without

ok well you mean if he's upgraded or what

right exactly
[might call back]

hi he's on his way down here to see me so I can ask him but if he
doesn't have the frequent flyer number we don't upgrade him

well I I I can upgrade him for the price of five thirty one one way I do
have to notate I am going to offer you right now the lowest airfare
to (Washington
[about frequent flyer number]
ok and now I gotta tell you what the lowest airfare for this itinerary. if
we use connections would be four forty nine one way
if he has an up- if he has a TWA frequent flyer number the airfare would
be four sixty nine one way without it the fare is five thirty one one
way. so I would be notating that a lower fare of eight ninety eight had
been declined

eight ninety eight declined
wait if he has the upgrade it's four sixty nine

four sixty nine the lowest airfare that they could use on connections
would be four forty nine

is this a connecting flight or not?

this is nonstop

it's nonstop that's what he wants

ok but I have to offer these to you

no. no connections. um ok uh
all right we'll we'll he's gonna find the number and I can call you back
on that ok?

ok so as it stands the fare that he's bei- he's paying is one thousand sixty
two round trip as opposed to the eight ninety eight

one thousand oh sixty two

mm hmmm

because he doesn't have the upgrade?

because he doesn't have a frequent flyer number

well I don't want the business class then what does that, that should
bring it down right?

that'll bring it down um to let me see what price that would be here.
ok that would bring it down to four sixty nine if we don't put him in
business class

and so what would the round trip be, the total?

that's nine thirty eight

ok so with the number it's nine thirty eight. ok he's gonna get the number

ok so should I leave this in business or should I put it in coach


I need to know how to book this. it's booked two different ways

ok do you think he'll have any trouble getting the number today?

no they should give it to him

put it in that business class then he's going to get the number.

[about calling for the number]

ok) all right thanks

ok thank you

hm bye

bye bye

Tape 14, Call 3:

American Express Travel this is A
how can I help you

ah yes I like to make the uh reservation for three people

[name, profile, charge number]
ok and you're travelling together? to what city and what (state?

yes) same flight, I'm looking at the twenty sixth of June Monday

uh huh

from San Francisco to Raleigh North Carolina

and what ti- in the morning?

well I look at my ag and oag list shows Piedmont

at seven fifty in the morning?

ah no twelve fifteen

ok let me get that schedule

that's the flight one zero zero six, where does it stop?

ok that stops in Raleigh Durham oh wait I'm sorry Ch- Charlotte let me
check I think that's Charlotte North Carolina, yeah it stops in Charlotte
North Carolina for forty five minutes

I see

ok let me

ok book us on that

ok let me book all three of you one moment. ok that would be Piedmont
airlines one zero zero six


on the twenty sixth of June departing San Francisco twelve fifteen p.m.
arriving Raleigh at nine twenty nine p.m.


and are you returning back from Raleigh to San Francisco?


on what date?

twenty seventh, Tuesday. and I'm looking at uh I don't see that Piedmont
uh direct flight coming back I'd like to leave there about four or five p.m.

ok Piedmont would have a five fifty five p.m. connect through Charlotte
arrives nine forty four p.m.

yeah that well I see the Delta has four thirty arriving eight fifty
five about same time

that one's sold out

that's sold out?

completely sold out. now there's a Delta four ten connects with Dallas
arrives eight forty

oh ok that's all right too

ok let me book that one one moment
ok that's Delta one zero six seven on the twenty seventh of June


departing Raleigh at four ten arriving Dallas at five fifty eight p.m.


connecting to Delta one three nine on the twenty seventh departing Dallas
at six fifty eight p.m. arriving San Francisco eight forty p.m.

eight forty? (uh huh

uh huh)


[car rental]

what's the airline charge?

ok the total airfare for this itinerary is one thousand fifty four

oh is that right?

because they don't have any, they don't have a seven day advance purchase
on any of this

yeah ok, boy that's a stiff one

[seating, hotel, tickets]

yes thank you

ok thank you


bye bye