Transcription for American Express tape 14a: D 6-22-89

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Agent speech
Caller speech

Tape 14, Call 1:


Hi this is D with American Express Travel


Hi I just wanted to um first of all I have a couple of things I want to
ask you about your trip to Burbank tomorrow

yeah I'd like to find out about it too

[recording notification]
all righty umm yeah Mr. B had made the reservation for both you and
himself umm


I can give you the flights rundown if if you'd like to hear (those

I think) I let's see I let me ok go ahead I I have a note that and I I'll
double check the information ??

ok um he's go- got you booked on US Air flight twenty seven hundred


leaving tomorrow morning at six fifty five a.m. from San Francisco


arrival in Burbank is at eight eleven


and then coming home on U- United flight number nine five nine out of
Burbank at seven twelve


and arrival San Fran at eight thirty six


[charge number]

c-could you also tell me what alternate flights and we were going to be
involved in meetings and traffic and all that sort of thing

mm hmm

could you a- a- are there any alternate flights from uh Burbank to to um


SFO) around that period say we miss the seven twelve one

yeah let's see. no the seven twelve is going to be the last flight that
we had umm (that is from Burbank

so we abs- so we absolutely) need to make that one

yeah that that would be from Burbank
Now departing from um LA

Yeah LAX might be another alternative

there's um there's a flight at nine p.m. on United there's also one on
US Air there's also one on American


and aside from that there might even be one at eight now US Air's
eight o'clock is sold out, American and United both have eight o'clock
flights um if you miss the seven twelve I can give you all the flight
numbers if you need them

no actually that's not important it's just i- i- I just wanted to
understand what the alternatives are in case we get tied up in a
meeting or traffic or something


um but there's eight o'clock and nine o'clock flights on uh United US Air
and what was the last one?

and American


and also um ten o'clock even

ok (you don't need to go that far

from LAX)

ok great

[chatter, charge number, payment]

thanks a lot

bye bye


Tape 14, Call 2:

Good Afternoon American Express this is D

oh hi D I need an airfare for a proposal

ok from where to where

SFO to Kwalalampour

oh my ok and let's see

say mid July

mid July ok. let's see hold on a second while I pull it up

give me an airport


code yeah

ok. ok it's kul


now let's see if we get a quote here. ah full coach?


all right round trip it's twenty three thirty eight or twenty excuse me
twenty two thirty eight

twenty two thirty eight that's coach

that's coach

now they can go business that far can't

uh huh


business is going to be round trip twenty six twenty six

twenty six twenty six ok thank you very much

sure. (bye bye


Tape 14, Call 3:

Good afternoon American Express this is D

yes um ah I'm trying to find out what the earliest flight is um either
for next Tuesday or Wednesday for Las Vegas from San Francisco

[recording notification]

sure, there's um there's an auto show or design auto or something like
tha- in Las Vegas and it it's at nine thirty and it ends at six so something
that has to be has to be in uh (Las Vegas about nine

yeah didn't didn't you call earlier?)

I called from Los A- San Jose now they say now find out from San Francisco.
(I don't know how much this is ??

oh no, ok.) um as far as yeah from San Fran it's it's not much better.
the earliest flight I have would get in at nine forty one

uhhhh even if uh it's connecting?

that's a non stop er that's a a direct flight meaning it would make a stop
but they don't have to get off and change flights, um connecting would
get in at nine fifty nine that's the earliest flight

nine fifty nine the other one was nine forty one so they'd be better off uh


from San Jose and returning eight oh five through Los Angeles right

ah let's see back to San Fran. right



thank you

uh huh (bye bye


Tape 14, Call 4:

Good afternoon American Express this is D
[wrong number mixup]

can you tell me what the lowest rate uh going now is for round trip to
from San Francisco to Seattle

ok let me take a look
I'm doing a fare shop right now. umm. round trip looks like hoo wee umm
six hundred and ten dollars looks like the round trip that's the lowest

ok and do you know if they

that doesn't seem right though. that seems like there's got to be something
lower than that. wait a minute

?? service only

actually if you book seven days in advance and and book with a a penalty
fare just like a nonrefundable


you can get it for about two fifty eight (round trip


or if you went with a that would be excuse me a twenty five percent
penalty with seven days advance or if you went with a fourteen day
advance nonrefundable that's about two fifty eight two eighteen

so two eighteen (then

depending) on the availability yeah

ok that sounds terrific

ok thank you very much (D

uh huh) bye