Transcription for American Express tape 13: A 6-19-89

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Agent speech
Caller speech

Tape 13, Call 1:

Hey A I was wondering if you could handle some some reservations for me

[recording notification]

so umm I it's it's um for my own my own flight I want to fly from San
Francisco to Syracuse New York

ok and what's your last name?

ah C

oh this is B B?

no D

[creating profile, deciding form of payment]
and you want to travel ag- again on what day now?

umm it depends on on when the flights are I I I could leave late Friday
after work um on the eighth of September and if that doesn't work out
then I I could go the morning of the ninth of September

ok were going San Francisco to Syracuse it's just going to be a simple
round trip?

right uh huh

and you want the lowest fare available

yes that's that's really what I'm I'm after

ok and do you have a preference as to airlines? it's going to be wide open
on all of them at th- this far in advance

um I don't I don't I know Delta airlines flies to Rochester but I don't
think it goes to Syracuse I like Delta airlines. umm but no, outside of
that I it's American US Air I think are our


they have a lot of flights too

ok one second. 'kay you're looking at something that's going to be uhh
after work on Friday?


ok the last flight out is going to be at one forty seven p.m. on TWA in
terms of something that will get you there the same day that would get
in at just about midnight

mm hmm

after that it becomes red eye flights

ok I don't know if I want to want to to do a red eye, why don't we look
at uh Saturday morning

Saturday morning?

uh huh

and how early would you like to get to the airport, we have flights
starting at six fifteen a.m.

oh umm

that would get you there at four o'clock

four o'clock

ummm hmmm

and it's six fifteen a.m.?


um hmmm ?? that early uh and what's what's the next one?

ok then we have one at six forty a.m. which would get you there at four
thirty six

mm hmmm

umm couple right around that time period and then it jumps to seven forty
a.m. getting you there at five eleven

hmm ok why don't why don't we take the seven forty flight


which which carrier is that?

that is US Air

ok is it uh non stop or

no all of these are going to be connecting flights

through Pittsburg?

uhh this particular one connects through Cleveland


and returning on what date?

umm on ah Sunday the seventeenth of September

and morning or afternoon?

umm early morning

ok US Air flight has a flight at seven fifty five a.m.


connecting through Pittsburg it gets you back into San Francisco at eleven
fifty three a.m.

ok that sounds fine

ok one second

and that's through Pittsburg?

that's correct


ok we're getting a fare here of three hundred and ninety eight dollars
round trip. has a hundred percent penalty on it no changes once the uhh
ticket is issued

ok that's fine

ok it is telling us that it has to be ticketed within twenty four hours of
making the reservation, that means tomorrow


if you want to keep this reservation
[more on payment]
ok we have you on US Air flight one one six

mm hmm

on the ninth of September out of San Francisco at seven forty a.m.
into Cleveland at three nineteen p.m.


uh you're connecting there with US Air flight five ninety three (leaving

five) five ninety three?

uh huh

leaving Cleveland

leaving Cleveland at four ten p.m.

mm hmm

and getting into Syracuse at five eleven p.m.

?? ok

we have you returning on the seventeenth of September on US Air flight
five zero seven

mm hmm

out of Syracuse at seven fifty five a.m. into Pittsburg at nine oh five a.m.

mm hmm

connecting to US Air flight thirty one

mm hmm

leaving Pittsburg at nine forty five a.m.

mm hmm

and getting into San Francisco at eleven fifty three a.m.

all right ok that's good

fare on this is three hundred and ninety eight dollars

mm hmm

it is totally non refundable
[ticketing, seating]

ok great ok ok I think we're all set right?


ok thank you

sure thing

bye bye

bye now

Tape 13, Call 2:

American Express A speaking

Hi A. B C again

Hi Mr. C

I uh wanted to check to see if it was possible to reput me back on that
two twenty nine flight

uhhh one second here. I'm showing that flight as being sold out completely

sold out completely ok well keep me where I am then

all righty

ok thanks

sure thing



Tape 13, Call 3:

American Express A speaking

Hi this is B C

Hi B
[recording notification]
ok how can I help you

um Doctor D spelled D like in [spelling] is interested in
the cost of a flight on Delta airlines on July fourteenth which is a Friday
and he needs to leave early in the morning and he doesn't know a flight
number or a time

ok where's he going from to?

He's going from San Francisco to Tampa's um Saint Pete's

uh huh ok Delta has a flight at seven oh five a.m.

uh huh

that connects through
Dallas that would get him in to Tampa at four thirty five p.m.

at four thirty five?

mm hmm


and they have another flight at eight twenty five a.m. that connects
through Atlanta which would get in at six ten, fare is gonna be a
lot higher for that one

which one the (the

for the eight) twenty five a.m. departure

oh never mind then cause we're looking for the cheapest way

[personal vs. business trip]
ok. what day's he returning?

the sixteenth that's a Sunday

ok and about what time on the sixteenth?

and he said around six p.m.

ok one second. doing a little pricing now, I'll take just a second longer

all right

you said by the lowest fare available you- we are talking like a non
refundable fare correct? that would be uh something in the range of
four hundred to four hundred and ten dollars round trip

four ten round trip

uh huh

ok now I want to ask you something else

now to tell you for the times on that keeping him on Delta coming back

mm hmm

I'd have to keep him for that kind of fare I would have to keep him on
the same fl- airline coming back as I sent him out on

mm hmm

te- uh Delta their last flight would be at four thirty five p.m.

mm hmm

in co- connecting through Dallas would get in at eight forty there are
later flights but not on Delta

ok that's fine uh he got some information from this conference he's going to

uh huh
[about the conference]

and they have said that uh they they recommended somebody down in Saint
Petersburg Beach, calling somebody down there to get a forty percent
off a a domestic round trip coach fare

mm hmm well just to let you know what the coach fare is there


one second normally the conference rates do offer some discount like that

mm hmm

but it's not as usually as good as taking the uh the penalty fare

mm hmm

Coach fare is one thousand sixty dollars


uh so sixty percent of that would be

six hundred and thirty six dollars

six hundred and thirty six dollars

yeah uh huh. ok and it I they also included here a Delta file code number

uh huh
we we can use that if you want to go ahead for the conference rate

we can

I I would need that code number to apply for that conference rate

ok but then that's two hundred dollars more than this non refundable

it is true there is no penalty attached to the conference rate

uh huh

uh whereas th- this non refundable is non refundable but if it's you know
it is two hundred dollars more if he can ah go with the penalty he's
going to come out ahead with the um the non conference rate

but I could I could still give you this Delta file code number and and
I could do it through you instead of having to deal with these people
down in Saint Petersburg Beach

that is correct

ok great well I'm going to throw this past him and I'll get back to you
later today

ok now

thank you

sure thing


Tape 13, Call 4:

Uh for whom?

um for me I wanted to know how much it would be for a one way ticket to
Las Vegas

to Las Vegas on what date

on the thirtieth

the thirtieth of June?

uh huh

out of San Francisco?


one second. and that's a Friday were you looking at leaving after work
around five p.m.ish or something

um yeah whichever's cheaper

ok one second
are you only going one way or do you have transportation returning?

um I'd like to find out the one the one way and the round trip

ok. ok ah the lowest one way fare out of San Francisco would be on United
at two o- two hundred and five dollars one way that's with a twenty
five percent penalty


it's pretty expensive I think it's a little better out of San Jose let
me give you the fare on that


ok the lowest one way fare out of San Jose is pricing out at one hundred
and sixty five dollars

is there um

there's it it's cheaper actually if it's almost the same price if you go
round trip

round trip

um for instance I can get you a one hundred and fifty eight dollar twenty
five percent penalty round trip fare out of San Jose

yeah that sounds good

ah and San Jose is a little better market for going into Las Vegas than
San Francisco is

ok and what time would the plane be leaving?

ok one second here
ok I've got departures now looking at specific flight times the fares
are looking a little more sold out than than what I was quoting you ah
the best one for farewise would be a America West flight at two ten p.m.
out of San Jose at two ten into Las Vegas at three twenty

and how much is that one?

ok would that just on a one way fare?

round trip

ok and returning about what date?

um it would be on the the fifth

the fifth of July?

no the fourth I'm sorry. (that evening

the fourth) ok
the very best fare I can get you is a hundred and thirty eight dollars
uh on- round trip and that is a non refundable fare that's leaving on
the thirtieth at two ten p.m. on America West returning on the fourth
at one oh five p.m. if I bring you back at four thirty five p.m. on
America West I can get you ah a still a non refundable fare but it
would be a hundred and fifty three dollars round trip

ok uh the one thirty eight's good

one thirty eight at one oh five p.m.?

ah huh

ok do you want uh me to make those reservations for you

yes please

[recording notification, name, phone]
ok we have you on Amer- confirmed on America West flight eighty eight

(uh huh

and this is) on the thirtieth of June out of San Jose at two ten p.m.
into Las Vegas at three twenty p.m.

three twenty

returning on the fourth of July on America West flight eight eight five

eight eight five

leaving Las Vegas at one oh five p.m. and getting back into San Jose at
two twenty p.m. the fare on this is one hundred and thirty eight dollars
it you do have y- you have to ticket this in order for this reservation
to remain intact

uh huh

by the end of tomorrow

ok well I can do it right now actually uh

[ticketing, seating]

ok thank you

you're welcome


bye now

Tape 13, Call 5:

Good morning, A

Good morning Mr. B this is C with American Express returning
your call
[recording notification]

ah I need to know some prices ah to compare against subcontract


ah I need to go in from San Francisco to Wild Wood, New Jersey and return

ok let me check where Wild Wood is here

that's near Atlantic City

ok one second. ok yeah we don't have commercial flights going into
Wild Wood Cape May. what would be the closest would be Atlantic City


and let me see

I need a full coach

full coach ok one second
ok full coach would be five eighty six each direction

ok next one is simple from

mm hmm

SFO to Washington D.C. and return

ok again full coach would be five hundred and thirty one dollars each

ok. and last one, you got me exactly where it is, it's Tok, Alaska t o k

t o k?

Yeah, my guess is it's near the ?? or Juno

[can't find location]
it's in the same time zone as Juno's in

ok then why don't you give me the ah the price for ah, oh it's two
hundred eight miles southeast of Fairbanks

ok one second

for me so I guess what we've got to do is uh figure into Fairbanks

let me look there hold on just a second

now you know ( where it is

yeah I) I know where it should be but I mean it's on this in this
atlas and um two hundred and eight miles southeast of Fairbanks puts
it right in the middle of nowhere. Fairbanks would be the closest for it.


ok one second

from the sound of it that's about where it belongs

full Y would be four ninety five oh seven each direction for uh to get
him up to uh

to Fairbanks

Fa- whoops one second (??

that does) that sounds low

yeah Anchorage sorry one second
[chatter on cost]
seven thirty four sixty three each direction

that sounds more like it




thank you very much

you're quite welcome


mm bye now