Transcription for American Express tape 11ab: A 6-15-89

[transcriber notes]
Agent speech
Caller speech

Tape 11, Call 1:

Good afternoon American Express this is A
[wanted to leave message, initially]

ok this is for B C's trip

[figuring out proper spelling]
oh C ok

and this is for his trip on ahh September September to ah Frankfurt Germany

mm hmm

ok now she said it had to be ticketed today for the one hundred one thousand
one hundred twenty four dollar flight


ok and he still is wait listed for that Lufthansa flight


now she said that if we don't ticket if we do ticket the eleven twenty four
today and that Lufthansa flight comes up you know la-

mmm hmmm

later and the- then we have to cancel that first fare

uh huh

there's a hundred dollar fine


and p- penalty plus ahh we pay for the going rate

yeah if ther- if it's going to be a higher rate

it's going to be a higher rate, ok now if we wait and the Lufthansa flight does
come up what rate do we get that eleven twenty four or something close to that

well, I don't know we can't predict what a fare is going to be if a fare,
if the computer's telling us that it's going to go higher we really can't
tell you what it's going to go up to



for that Lufthansa flight (??

yeah,) it doesn't tell us what it's going to be tomorrow


all) it's saying is the eleven twenty four will expire today

oh I see

now let me umm let me take a look at the rules possibly that would help me
out a little bit
ok so the rules for let's see for the umm the fare quote from San
Francisco to Frankfurt on the TWA flight that he's on I'm trying to see
if that's the one it looks like that might be the one that's holding
whatever penalty let me take a look at it

that one, it's from Saint Louis right?

yeah let's see the that's the one that's holding the the hundred dollar


and the fourteen day advance purchase

yeah she told me that

ut dut dut dut dut dut duh. umm it says ticket may be issued on or after,
yeah that looks like that's what it's um that's what it's holding is that
but I don't know what umm lemme look at the return and see if that
might have something to do with it

he's coming back on Lufthansa.

yeah I see that, let's see let's see what Lufthansa's fare quote says

You know what A I was wondering since we had uh we wait listed on the
Lufthansa when it does list when they list it ther- it is available why
can't he get that eleven twenty four whatever round
trip, you know or it was maybe like eleven thirty or something

You mean if the if the the uh wait list clears?


we don't have any guarantee that it will clear
[ticketing policy]
um, actually you know I really don't know what uh what to tell you (umm
[wants other agent to call back]

ok) I think that'll I think the best thing to do is just ta- ge- go one way
on that other one to guarantee his flight


of eleven twenty four ok

[will call back]
ok thanks a lot D

thank you, bye

Bye Bye

Tape 11, Call 2:

Good afternoon American Express this is A

Hi this is B


I have a question

[checking ticketing]

umm on the return flight on the Sunday

uh huh

um if the six twenty flight was available

ok let me take a look.
[recording notification]
ok all right six twenty on Sunday the twenty fifth

uh huh

I've got let's see yeah it still shows available if you want to book it

ok I assume it's the same as the other one (in terms of price

yeah) same umm same class of service is available


so let me) go ahead and take care of it and get seat assignments
ok now let me see what we have umm seating wise it's flight six
four zero leaving Chicago on the twenty fifth at six twenty

uh huh

arrival Salt Lake at eight twenty one

uh huh

and then connecting to Delta three twenty five

uh huh

departing nine thirty four from Salt Lake arrival San Fran at ten twenty

oh ten twenty five



[seating, ticketing]

great thanks a lot

Ok, sure B thank you

uh huh bye bye


Tape 11, Call 3:

Good afternoon American Express this is A

A this is B can you give me some fares to some strange places?

ok depends on how strange, no

well let's see how about from London to Belgium

ok let's see wh- and any particular date er ??

let's say mid July

ok all right just a moment while it uhh it looks up sometimes international
takes a little bit longer for them to compute
ok we've got uh did you want round trip or one way?

round trip

[recording notification, giving incorrect price, checking again]
ok I'm still waiting on the London to Brussels ok here
we go umm let's see if we've got a valid carrier
ok Air Europe has a flight round trip for two thirteen fifty nine no

ok that sounds more like it (ok


umm how about London to Newcastle?

all righty. ok British Air has a hundred and seventy four fourteen round
trip or the highest it could go would be two twenty six oh eight ??
different classes of service still no penalties e- either of them

ok th-

that was it?

that's what I needed


thank you very much



bye bye)