Transcription for American Express tape 10ab: A 6-12-89

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Agent speech
Caller speech

Tape 10, Call 1:

this is B

hi B this is A from American Express

oh hi

[recording notification, tickets for C D]

we need to get a ticket for him from Boston

this is a new reservation?

new reservation on June twenty first

ok let me let me pull up his profile (first
ok and he is umm

he wants to fl- he wants to fly from Boston

mmm hmm

to Baltimore Washington International on flight, I'm sure it's Piedmont

P I at what time?

uh seven forty p.m.

and this is on the twenty first of June?

Yeah arriving nine oh one p.m.

ok that's Piedmont one nine zero nine on the twenty first of June


departing Boston seven forty p.m. arriving Baltimore nine oh one p.m.

right and then he wants to return from um Baltimore Washington

uh huh

to San Francisco on the twenty third of June and he requests flight three
two three TWA
actually it's two flight numbers it's three two three and then it changes to
seven five one at five sixteen in the afternoon

ok one moment. this is to San Jose? did you say?

I understand it's to San Francisco. TWA flight three two three slash seven
five one

three two three and seven five one. ok and then does he know there is a
nonstop that goes from Dulles to San Francisco? Instead of connection
through St. Louis

I think he's aware of it but I think we picked this one because um he could
get the business traveller (uh seating

he can also) he can also get that on the non stop

on the nonstop and what is the uh, give me the times for the nonstop

ok one moment, the non stop is at four forty arriving seven oh five

se- four forty to seven oh five

into San Francisco it's a non stop from Dulles to San Francisco, maybe he
can't leave that early (??

I don't know,) uh let me can I make the reservation and and change it by
tomorrow? (??

sure) if it's it's still available, right

yeah I know subject to availability I'm sorry I've been giving you quick
numbers here

it's ok.

it's all right, let me just check the umm ??

[frequent flyer number]
and now lets see what kind of fares. they have a three day advance purchase
fare using the business class upgrade of four forty nine one way

I was quoted six oh eight fifty for the whole round f- from Boston to
Washington from Washington um to San Francisco

now this portion was for Baltimore San Francisco only. ok let me just see

could you find out how much the fare is all, total?

ok it's six oh eight fifty that has to be ticketed by the fifteenth of June
there are no cancellation or change penalties, if any changes are made it's
just subject to whatever the new fare is
[wasn't listening]


ok, it has to be ticketed by the fifteenth of June

all right

there are no penalties for cancellation if changes are made it's subject to
whatever the new fares are at that time


cause they're going to increase the fare

but there's no penalty existing

there's no penalty uh if it's cancelled no

yeah the nonstop flight seems to be more appealing to me I mean this man
travels so much though let me check with him um

ok so what so we're going to hold, we'll just go ahead and hold the um

hold that TWA then I will inform him of the Dulles flight at fou- four forty
leaving uh Dulles and arriving is it San Francisco at seven oh five?


or San Jose?

it's San Francisco

San Francisco that's what he wants ok


it's still six oh eight any which way we do this I'm just thinking the
convenience of the traveller

on the non stop let me see I think you get that same fare let me check the


I think it that would have to be using a twenty five percent penalty on TWA.
yeah it would be twenty dollars more if he wanted to have a fare without a

mm hmm

Because the Dulles non stop to get that four forty nine you have to take a
twenty five percent penalty fare, if you don't then it's four sixty nine,
so it would increase that total fare by twenty dollars

so it's six oh eight plus twenty?

right, if he wanted to go without a penalty it's six plus twenty

He needs the cheapest rate possible on this one. um so let me talk it over
with him, uhh

kay then on the business class that would be row nine seat number five which
is an aisle seat. Now what what about how's he getting to Boston?

he's already purchased his ticket

ok so this is just all one way travel

one way travel (right

[car and hotel]
Ok so that was available and I requested that, B, anything else I can
help you with?

I'll call you back on the Dulles non stop flight so we'll

if if he needs that, right

if he needs that and if he does get that he has to pay uh twenty dollars more

if he wants to take a fare without a penalty, right

a fare without a penalty

if he's willing to take it with a penalty it would be exactly the same fare


ok now

I I hesitate uh for him particularly to get anything uh because he does
change a lot

uh huh

so I I'd rather get the twenty dollars but we'll see what he says


thank you

all right thanks B

you are A right?

Yeah I'm A. all right

bye bye


Tape 10, Call 2:

American Express Travel this is A

Uh A this is uh B. I need to make some reservations

[recording notification]

I need to make ahh reservations and all I know at this uh time is my flight
out, uhh departing on Monday. what do you need first?

ok let me let me pull up your (profile first
ok and the date that we know we're booking is on what day?

umm it's Monday the twentieth

and that's flying to what city?

uh to Newark United flight number twelve and I'd like first class if it's
available, I'm gonna use an upgrade coupon which is coming Federal
Express tomorrow or Wednesday. that's the nineteenth I'm sorry

Now that's on the nineteenth? (??

yeah) I'm sorry I thought Monday was the twentieth

ok do know wha- which award umm (??

well) it's uh a regular umm mileage plus upgrade where you use the miles you've
accumulated so it's good for booking first class all I have to do is give
you the coupon it's it's uh the number one priority type of uh (??

ok and is it for one way,) or round trip or per (segment?

it's round) trip, but if I only use it one way it doesn't matter it's a ro-
round trip I mean I have to forfeit the rest of it

ok that's uh United flight twelve on the twentieth of June


oh wait) wait wait wait you said the nineteenth?

nineteenth (I'm sorry

I put twentieth) that's all right.
ok let me change that

Monday isn't the best time

no it isn't. ok so that's United flight twelve on the nineteenth of June


departing San Francisco at eight twenty a.m.


arriving Newark at four forty three (p.m.



so uh now I'm not I'm still making uh reservations or er appointments for the
rest of the week so I'll have to get back to you on the return



that's fine ok thanks A

thank you


bye bye


Tape 10, Call 3:

American Express Travel this is A

Hi I'm planning a trip to Japan at the end of uhh the beginning of July

uh huh

and I have to be there on Monday morning. I was just wondering what time I
uh you know what's the uh the latest I could leave?

ok and I'm speaking with?


[recording notification]
ok you you just need a schedule you said?

Uh yes I ha- I ca- I I can't travel on Saturday uh well the latest the earli-
I could leave Saturday night probably around midnight or eleven at night

ok this is to Tokyo?

I believe so

ok see I don't think they're going to have service that late let me tell you
non stop service the latest would be uh one p.m. arriving three thirty five

on what day

on Saturday

No I can't uh oh let me see what do you mean one p.m. wh- what day would I

ok we- if you give me the days I (can tell you the sched-

oh I have) a Monday morning meeting

ok (you will

I want)

always arrive the following day so if you left on a Saturday you
would arrive o- on a Sunday their time

ok so if I now when could I no when so I- I need to arrive there you know
either uh uh their time Monday early you know in the middle of the night would
be acceptable to me. anytime so I can get to an office by I I you know I
would like to arrive there certainly before six a.m. in the morning on Monday

ok then you'll have to leave on a Saturday because if you won't if you leave
on a Sunday you're not gonna arrive there till in the afternoon


like about three pm on a (Monday

Is is i- i-) if I was to leave at o- I see a- and is there anything late on
Saturday night cause on Saturday I can't leave until after ten thirty or
eleven o'clock at night

well the only the only way you're going i- it's really going to be crazy
routing to do it that way but this is the only way to leave at night would
have to be to fly all the way to the east coast um to fly to JFK

mm hmm

and then fly from JFK to Tokyo, so you'd be kind of going backwards but
that's the only way that you'd be leaving at night (??

ok it's either) that


or I have to leave on Wednesday

I see so

So you know it's it's either I leave on Wednesday get in on Thursday or I leave
on Saturday night so let's see which way we can do this it i- i- I could
leave to to ah JFK on Saturday night

right, let me get the uh schedule, ok it would be like a ten thirty p.m.
actually that's going to get into Newark let me just, Actually on Sunday
it's going to go via Newark it's ten thirty p.m. arriving Newark at six
thirty five in the morning on Sunday and then departing Newark at eight
twenty five a.m. and arriving one fifty five p.m. that's still going to
arrive on Monday

yeah I think the uuuh you know

at one fifty five

No that's no good
is are from wh- where are there flights leaving on umm Sunday morning or
late Saturday night is there anything from Los Angeles?

kay all kay out of San Francisco all the flights are afternoon, they don't
offer any morning flights to Tokyo. and let me check Los Angeles
ok um lets see they're still going to get you in in the afternoon on Monday.
if they leave, there's a flight what airline is this, Varig airlines at
nine fifty a.m. arrives one thiry p.m. on Monday

No so nine fifty nine fifty a.m. arrives at what time

one thirty p.m. on Monday

uh huh yeah so I need to leave Saturday night or around midnight, if I
leave much after two in the morning on Sunday then I I I won't be able
to make a Monday morning th- th- that's a direct flight so you were looking,
I guess you could either look under arrivals at Tokyo or departures on
Saturday night Sunday morning

no, the one I gave you is Sunday morning, that's the third one

yeah nine fifty

that's correct

(yeah but that's too l-

that's the earliest) they have, they don't have anything else
um they don't offer as I said they don't offer night service from the west
coast to Tokyo


they only of- you'd have to fly all the way to the east coast but you're
defeating the whole purpose because you're you're gonna still arrive
Monday at one two in the afternoon, so you'd be flying six extra hours

No, well I I I won't do that of course

you won- they don't have morning service that will get you there any earlier
and they don't offer night service from the west coast to Tokyo

but the east coast does have night service

yeah but you're flying back across the US to go to Tokyo

I know but I could do other business (there

but you're still getting) in at two in the mo- or two in the afternoon on
Monday you're not saving (??

yeah no no) no I guess I don't don't need


there's) nothing arriving in Tokyo uh uh in the you mean two in the afternoon
I would arrive?

two o'clock is the earliest (one fifty five

that's in the afternoon)

right on Monday

ok and that's it, huh?


ok so in order to get in there on Friday afternoon at two o'clock I leave here

you'd leave here Thursday

Thursday is what time? in the

ok, let me get the schedules for Thursday

when would be the e- the earliest flight arriving on uh for Friday so?

ok the earliest if it's available would be the Japan Airlines, let's see,
you want to do San Francisco let me check their schedules here. I'm trying
to find out which arrival is the earliest because non stop, see they have
connections that get you in at one fifty five but as far as non stop
service looks like twelve forty five arriving three twenty five is going
to be the earliest on a Thursday. You could conceivably get in earlier
if you wanted to uh leave San Francisco at seven a.m. arrive Los Angeles
eight twelve and then take a Japan Airlines from Los Angeles at ten a.m.
arriving one twenty on Thursday

ok so that sounds like a route that I would that I would be interested in

and book ahead because the th- the Tokyo flights sell out weeks in advance,
if you can

ok can we make a reservation on that one now?

which what is the departure date that you're referring to

umm I have to be there for the July fourth weekend, it's the last week of
June, last Thursday of June

how about the twenty eighth, flying out on the twenty eighth?

the twenty eighth is a Wednesday

Yeah but you have you said you have to arrive on a Thursday

I have to arrive on a Friday, I have to arrive Friday well this would
arrive ?? would bring me in Friday at one o'clock?
the routing that you suggested to Los Angeles

ok let me see cause that was on a Wednesday I'm looking on a Thursday.
ok, now is this going to be business class? Is this a business trip?

It's a business trip, ?? coach business and first?

coach business and first, WWW policy allows you to fly business on
anything over six hours, so you could fly business Los Angeles Tokyo
Ok now on Thursday to arrive on Friday, ok let me see cause the schedules
to Los Angeles Japan Airlines doesn't service a service on Thursday, so
it would be a Korean Airline eleven a.m. arriving two ten on Friday, but
then you- you're probably just as easy to take, well its up to you a non
stop out of San Francisco departs at twelve and gets in only about thirty
minutes later than that connection through Los Angeles


there's there's a United

ok, So it looks like you know, flying direct from here if I leave on
Thursday uh I could do about three o'clock in the afternoon into Tokyo

right exactly, there's a twelve noon arrives two forty five, it's nonstop
from San Francisco to Tokyo
[hotel question]
let me um just go ahead and book this United flight cause there aren't
that many seats on that, and what's your last name?

C [spells name]

and first name?

B, [spells name]

[profile, charge number]

no, I I uh I just want to make the reservation to make sure I have a spot

ok and the travel advance we don't have yet either (is that correct

no no I) I might very well call you back in a few days and change it ( to
make it earlier

[phone number]
ok so presently let me tell you what we're holding. ok that's United eight
one nine on the twenty nineth of June departing San Francisco twelve noon
and arriving Tokyo at two forty five p.m. on Friday the thirtieth and that
is a non stop flight, and what is your seating preference?
ok, ok and then you're gonna call back with the rest of the itinerary on

um hum



anything else) ok thanks

thank you

bye bye