Transcription for American Express tape 1: A 4-24-89

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Agent speech
Caller speech

Tape 1, Call 1:

My name is B C and I would like to plan a trip

[charge number]
and the date you need to leave?

well um I have to work a little bit backwards here


I want to leave on the first flight out of ORD uh Monday morning

M- Monday (the first

the eighth) the eighth


and I want to take whatever red eye or any other flight that I have to take
to get there in time to make that transfer

where are you going from Chicago to where?

Greenbay. so the first I need to catch the first flight from ORD out
to Greenbay, Wisconsin uh Monday morning

it looks like the first one is a seven forty on American uh Eagle that
arrives Greenbay at eight fifty one

is that booked?

I do show space avaliable


uh, let's see what would get you there then leaving probabl- the seventh.
from San Jose or San Francisco?

San Francisco. actually Oakland would be good too on that

I don't know if there are any red eyes from there (let's see


there is one on United that leaves Oakland at eleven thirty p.m. and
arrives Chicago five twenty five a.m.

so that's a two hour hold there


waiting for that flight ok any others?

uh not from Oakland. departing from San Francisco it's about the same
actually American has an eleven forty one flight from San Francisco
that arrives Chicago five fifty four (and

that's ) and hour and a half. so that's that's a a wash

yeah or wait just one moment. or United has a twelve oh one a.m.
departure that arrives at Chicago five fifty two a.m.

oh that sounds good

it's about the same I don't know if you prefer United over American or ??

I'm a member of the United Travel

oh ok

group, so let's book that midnight red eye out of SFO

uh huh

right will leave SFO at

I'm sorry just one moment
ok put this in the correct order. so you'd be on United flight five two

United five twenty eight

leaving on the eigth from San Francisco twelve oh one (a.m.


is that right? arriving Chicago five fifty two
and then you would connect with American flight four two oh eight leaving
Chicago seven forty a.m. and arriving Greenbay eight fifty one

seven forty to eight fifty one. ok and

that's actually operated by American Eagle

uh what's the name of that the flight number

four two zero eight

four two zero eight ok

all righty and from there?
[car rental]

mh huh and I need a flight uh let's see I guess mid to late morning back uh

from Greenbay to

Springfield, Illinois that's that's probably going to be via Chicago

let's take a look and see what we have. ok United has a nine thirty
seven connection through Chicago and you would conn- connect with an
American flight that would arrive Springfield twelve thirty one


or you can take American both legs leaving at nine thirty two and connecting
with the same flight

all right so let's see it's only nine thirty seven to twelve thirty ( for
that trip

mmm hmmmm)

that sounds good to me

let me give you those flight numbers


that would be United flight two nine seven four
that flight is operated by United Express Air Wisconsin and it leaves
Greenbay nine thirty seven a.m. arrives Chicago ten thirty five, connects
with American flight four three oh six. again that's operated by American
Eagle leaving Chicago eleven twenty five and arriving Springfield
twelve thirty one p.m.

uh that gives me half a day there Wednesday that's good

[car and hotel]
ok and then you're going to return from Chicago on the fourteen or

on the fourteenth right

at what time?

umm think I'd like to arrive SFO around six in the evening, late afternoon

United has a three forty five nonstop that arrives San Francisco six oh
three or they have a five p.m. that arrives seven eighteen

what's the next flight earlier than the the uh one that arrives

there's a two fifty on American that arrives San Francisco five twenty
five or a one o'clock on United that arrives San Francisco three fourteen

I think I'm going to do the one p.m. thing

ok that would be United

let me let me let me beg your pardon here for a second I want to pull a map
Do you have any distances easily available in your computer there?

um, just air mileage actually where were you thinking of from

well I want I've got I think it's either two or three hundred miles that I have
to drive if I'm going to come into ORD

from Springfield

ah well no it's a different town but it's very very close to that

let me ah ah a hundred and seventy five airmiles from Springfield to Chicago

all right I've got my auto club map

if you have yeah that's probably better it would give you the

all right let me, what have I got. I've got about two hundred and fifty miles
that's five hours of driving. I want to book the um I want to book
the three what is it three p.m. or so United flight out of Chicago

ok that would be United f- it leaves at three forty five United flight one
two nine

United one twenty nine and it leaves at three

three forty five and arrives San Francisco six oh three


you want me to price this and see what we get for the lowest available
fare just one moment

all right this is two weeks in advance so it should be

yeah and you are staying over a Saturday night so we should be able to do
something here. uh it's taking a moment not sure why
[mileage plus and car numbers]
ok I can send your United number to Hertz also um I'm just looking at
this fare we got back the lowest available would be six hundred and
sixty dollars round trip that is completely non refundable and the
last day to issue the ticket would be today because it has a fourteen
day advance purchase

so that is that is the discounted fare then

yes and that's that's the the lowest


we would have to issue the ticket today and it would be completely non

uh huh

and if you want to go with that or we could look at er er portions of
your trip going to change or would you like to look at a fare that has a

well barring some major catastrophe no it won't change

so would you like me to go ahead and set this up to ticket today?


ok (and

I've I've) always wondered if I get bumped on one of these legs because
I am flying two different airlines is that going to foul up my ticketing

no if if for for their reasons you mean (they

say American Airlines)

oversold the flight or something

American Eagle or whoever it is bumps me off a flight is United going to
penalize me?




ok that's real fine

all righty

all right thank you (very much

thanks.) ok bye bye

bye bye

Tape 1, Call 2:

um is this going to be business or personal?

this is business and uh

[retrieving profile]
and what date did you want to leave

I'm going to be leaving May first

from San Jose or San Francisco?

uh it looks like San Jose tell you what I what I need I have an appointment
Monday afternoon at San Bernadino and uh I have appointments on Tuesday
um in the City Commerce and in the Santa Ana areas so

mm hmm

it looks like probably the best connections are to go out to Ontario and
to come back by way of Orange County I don't know if you split that up
whether that's gonna

it won't it really won't affect the cost um except that if we issue the
ticket today we can get you a seven day advance purchase

mm hmm

fare that's gonna be two fifty eight round trip instead of two ninety

mm hmm


mm hmm

but uh otherwise un- unless you're staying over a Saturday night

unfortunately no I ??

ok and what time do you need to be in San Bernadino by?

I need to uh well my appointment is at two o'clock so it looks like I I
just looked at the airline guide it looks like there are two American
Airlines flights out of San Jose ah one's at nine fifty gets in around
eleven oh two and the other nine twenty five it gets in at ten thirty

that's on Alaska

is that Alaska?


ah both of them?

no American is the nine fifty flight

nine fifty is American uh huh are there price differences depending on

no it would be the same airfare it's just up to you which time would be
better or if you have a preference (to airlines

they're both in) the middle of the morning so


equally non productive uh

it shouldn't be ba- too bad traffic wise

yeah I guess Alaska has a snack on it and American doesn't um

would you rather fly on the Alaska flight?

well p- p- put me on the American that's a little later that's the nine
fifty you say?

uh huh

yeah put me on the American flight

ok that's flight fourteen thirteen and it leaves San Jose nine fifty a.m.


and arrives Ontario eleven oh two

eleven oh two ok

ok and then what date would you be returning?

be returning on the second

at what time?

and uh my last appointment is again two o'clock in the afternoon
I would imagine we could depart around five five or six

and you wanted to leave from Orange County, correct?

I think so yeah the appointment going to be right near Orange County

ok American has a five p.m. flight

that sounds

or they have a six p.m.

the fourteen ninety six is the five right

uh huh

um yeah I'd almost I'd almost say uh the five ought to be able to do it um

the only um let me just go ahead and price this and double check but yeah
you would be eligible for the two fifty eight fare but the ticket would
need to be issued today

mm hmm

so if you want to change that return you'd have to give me a call by this
afternoon or unless you wanted to go with the fare that had no penalty
which would be two ninety six

ok in other words if I change the return then I'm

you need to do so by by (this afternoon

ok it's not something) that I could uh if I if I changed en route er while I
was there that would be a penalty

yo- yeah then it would be a twenty five percent penalty

yeah I I suspect that uh I suspect the uh five o'clock is ok but maybe to be on
the safe side we better do the six


if we wind up having a productive meeting I'd hate to have to push it
short for twenty five percent penalty included

yeah tha- that's true

uh huh

ok I can confirm you on the six o'clock flight which is flight three six two
[car rental]
so do you want to go ahead with the six p.m. departure then?

I believe so yes

ok and we want to go ahead with the two hundred and fifty eight dollar
fare that (has the twenty five

if that's the best) we can do. what, just for curiosity if you stayed over
Saturday what are the rates?

well we could get it down to a hundred and twenty four dollars round trip

round trip ok (?? efforts

but that w- but that would be completely non refundable

no no changes ??

yeah no changes on a a if if worst now the only thing is that I do need
to have the um charge number and the travel advance before we can issue
(the ticket today

A thank you so much

ok thanks

bye bye

bye bye