SRI Communicator System

The DARPA Communicator program is exploring the design and evaluation of spoken dialogue systems, with an emphasis on live data, plug-and-play components, and portability to new domains. The SRI Communicator system is being developed by researchers in the Artificial Intelligence Center and the Speech Technology And Research Laboratory of SRI International. SRI is contributing to the program goals of advancing the state of the art of intelligent conversational interfaces, along with ATT , BBN, CMU , IBM, MIT, MITRE, NIST, the University of Colorado , and affiliate sites.

The first domain for the dialogue systems developed for Communicator is travel planning, with the goal of users being able to call a system over the phone and find out air, car, and hotel information to the point of being able to price a detailed itinerary, though not actually booking a ticket.


DARPA Communicator Dialog Travel Planning Systems: The June 2000 Data Collection, EUROSPEECH 2001

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SRI's AMEX transcripts (1989)

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